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What is ADxAD? Is It Best Ad Network for Asian Traffic?


Choosing the finest Ad Network to drive quality traffic to a website is challenging. 😇..😍

The greatest advertising network will deliver high-quality traffic as well as qualified leads if you want to increase sales of your goods or services. 😍…🥰

Being aware of fake ad network providers is essential given the abundance of options available. ❣️.👍

ADxAD Logo

ADxAD is the platform supporting the trading of traffic which allows advertising as well as monetizing. It is based on trading traffic from both SEA and Europe/North America. Media buyers, AD Agencies, Direct Advertisers, Webmasters, and AD networks are the clients associated with the platform.

❤️ What is ADxAD?

ADxAD is a market-leading ad network platform that caters to both advertisers and publishers. With the help of this ad network, publishers can quickly monetise their content, and advertisers can effortlessly spread the word about their brands without investing a lot of money.

By sending more high-quality visitors to your website, this ad network ads in maximizing online earnings.

ADxAD AD Network

If a person has a high-quality website, ADxAD ad network will assist in generating both high-quality visitors and profitable revenue.

In order to draw in a wider audience that is more likely to buy their items, publishers can use ADxAD to monetize their websites.

ADxAD is working on several verticals, including gambling, gaming, dating, nutra, betting, cryptocurrency, and others. Advertisers can promote their companies and target particular audiences with their advertising thanks to ADxAD. Its managers contact every client on a personal level and help in campaign optimization.

Ad formats offered by ADxAD include Tab links, Native ads, Banner advertisements, Popunder ads, and Member area dating clicks.

😇 Features of ADxAD

ADxAD has numerous features which make it worth all the attention it is getting, these features are the core behind all the benefits and classic impressions which is created by ADxAD as a traffic trading platform. Some of the major features of ADxAD are as follows:


The massive amount of customers you can target with the help of ADxAD is comparatively higher than any other platform due to the numerous verticals available here.

ADxAD Verticals

The verticals provided on ADxAD are VOD, Dating, Gambling, Betting, Software, apps, Entertainment, Nutra, Sweepstakes, and Games. This feature surely widens the range of advertisements and customer targeting for users.

💰 Payment Methods

The payment methods available on ADxAD are easy to use and promise safe transfer. The popular payment methods functional on ADxAD are Wire Transfer, PAXUM, Capitalist, and Tether. In case these do not suit you then your personal account manager can always help you out.

Several AD Formats

ADxAD Ad Formats

Different types of Ad formats are available to make the work easier for users and serve the purpose in the most effective manner. The type of AD formats include formats like popunders, banners, native, push notifications and tablinks, etc.

Easy Payouts

The payout options are the finest on ADxAD as weekly payouts help you earn in the easiest manner with a definite timeline. This dissolves the idea of irregular payments and allows transparency as well as regularity.

❣️ADxAD Advantages As Publishers

ADxAD is the favorite of publishers due to the options it offers. ADxAD delivers several advantages for publishers which are as follows –

ADxAD Publisher

Many Supported Niche Options

ADxAD caters to a wide range of market segments. They provide support for a variety of areas, including VOD, games, dating, sweepstakes, betting, entertainment, Nutra, software programs, and gambling. As a result, ADxAD offers a wide variety of advertising niches and gives website owners a terrific method to monetise their online properties.

Intuitive User Interface

The user interface of this advertising network is both incredibly appealing and simple to use. Users can comprehend what they should and shouldn’t do because of this simplicity. Both beginners and veterans will find the platform enjoyable to use.

Choose ADxAD as Publisher

100% Buyouts

As publishers one surely desires easy and 100% buyouts which will lead to maximum profit. The process has not been complicated to make sure things turn out in the favor of publishers.

ADxAD has an easy and straightforward monetization system which leads to maximum profit for all of the publishers associated with ADxAD.

Maximum Opportunities

Publishers seek the highest number of opportunities to sell their services and when it is too massive numbers nothing beats ADxAD. One of the major benefits one can enjoy with being a publisher on the ADxAD platform is the ocean full of opportunities.

Don’t be limited to any kind of boundaries get access to classic opportunities and earn as much as your heart desires.

Dashboard Control

One of the most vital qualities one needs is easy control all in one place and ADxAD has delivered it all very well but dashboard control. Through this dashboard, one can easily manage the ad formats to control and optimize the monetization of websites.

💰 Pricing Models

Pricing models

The variety of pricing models makes it the finest choice in the market. The models offered by ADxAD are Revenue Share, CPM and Flat Price CPC. This is surely an exciting advantage for publishers.

Weekly Payouts

Regular and fixed payments are the most exciting part of ADxAD which makes sure that everyone working with them gets a definite duration on which they get paid. The weekly payouts make the work easy for all by ensuring the same.

Personal Account Manager

The support by customer care is too chaotic on some days and used to be the same on ADxAD everyone gets a personal account manager who can be contacted 24/7 for seeking guidance and solution of any kind of error or problem.


Internet is a big place and everything coexists here but ADxAD with our technical and manual support makes sure that illegal content doesn’t get near to your Ads. This process is required to make the safety of ads and is guaranteed by the ADxAD platform for all publishers.

🧡 ADxAD Advantages for Advertisers

Advertisers are another core clients of ADxAD who deserves all the attention and splendid features. These features deliver magnificent advantages which are as follows –

ADxAD For Advertisers

Targeting Options

Don’t worry about targeting practices for your advertisements as ADxAD will take care of that in all the possible ways. ADxAD offers pre-targeting and retargeting which defines the choice of using the database available or retargeting the chosen database.

This sorts a lot for advertisers as they get more power in their hands helpful in narrating more about the game plan. As the more, you go with the plan the less the chances for failure.

Easy To Pay

Don’t worry about the complicated and unique apps to get the payment process completed. Many platforms accept payment from unique payment platforms but ADxAD has kept the process easy.

Advertisers can pay easily through payment channels via Wire, Paxum, Capitalist, Tether, Bank Cards, and Webmoney. In case these payment methods do not suit you then surely account managers can help you out.

Choose ADxAD as Advertiser

Low Prepayment

High Prepayments may annoy you as an advertiser so don’t pay so high. Low prepayments are offered to all advertisers by ADxAD. Clients of the partners can also get a 10% discount on your deposited account, which makes it a profitable deal.


Advertisers are surely capable enough of managing their work with the platform but in case you want help with assistance then ADxAD is there to deliver full services. Two major options are available for users first is Self-service which includes managing work yourself and Full Service which is completely taken care of by the team ADxAD.

Account Manager

Advertisers don’t have to worry about any kind of error or problem related to the platform or services. Personal account managers are available to ensure 24/7 assistance to solve glitches and eradicate any type of confusion.

😘 ADxAD Ad Formats

The variety offered by ADxAD is fabulous because the count of Ad formats available is impressive. As it matters a lot for clients which may have different approaches in terms of Ad format. The AD formats available on ADxAD are as follows-

Display Banners

Nothing beats the impact and attention which banners get, as the size says a lot about the strong narration they hold. So if you want the impactful narration and limelight then banner ad format is provided by ADxAD.

Native Advertising

Native Ads

If you wish to create another narrative for yourself and don’t go for regular advertisements then native advertising is here to help you. It goes with a user-friendly experience and fits well with the website for better impact.

Popunder Ads


The most popular popunder ads are also provided by ADxAD which appears hidden behind the main browser and serves the purpose in the finest manner. So the war-house of Affiliate marketing is here to help you out and deliver the classic response in terms of traffic.

Member Area Dating Clicks and Tablinks


The last two categories are Member Area Dating clicks and tab links with support of HTML providing quality and variety to the client.

How to Contact ADxAD?

Contact ADxAD isn’t way too difficult but it requires following some steps to get the process started.

The chat option is available on the official website of ADxAD to make sure that users get a way to communicate. The reply asks for an email id and later the process is taken care of via email.

ADxAD Contact

Also, users can signup and register to get direct access to the services of the platform.

Is It The Best Platform For Asian Traffic?

ADxAD with classic options turns out to be the best platform for Asian Traffic as it has got different features that make it one of the best global platforms for Asian Traffic. Asia is considered a hub for marketing and is highly impacted by ADxAD resulting in ADxAD being the best platform for Asian Traffic.

Why You Must Go with ADxAD?

One should definitely choose ADxAD as their partner because of the numerous benefits, features, and services provided by the platform. ADxAD is the best when it comes to trading traffic and serves the purpose.

❣️Conclusion – Final Say

ADxAD is surely a platform that is a blessing for advertisers and publishers. ADxAD will be helpful in trading traffic for advertisers and publishers. The several features available to make it worth a shot make it the finest in the town.

The variety of ad formats, verticals, and advantages for publishers and advertisers makes us choose ADxAD as a working partner like many other global brands.

The countless numbers are going to work like magic and defeat every error an individual may face while trading the traffic.

Also ADxAD gives a welcome bonus to all new customers. Sign up with ADxAD, make your first deposit from $1000 and you will get your 5% bonus.

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