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Affiliate World Conferences Dubai Review 2022 [My Experience]


If you are in any way related to the affiliate world, either by being a part of a performance marketing agency.

An advertiser or a commercial entrepreneur you must have surely heard about the remarkable and substantial Affiliate World Dubai Conference held from 28 February to 1 March 2022.

In this Affiliate World Dubai Review, I will be telling you all about my event experience, speaker sessions, event sponsors and partners, expert’s intelligence on what’s next in the affiliate world, networking, and more.

In case you didn’t get the chance to attend the Affiliate World Dubai 2022, read this Affiliate World Dubai review to know what actually went around during this historic event.

All About Affiliate World Dubai

The Conference was a two-day event scheduled from February, 28th to March 1st, 2022, the biggest affiliate offline event. The event was held in Dubai, one of the finest and most extravagant cities on the planet. The affiliates had the choice to experience various world class amenities and were offered 15% off on all the must-do attractions.

Discussing the numbers, this largest affiliate world event hosted a total of 6,648 attendees and around 470 companies around the world joined the conference. With a total of 204 exhibitors from over 110 countries and international speakers, all delivered market relevant information like takeaways on how to increase profit and such excellently. 

AW Dubai – Event Organizer & Venue Setting 

AW Dubai conference was organized and managed by VCEGH Ltd, a company incorporated under the laws of the United Arab Emirates. 

The event took place at Dubai World Trade Center. The location’s address was Shaikh Zayed Road, Dubai World Trade Center 9292 Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The organizers deserve a pat on the back for selecting such an extravagant and spacious location since it accommodated all of the attendees fairly easily. The ventilation within the venue was just right and therefore was able to avoid any collapses that could have been caused by people rushing to reach places. 

Affiliate World Dubai Conference

The venue’s location was highly accessible and took us hardly any effort to get to it. It offered great connectivity to various other attractions such as food, entertainment, and shopping complexes. 

AW Dubai – International Speakers & Sessions

The crowd of more than 6,000 attendees were addressed by  various internationally renowned affiliate marketing experts, giants CEOs and more. The speakers shared their views and working experiences in the affiliate industry along with predictions for the future of advanced technologies.

Affiliate World Dubai Conference Speakers

Some of the notable speakers and their session details are as follows.

  1. The State of the Industry: Where the Industry Has Been & Where It’s Going Beyond 2022 by Jason Akatiff, Founder & CEO, A4D Performance Network. 
  2. How to Lower Your CPAs: Apply Insider Hacks on Increasing Tracking & Attribution to Drive Down Costs by Maor Benaim. 
  3. Advertising Apocalypse: The Fall of Big Tech and the Rise of the Affiliate by Mark Joyner, Founder & CEO of Simpleology.
  4. Combat Insufficient Reporting: How to Make Big Decisions With Little Data by Nick Shackelford, Co-Founder of Structured & Konstant Kreative. 
  5. How to Build a Winning Ad Creative Factory by Mirella Crespi, Founder & CEO of Creative Milkshake.
  6. Expanding From an Affiliate Mindset to Build a Lead Gen Empire That Runs Itself by Anthony Sarandrea, Co-Founder of Pocket Your Dollars

AW Dubai – Personal Experience 

Needless to say, AW Dubai was one of the greatest affiliate events ever. From insightful speaker sessions to networking with the best of industry experts, you could have done it all. The Affiliate World conferences are attended by giants and professionals from successful businesses including Amazon, Google, Rappi,, Shopify, TrackR, Sephora, Wish, Payoneer, and more.

AW Dubai – Sponsors And Partnering Companies

The AW Dubai event was sponsored by some of the most known and successful businesses of all time. 

AlgoAffiliates – One of the industry leading performance marketing affiliate networks which has a community of more than 50,000 partners from all around the world, provides over 1,500 offers, and powers a great funnel optimization and monetization algorithm to help you generate more.

Algo Affiliates Chen Affiliate World Dubai

Empire Flippers – The Empire Flippers operates on the idea of buying and selling online businesses. They have won the Inc 5,000 award four years in a row and have reportedly helped clients buy as well as sell over $375 million worth of online businesses.

Huge Offers – It is a well known CPA network that delivers exclusive offers and localized funnels boasting top E.P.C.’s. The platform lets advertisers bring lucrative offers whereas affiliates bring high quality traffic. It also provides a top notch customer management team ready to serve you whenever you need their help. 

Koala Ads – Koala ads offer flexible and creative solutions for every traffic source and funnels to adjust different complexities. You have access to offers designed for global scale and profitability.

Supreme Media – Supreme Media focuses on technological and creative solutions and offers high CPA payouts to hybrid deals including Rev share.

Thrasio – The company strives to make popular and trending products accessible to all irrespective of the place they live in.  It uses world-class expertise and smart application of data science to identify trendist products and why such products have great reviews, ratings, and rankings.

Thrasio Affiliate World Dubai

360 Affiliates – Since no two networks have the same needs, 360 Affiliates discovers the best suitable traffic sources for your network. The platform verifies each affiliate’s traffic individually, it is scaled and rated, filtered using industry leading technology and the sheer knowledge to ensure that you find the brand relevant for your specific lead consumption.

Exness – The platform lets you trade across multiple financial markets with the most stable and reliable pricing in the industry. Founded in 2008, Exness Group is a global multi-asset broker with an active client base standing at over 200,000. According to Exness, its trading volumes hit new monthly records in 2021 at $1 trillion.

Message Whiz – It is a smart messaging app and an A2P SMS messaging provider which is powered by MMDSmart. Message Whiz carefully curates the scalable plan to optimize the results of text message campaigns based on business needs and requirements. The strategy involves the planning of factors such as routing, timing, and message text content.

ROI Collective – ROI Collective assists advertisers and affiliates to make precise connections to find mutually beneficial partnerships to generate higher revenues for the business. With ROI Collective you have the advantage of achieving long-lasting partnerships, high payouts, and top quality traffic, a wide variety of GEOs, continuous optimization techniques, and more. 

Affiliate World Dubai Sessions – Founded in 2015, is a vertical FinTech company that caters to companies spending millions on digital advertising. With you have access to control spend, get higher daily limits, earn cash rewards, stabilize ad spend at scale, scale concierge team hires as well as manage the pay for your next agency, and so much more.

HasTraffic – HasTraffic is a CPC traffic exchange that provides multiple channels of targeted and filtered traffic to multiple direct and qualified bidders. With HasTraffic you can trade in Email, SMS, Domain, POP, Search, Social, Redirect, Push Notifications, and more. 

Affiliate World Global 2022

Juni – Juni is the financial companion which offers an all-in-one integrated financial platform for all eCommerce entrepreneurs to help them make better business decisions, expand their organization, and discover the full potential of e-commerce. You can boost your ROAS one spend at a time, reach more audiences with flexible credit lines, simplify your admin dashboards and more. 

Affiliate World Dubai Networking

MGA Team – Founded in 2017, helps advertisers enlarge their sales and gain income. If you’re an advertiser, publisher, or developer, the MGA team is always ready to collaborate on mutually beneficial conditions. With partners all around the world, you  have access to social, PPC, native, and unique strategy campaigns. 

Monneo – Monneo is a virtual IBAN provider and is in partnership with EU and International banks. It transcends legacy barriers and connects eCommerce merchants with global digital payment services. Monneo’s interface provides unlimited access to a network of leading European and International banks. It also offers access to SWIFT multi-currency for international payments, SEPA Euro within the Euro zone, GBP Faster Payments and CHAPS in the UK and  FX in 134 currencies. 

Xapads – Founded in 2007, Xapads is a full-stack Ad Tech platform that offers 360-degree digital marketing. The platform uses an AI-powered programmatic engine called Xerxes to serve the industry with innovation and performance. It is revolutionizing the way ad operations are managed across multiple digital ad platforms. Xapads works on multiple levels from branding (Display, Mobile & Video) to Performance campaigns(CPS, CPL, CPI, CPT).

Affiliate World Dubai Experts Networking

Xsolla – Founded in 2005, it is a video game business engine which helps game creators, developers and publishers all around the world operate and sell games efficiently. The platform serves businesses by providing solutions that solve the complexities of distribution, marketing, and monetization. You have access to tools and services exclusively made for the video gaming industry.

Affise – Founded in 2016, Affise is the performance marketing solution which simplifies and scales up the partnerships. It helps your business grow by providing conversion-based costs and offers quite a package of features including built in real time fraud scoring, more than 15 smart target data points, live statistics with over 49 slices, affiliates management, API for seamless integration with your custom solutions and more. 

Vervedirect AWG 2022

CopeCart – Founded in 2017, CopeCart offers ecommerce solutions for merchants who offer physical and digital products as well as services in the online marketplace. The platform streamlines payments for sellers and buyers by offering various options for sales analyses, has automated bookkeeping feature, provides statistics for data driven decisions and more. 

Affiliate World Dubai Pictures

CrakRevenue – Founded in 2010, CrakRevenue has ranked number 5 in mThink Blue Book ranking of the top CPA Networks in 2021 globally. The platform specializes in traffic monetization, Search Engine Optimization, big data analysis, digital marketing and geo targeting. CrakRevenue has over 35,000 successful affiliate registration and has a community of more than 100 skilled working professionals. 

Outbrain – Launched in 2006, Outbrain is one of the industry  leading recommendation platforms for the open web. The advertising platform helps emerging as well as internationally renowned brands to connect with customers and prospects on the open web through engaging ad formats to encourage actions across various devices.

MaxWeb – It is a performance-based affiliate network which specializes in maximizing the results for both affiliates and advertisers. The platform uses in-house technology and features both exclusive and non-exclusive offers, under Revshare, CPA, CPL and JV models. It has the best converting VSL offers in the industry, has the fastest response time and focuses on verticals like Health & Fitness, Digital Software, Weight Loss and Anti Aging Offers.

AW Dubai Event Experience

RingPartner – Founded in 2013, RingPartner is a Pay Per Call Marketplace. The platform helps you connect consumer phone calls to both local and national brands through their proprietary technology platform. RingPartner provides expertise in lead generation, pay per click marketing, mobile advertising and performance marketing.

Missed AW Dubai? Here’s What You Can Do Next

If you are interested in affiliate marketing and wanna learn more about the workings of the industry, don’t fret about missing the opportunity. Give yourself a chance to learn, grow, and earn by networking with the greatest people in the industry. 

The forthcoming Affiliate World Asia is going to be held in Bangkok from 7th to 8th Dec 2023. 

My Personal Opinion: Should You Go To This Con

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