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5+ Best Self Serve Ad Networks 2024: Which One Is The Best?


Take it as it is, being a website owner of a small business, blogger, or advertiser in any shape or form, it might not always be easy for you to use an ad platform.

There could be a number of reasons related to the rejection of your application, from the number of monthly site visits to your preferred niche.

One solution to all your problems? Self-Serve Ad Networks.

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Self-Serve ad networks allow merchants to use digital platforms in order to launch and optimize their promotional campaigns. It also lets you access as well as analyze in-depth reports, and provides global coverage to reach different audiences with the help of multiple targeting options and more without any direct assistance from the sales representative.

As for the current ongoing development in the advertising industry, the ad networks are now expanding their horizons by digitizing new tools and features. The self-serve platforms have shown growth in efficiency in various aspects and are therefore being supported. If you are looking for a self-serve ad network which will be able to meet your business needs, then this guide can be of some help to you. 

6 Best Self Serve Ad Networks In 2024 

Some of the most popular, reliable and widely used self-serve ad networks are as follows. In this guide we will provide you an overview of the following platforms, along with the key features, pricing models, verticals and more.

  1. RollerAds
  3. Adsterra
  4. ClickAdilla
  5. EZmob
  6. Smartyads
  7. Adnuntius

#No. 1 RollerAds

RollerAds positions itself as a leading self-serve ad network, offering a combination of features and benefits that make it particularly appealing for advertisers who prefer a hands-on approach to their campaigns. It’s particularly notable for its focus on push notifications, which are instant messages sent to people’s mobile devices or browsers.

RollerAds Review

These notifications typically include announcements and sales offers, and are known for their high click-through rates (CTR), making them effective for a wide range of advertising verticals.

  1. Diverse Ad Formats: RollerAds offers various ad formats including push notifications, onclick ads, and in-page push ads. This variety allows advertisers to choose the most suitable format for their target audience and campaign goals.
  2. High Engagement Rates: Push notifications, a key feature of RollerAds, are highly clickable. They provide great CTR compared to other ad formats like emails, banners, and videos.
  3. Advanced Anti-Fraud System: RollerAds has an in-house antifraud system, ensuring that advertisers don’t lose money to fraudsters and bots. This system enhances the reliability of the traffic and the quality of the clicks received.
  4. Smart Targeting Options: The platform offers a variety of targeting options, including IP range, traffic quality, geographic location, browser type, and more.
  5. Scalability and Reach: With over 10,000 direct publishers and 8,000 advertisers, along with billions of daily impressions and millions of daily clicks, RollerAds offers a scalable solution for online advertising.
  6. Flexible Pricing Models: The platform offers different pricing models like CPC for push notifications and CPM for onclick ads, providing flexibility in budgeting and campaign planning.
  7. Campaign Management Tools: RollerAds provides tools for creating, managing, and tracking ad campaigns, including an intuitive campaign builder and various targeting and tracking tools.
  8. Accessible Payment Methods: The platform supports a range of payment methods, making it accessible for a wide range of advertisers.

RollerAds stands out as a top self-serve ad network due to its user-friendly interface, diverse ad formats, advanced targeting options, real-time analytics, robust anti-fraud measures, flexible pricing, and global reach.


Starting off our list of 7 best self serve ad networks in 2024 by which is an excellent self-serving ad network and offers a complete 360º solution for both publishers as well as advertisers.

Adport is a performance-driven advertising platform, designed to meet the needs of merchants, webmasters, affiliates, ad agencies, and marketers.


The platform provides top notch traffic quality with global reach and high ad performance efficiency for advertisers whereas on the other hand allows publishers with advanced monetization schemes. Key Features 

1. As of now Adport platform offers a total of 6 different ad formats such as Push Notifications, Smartlink, In-Page Push, Pop-Under or Onclick, and Interstitial. It also provides you access to a wide variety of media rich dynamic ad display options including casket, tripod, puncher, and spinner. 

2. For publishers, offers benefits such as upto 80% revenue shares, Automated Traffic Optimization, Effective Monetization Solution to achieve high eCPM, admin panel for full control and more. Features

3. The advertisers can leverage the benefits of features such as global reach with over 220 GEOs, multiple targeting options (devices, geos, OS versions, region, carriers, etc), A/B testing, easy setup, anti-fraud protection, dedicated support, etc. 

2. Adsterra 

The next ad network in our list is Adsterra which was founded in 2013. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, Adsterra is a globally renowned ad platform. It offers excellent services and a complete suite of features for solo marketers, brands, media buyers as well as agencies.

With an active community of over 18,000 publishers, 1 billion impressions on daily basis, more than 248 GEOs and approximately 20 different targeting options, Adsterra has one of the easiest and beginner friendly self serving interfaces for advertisers. 


Adsterra Key Features 

1. Adsterra offers high performing and converting ad formats including popunder, social bar, in-page push, native banners, video ads and banners. 

2. The platform has a reformed 3-level security system  which is a combination of in-house as well as third-party fraud detection technologies. In addition to all of the intelligent tools, Adsterra applies human checks to ensure that the malware remains blocked, along with unsolicited downloads, redirects and virus alerts and provides you the most safest experience ever. 

Adsterra Features

3. Some of the verticals that work best for the traffic supplemented by Adsterra via affiliates include VPN, Subscriptions, eCommerce, Apps, Finance, Lead Generation, Gaming, Sweepstakes, Software and Utilities.  

4. Adsterra offers a wide range of pricing models such as CPA, CPC, CPM, CPI and more so that you can run the most effective ad campaign for your business. 

3. ClickAdilla

ClickAdilla is the next generation of advertising platform as it is an innovative self-serving network that acquires and drives top notch traffic that too from exclusive sources. If we were to go over the numbers you will be impressed to know that with over 4.5 billion daily visitors, over 240 GEOs and a total of 13 different ad formats, ClickAdilla is really one of the finest choices out there.

The ad network is trusted and relied upon by more than 15,000 merchants due to its features such as smart pricing, detailed statistics, fraud prevention tools, exclusive traffic sources, round the clock customer support and so much more.


ClickAdilla Key Features 

1. The ad network offers an immensely wide range of ad formats which includes Web Push, In-app, On-click (Popunder), Banners, Full-page Interstitial Ads, In-Page Push, Native ads, Gallery, Direct Links, Notification Widget and In-stream Ads. 

2. ClickAdilla allows you to buy traffic from more than one source such as self-service platform, openRTB option, APIs and more. 

ClickAdilla Features

3. The anti-fraud system uses multiple methods to ensure click fraud and bot traffic, including domain blocking, IP blacklisting, and activity monitoring.

4. EZmob

EZmob is a great ad network for online merchants searching for highly converting prospects for their services and goods as well as affiliates looking to monetize their traffic and audience reach. The platform was founded in 2013 and since then has provided their expertise to thousands of clients.

EZmob strives to make the creating, launching and managing of promotional campaigns easier for advertisers, app developers, media buyers, brands or any other website owner. The core products of the ad network include Self-Serve DSP, Programmatic Advertising, Publisher Monetization, Brand Marketing and Performance Strategy. 


EZmob Key Features 

1. The ad formats supported by the EZmob includes Video, Display, Native, and Interstitial. 

2. The direct access to the demand sources along with the ability to deliver ad revenue dollars across XML, programmatic, and performance marketing enables the direct publishers to gain the best eCPM for their traffic.

3. As an EZmob advertiser you can leverage the benefits of the features such as easy to use interface, self-serve dashboard, traffic from over 160 countries, advanced targeting features, etc. 

EZmob Features

4. The ad network provides affiliates the Net-30 payment plan with a minimum threshold payment of $500. The payout can be transferred using payment processors such as Capitalist, Paxum, PayPal, Payoneer, or Wire transfer. 

5. SmartyAds 

Another one on the list of 7 best ad networks is SmartyAds which was founded in 2013. With years of experience, it has now achieved its reputation as a global programmatic advertising company. The tools and resources offered by SmartyAds help you achieve top notch results across various channels, ad formats as well as devices.

Some of the solutions and innovative products provided by the ad network involve Supply Side Platform, Self-Serve DSP, White Label Solution, Real Time Bidding Ad Exchange and more. 


SmartyAds Key Features 

1. SmartyAds provides an abundance of ad formats which includes mobile web ads, in-app & in-game ads, mobile video ads, mobile native ads, mobile banner ads, mobile rich media ads,  interstitial ads, and more across devices like mobile, tablet, TV and desktop. 

2. Real-time bidding or commonly referred to as RTB is a programmatic advertising technology which is designed and developed for automatic and real time purchasing and selling of ad impressions. 

SmartyAds RTB

3. The ad exchange network generates original traffic across a wide range of top performing business verticals including news, gambling, fashion, lifestyle, and across top tier country geos.

6. Adnuntius

Last but not the least, Adnuntius ad network was founded and launched back in 2016. With years of experience and expertise in the advertising industry, the platform offers the next generation tools and technologies of automated and targeted advertising without depending on third party data.

Some of the most important products offered by Adnuntius include the self-service platform, ad server, marketplace and data. The ad network is currently operating in a total of 15 countries, lets you control campaigns and creatives, offers a powerful and dynamic user interface, allows you to create product portfolio and more. 


Adnuntius Key Features 

1. The platform enables you to gather and collect any data be it from a first or third party application based on registration information, purchases, behaviors and more. 

2. Adnuntius lets you access as well as keep track of performance across all SSPs through a single partner, makes sure that the highest bidder wins the impression, etc. 

Adnuntius Features

Best Self Serve Ad Networks – Final Verdict 

Wrapping up the 7 best self serve ad networks in 2024 by concluding all that we have discussed so far. The ad platforms recommended in this article include the following; Adsterra,, ActiveRevenue, ClickAdilla, EZmob, Smartyads and Adnuntius.

Although all of the mentioned self serve ad networks are widely popular and reliable, they all have their own set of pros and cons. We have mentioned a few of the key features of each platform, however, before deciding which ad network you will be using, be sure of what your business requirements are and other factors. 

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