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Affiliate World Asia Bangkok 2022 (Post Show) My Experience


You may know about Affiliate World Conference if you are an affiliate or into the digital marketing industry.

It is a leading affiliate conference in the industry that provides great value to everyone.

I’m attending Affiliate World Conference since 2019 & still a big fan of that conference.

Not only I say that!

I asked the same question to others & the answer was the same!

How was my experience? Was it really nice?

Whenever we plan to go to an event the excitement level is very high & the same excitement level I was having to meet with new industry people & learn from them.
Events happen everywhere but the audience is not always relevant, AW Conference is not only the event I attended.


I attended other events as well, and the main issue of other events are irrelevant audience in the same room & because of this the probability of networking & to gain knowledge in our industry is very less.

The affiliate industry is booming these days.

Affiliate World Logo

The Affiliate World Conference Bangkok 2022 was the perfect example of narrating how grand and useful a conference can become.

Affiliate World Conference 2022 happened from November 30 to Dec 1 st at the Bangkok Convention Centre.

Affiliate World Asia Conference

It was pure bliss to look for and everyone got the experience they were expecting. The way activities got executed was enough to explain why the Affiliate World Conference deserves the recognition it has.

So let’s understand what the Affiliate World Conference looked like and what kind of experience it was to attend.

What Did Speakers offer to the Attendees?

The speakers were the soul of the event as the long list of speakers full of knowledge made the affiliate marketing domain super easy for all of the attendees.

AWA Bangkok Speakers

They offered insightful sessions to help attendees understand the industry deeper and get the nerves about what changes they need in order to sustain their presence in the domain.

This was one of the major parts of the event which always narrated how easy things go for those willing to educate themselves before jumping into the business.

Man Behind Affiliate World Conferences

Chad Wilton is the super brain behind this conference, CEO of iStack Conferences working in super brilliant ways. We are attending the AWC event for many years & we have seen the ultimate growth of the event.

You may be excited & want to know the number that how many attendees were there in the previous event which was happened in Barcelona, Spain. 

The numbers may be quite shocking for you!

It’s 4,500+ attendees, Yes! that’s correct with 30+ top-notch speakers. From 110+ countries people especially move to attend this conference. All thanks to Chad Wilton & the whole team.

Chad Wilton Profiles: LinkedIn , Crunchbase

Chad Wilton CEO if Affiliate World Conferences
Podcast with Chad Wilton & Chiranshu Monga

It was really a great experience to meet with Chad Wilton & I learned many things from him. You can listen the above podcast & on the next event we will try to ask more questions.

How Networking Went At The Event?

Networking was the most exciting part of the event as it was something that everyone looked up to in terms of making connections that they will be needing in order to strengthen their business.

Meet With Adsterra
Chiranshu Monga in AWA 2022

The top eCommerce brands, CEOs, and top speakers were present to offer an insightful take on business plans and even offer investments to financial help in executing the plan.

Networking was one of the major advantages of attending the event as it directly benefited attendees. Because the work in the industry highly depends on the connections you make to get plans into action.

The vibe of The Event

The event started with a formula vibe and achieved its agenda of having the base for knowledge and defining affiliate marketing.

Also, the networking part remained top-notch with the best networking criteria involving having attendees from all over the globe.

The closing event with fancy party, games and luxurious get together maintained the world-class vibe for the attendees.

Who Should Attend the Event?

Those willing to understand the affiliate marketing and dive deep into it to get the highest benefit should have attended the event.

What is Affiliate World?

Also, those planning to get a network created should have attended to get the contacts of top decision-makers an e-commerce brands.

Affiliate marketing is surely a billion-dollar domain and deserves recognition, so if you wish to get hold of its usage then this conference was for you.

Should You Go To The Event?

The two-day event featured the best of affiliate marketing. With the best of the world coming together to give the finest definition of this domain, the event turned out majorly memorable.

From considering top-class speakers to bringing world-class e-commerce brands, the management did a spectacular job.

The event got popularity and response from numerous attendees across the globe making it one of the biggest affiliate world conferences in Asia.

This was not a once-in-a-time opportunity that can’t be grabbed back as multiple affiliate world conferences will take place in the future. So get the chance to witness it in the future as the Affiliate World Conference Asia 2022 was the top game.


Are there any fees for attending the conference?

Yes, a paid ticket has to be brought to attend the event.

Was the Affiliate World Conference online?

No complete event happened in offline mode in Bangkok from the 30th to the 1st of December.

What is the final verdict for Affiliate World Asia?

Affiliate World Asia was one of the finest events with numerous speakers, networking, and fun ending in the bank.

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Chiranshu Monga

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