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AWA Bangkok Conference 2022 (Pre-Show) [In-Detail Event Guide]


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The affiliate world conference is the mega event that capture the limelight of your focus in case you wish to have top-quality assistance for getting insight into the top affiliate marketers and entrepreneurs.

Top industry experts share their strategies on the stage of Affiliate World Conference events. Be it Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Native Ads or SEO you can capture full proof methods working in the affiliate industry & with the help of these case studies you can start or boost your affiliate business.

The coming event is happening in Bangkok, Thailand which is Affiliate World Asia Conference 2022. It is held on 30 November to 1 December 2022. The team of Affiliate World Conference aka iStack Conferences always comes up with new brilliant ways to provide more value to the audience, attendees, exhibitors & advertisers.

Man Behind Affiliate World Conferences

Chad Wilton is the super brain behind this conference, CEO of iStack Conferences working in super brilliant ways. We are attending the AWC event for many years & we have seen the ultimate growth of the event.

You may be excited & want to know the number that how many attendees were there in the previous event which was happened in Barcelona, Spain. 

The numbers may be quite shocking for you!

Itโ€™s 4,500+ attendees, Yes! thatโ€™s correct with 30+ top-notch speakers. From 110+ countries people especially move to attend this conference. All thanks to Chad Wilton & the whole team.

Chad Wilton Profiles: LinkedIn , Crunchbase

Chad Wilton CEO if Affiliate World Conferences

The iStack Conference is claiming officially there were 120+ advertisers, 40+ traffic sources, 170+ affiliate networks.

What is Affiliate World Conference?

What is Affiliate World?

Affiliate World Conference is your go-to destination if you want to understand what exactly runs inside the minds of companies that adopt e-commerce and affiliate marketing. 

Let’s have the perfect detailed version of explicit details to understand how well this affiliate world conference served its purpose. Understanding the strategies of the sharpest mindsets in the market will surely lead to a better approach toward business and marketing. 

Who Should Attend The Affiliate World Conference?

Affiliate World conferences should be considered by every digital marketer, as we know how grand affiliate marketing is becoming.

Affiliate World Asia Conference

Affiliate World Conference is the hottest area to get insight into mastermind’s vision holders who had been making it great with their caliber. Affiliate World Conference should be attended by those who wish to get a version of business that they never knew before.

As making big in businesses isn’t only about the instant benefits and the traditional approach. So if you are a person seeking insightful descriptions of affiliate marketing and e-commerce platforms then you should be here.

Networking with Brands

If you wish to meet more people to understand the bigger game then too AWA Bangkok is your go-to place.

The massive events planned to understand the impact of marketing by getting the networking done is the brilliant approach observed by us. Who doesn’t want to meet 2000+ people in a Block Party organized by AWA at a live location?

AWA Bangkok Sponsors

Also, do you remember massive exhibitions? Yes, they are the most powerful way of knowing people and pitching your ideas. Top quality brands will be there at AWA as the companies like 1000xNET, 1XBET, 7BitPartners, ActiveRevenue, AditMedia, Banzai, and Blue Ion, etc as this list is not ending anytime soon.

The networking is going to be really superb as the events planned are very vibrant and not going to bore people. So if you want to make a solid network then pick the AWA Conference 2022.

Professional Speakers

The major limelight goes to the speakers. As we are heavily betting on the vision and knowledge which will be shared by everyone. But who wants to hear success stories from unknown people?

The answer is Noone so we make it concrete that the speakers who will be coming here need no introduction.

If you are coming and understanding the popular names in eCommerce and affiliate marketing then surely you will meet your idols out there. Affiliates Professional speakers had been in the game for a long time and had made it big with their companies.

AWA Bangkok Speakers

Affiliates Professional speakers list have names like Nik Sharma (DTC Growth Authority), Kris Sugatan (Viral TikTok Ads), Steve Tan, Matt Diggity (SEO M&A Expert), Mirella Crespi (Ad Creative Factory), Sandeep Raj (Senior VP at Lazada Group), Georgina Green (Mobile app user acquisition specialist) and Martin Kocandrle, etc.

The number of speakers are numerous and the way all of them know this world of eCommerce is brilliant. So come for the wonderful speeches and interactive sessions by these gems to understand more and more about affiliate marketing and the eCommerce world.

Why is AWA Bangkok 2022 Special?

Finally, after two years, AWA Conference is back in Bangkok. From November 30 to December 1, 2022, the largest Affiliate World Asia convention will be held in Bangkok.

AWA Bangkok 2022 is special not just for data-driven knowledge and innovative idea for affiliate marketing but also for digital agencies, eCommerce, and much more. Also the industry reunion, finally after 2 years, makes it more special.

AWA Bangkok Topics


Over 200 speakers, advertisers and others will be there for the most AWAited discussion and presentation. The people who have immense love for e-commerce and who want to learn more things about it are coming to join the event.

The expert will take the stage with their presentations and discussion and other strategies. The attendees here will get unmatched networking opportunities.

The attendees are going to feel what magic looks like when merged with business. As business miracles are not something that happens overnight they are the result of spectacular logical movements.

It will be worth your money because all of the people coming to attend are the epitome of success and knowledge in their domains. Be the attendees as without your knowledge won’t flourish and without knowledge, businesses won’t work.


As with other conferences, it will be in a formal manner but a good thing about this conference is also an informal party. Isnโ€™t very exciting to have an informal discussion with the topmost industries. There will be no formalities of being formal.

Get Access in One Pass

This will connect the speaker and other people in a better way. With lots of fun, they will have a fruitful discussion and other things. No need to come in a formal way for this party event. Exhibitions will make this event more informative. The topmost companies will be in that exhibitions. 

Affiliate World Asia is the meeting place for the worldโ€™s top affiliate marketers and e-commerce entrepreneurs. It brings the networks with the brightest opportunities and mastermind level of content on stage.

The exhibitions will provide one the brightest opportunities as well as some great ideas. The expert’s advice will definitely provide new data-driven strategies and also innovative ideas on affiliate marketing so this conference is a complete package to have fun as well as to have an interactive knowledgeable session that will boost the growth

Should You Attend The Conference?

The final verdict is to say that this AWA conference is worth your time and concentration and so should you attend it? 100% YES, you must go. AWA Conference 2022 is a top-notch event that will serve in every manner possible from unofficial events to the complete formal session it has covered.

AWA Bangkok Ticket Price

AWA Conference 2022 happening in Bangkok is your call to focus on the powerful domain of affiliate marketing and eCommerce because knowing the upper layer of affiliate marketing/eCommerce isn’t enough.

We always have to dig deeper to get the worthy material that has the power of changing lives. So this conference gets five stars which means no need for double thoughts before going/booking up your tickets.


What is the AWA conference 2022?

AWA Conference is top quality affiliate marketing/eCommerce event that will be having numerous events and speakers to narrate the potential of the eCommerce domain.

Is the AWA conference free for all?

No, the AWA conference isn’t free. Everyone has to buy tickets from an online platform in order to attend the multiple-day conference in Bangkok.

What is about networking at AWA Conference?

AWA Conference networking is very powerful as it has events like unofficial parties, on-ground events, and 3000+ attendees in face-to-face exhibitions from top brands.

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