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Adsterra Review 2024: Is It Best Ad Network To Join?


Adsterra Logo

A well-known advertising network with a Partnership Care philosophy, Adsterra serves more than 30 billion ad clicks each month throughout the globe.

They already collaborated with more than 9K brands, 33k+ partners, media organizations, ad networks, and more than 20K direct publishers.

Adsterra Review

Advertisers can take advantage of a personal manager or a user-friendly self-serve platform with automatic onboarding and live chat assistance.

Adsterra only supports advertisements that do not violate any policy & because of this publishers are also safe to display the ads through Adsterra. Moreover, redirects, unwanted downloads, and virus warnings are all forbidden.

Adsterra for Publishers

With Adsterra, publishers can monetize any traffic, whether from social media, mobile apps, or desktop/mobile websites.

Adsterra publishers have the option of self-serve and professional services in addition to various ad types.

Additionally, Adsterra ads are displayed by many publishers in various niches, including dating, gaming, e-commerce, contests, binary & cryptocurrency, utilities, and pin submissions to monetize their websites.

Adsterra For Publishers

Other characteristics of this advertising network are stated below:

  • Enhanced Security: Adsterra developed in-house solutions like: Anti-Bot, Anti-Cheat, Ad Fraud Prevention Techniques, Anti-Malware Techniques, etc. to give publishers a secure environment.
  • Automation Self-Serve Platform: The ad network provides automated options for publications who do not wish to choose managed services. Moreover, this makes it simple for publishers to start a campaign, create ad codes, monitor data, and make other necessary changes.
  • Top-Tier Support: Adsterra offers prompt, individualized services to its partners. Moreover, advertisers get access to the internal design concepts generated by Adsterra.
  • Payment Options Alternatives: Publishers have a wide range of payment methods to select from (more about payment-related details later). Adsterra has created anti-block technology, raising publisher income by 20%.
  • Intelligent AI-based marketing tool analyses your traffic and chooses the most lucrative offers appropriate for your target demographic for booming website revenue.

However, you have complete control over your ad feed choices and may decide which verticals to include.

Types Of Adsterra Ad Formats

Adsterra partners make roughly $55M annually thanks to highly lucrative ad types for publications. However, advertisers want to use more flexible and user-friendly units for their advertisements to get good conversions.

As a publisher, your objective is to choose an ad type that complements your website and offers you hefty rewards.

Adsterra Popunder Ads

So, let’s list every ad unit and see how to profit from each.

  • Popunder: These adverts appear in a pop-up window or tab behind the already active window.
  • In-page push: By default, in-page push traffic is different. A single line of code is used to post these advertisements on websites equivalent to banners. Both subscriptions and websites are not necessary for them. Since it stems from the fundamental idea, they must be available on something other than smartphones but only on the website.
  • Social Bar: A brand-new and unique ad type is called a social bar. Full customization is its essential characteristic. Accordingly, the creatives may take any form based on your preferences and goals. You may design bespoke banners of any design, conversations, video previews, chat logos, interstitials, in-page pushes, alerts, and alerts using Social Bar.
  • Native Ads: Due to their seamless integration with the information, these ad types are already well-liked by publishers. According to Adsterra, native ad formats may boost CTRs by eight times versus traditional display advertisements.
  • Pre-roll Ads: Pre-roll video advertising from VAST is a terrific approach to increase customer engagement since they play before the main program. Adsterra hosts your movies or uses your VAST/VPAID tags to display pre-roll video adverts.
  • Banner Advertising: The most preferred option among publications, banner advertising, is dependable and offers significant potential for earnings. According to the ad network, banner advertising publishers see 100% fill rates.

How to Register Adsterra as a Publisher?

A publisher is a person who operates a website or other platform intending to make money from their audience by displaying various types of adverts.

Moreover, if you fit this description, visit the publication sign-up page. Please include the following on the front page:

Step 1: Visit, Click On the “Sign Up” Button.

Click on Sign Up Button

Step 2: Now, Click on Get Started As a Publisher.

Sign Up On Adsterra

Step 2: A working email address, together with your complete name. Be sure also to include the letters, digits, and special symbols in your password, which should be at least six pages in length.

Adsterra Sign Up as Publisher

Step 3: Go to your inbox and click on the link to confirm your email address.

Adsterra Email Confirmation

Payment method: the address to which they will send your profits;

You can modify it later if necessary.

What Benefits Does Adsterra Offer?

Adsterra For Advertisers, Publishers & Affiliates

Approximately 30 billion ad views are served each month by the famous ad network Adsterra, and they get a good number of traffic from mobile devices from 248+ GEOs.

It collaborates with thousands of companies, affiliates, marketing companies, and ad networks, as well as direct publishers working in both major and niche verticals. 

Advantages for Publishers

  • A quick and straightforward start: one minute of moderation.
  • A sizable pool of marketers with over 20,000 campaigns and special deals.
  • Fill rate of 100%.
  • Stable and high CPM rates.
  • Versatile controls that facilitate the management of ad numbers, frequency, orientations, and formats.
  • Smart Direct Link for app monetization.
  • Automated rewards that start at $5 twice each month on certain days.
  • PayPal, Bitcoin, WebMoney, Paxum, Money Transfer, Bitcoin, and Tether are all accepted payment options.
  • Detailed and transparent real-time statistics.
  • An anti-AdBlock function that boosts sales.
  • API integration is simple.
  • A 5% lifetime referral bonus.
  • Individual management and live chat assistance.

Adsterra for Advertisers

With thier simple-to-use sophisticated traffic solutions, highly converting direct offerings, and the best staff in the business, Adsterra assists advertisers in meeting their KPIs and increasing ROI. In contrast, publishers and partners receive the highest possible eCPM.

Adsterra For Advertisers

Advantages of Advertising

  • Partner Care: individualized attention, prompt responses, superior problem-solving abilities, and availability of internally produced design concepts.
  • Real traffic from more than 18K direct publishers throughout the world.
  • Simple start: launching a campaign takes only a few minutes.
  • A $100 minimum deposit is required.
  • Traffic Estimator provides a volume and bid estimate.
  • Different cost models, including CPA, CPM, CPI, CPL, RTB, and CPC.
  • A variety of advertisement forms, including Popunder, Social Bar (new! ), Push, Native, Banner, and Video Pre-Roll (VAST).
  • Top verticals include VPNs, utilities, memberships, sweepstakes, adult pay services, cams, and dating.
  • User activity tracking and 20+ filter targeting options
  • Visa/Mastercard, Capitalist, PayPal, Paxum, and more payment options are available.
  • Wire transfers and Webmoney.
  • Simple tracking and API connectivity.

What is a Social Bar?

Adsterra Social Bar

The social bar is a type of push advertisement that is preferred by most of the advertisers to get a high return on investment. They provide fully customized ad formats like: Native Notifications, Multimedia, Data Collection, Social Media Elements, and Action-Boosting Tweaks.

It is a revenue boosting ad format for both advertisers and publishers, Advertisers will get 100% unique traffic with no AdBlock, and 20-30x higher CTR in comparison to web push ads, Interactive ad formats & creatives.

For the publisher’s point of view, your earnings will increase, it’s easy to install, Browser friendly, and show the most relevant ads.

Why Choose Adsterra To Monetize Your Site?

Why choose Adsterra?

A group of online marketers and bloggers with more than 20 years of expertise created the international ad network Adsterra in 2013. Every day, it offers more than 1 billion impressions.

The ad network’s focus on CPA advertising campaigns is one of its most remarkable features and a factor in why affiliates find it so appealing.

Adsterra Verticals

You can earn good money by promoting these exclusive offers in the top verticals such as VPNs, utilities, memberships, sweepstakes, dating, and many other verticals. They are one of the CPA networks, that publish recent case studies to demonstrate how the top affiliates are getting profit by running their offers.

However, you may use these guidelines to guide the most significant discounts, saving time from experimenting.

Adsterra was instantly acclaimed as one of the most significant networks of its type in the industry due to its focus on online advertising and open business practices. However, they take essential steps to identify, stop, and combat fraud and frauds.

Before approval, each site and program is extensively examined using internal security tools, dependable third-party services, and human assessment.

Adsterra Payout Methods

Adsterra accepts the primary payment methods:

  • WebMoney,
  • Paxum,
  • Tether (ERC20 and TRC20),
  • Bitcoins,
  • PayPal (Hyperwallet*), and Tether (ERC20 and TRC20).

The minimum payment is:

  • $5 for Paxum and WebMoney;
  • $100 for Tether, PayPal, and Bitcoin;
  • A bank transfer of $1,000.

Country, currencies, and chosen payment system are required payment entries for any payment system.

Conclusion – Final Verdict

Popunders, In-Page Boost, Interstitials, Native Ads, and VAST Videos help Adsterra partners increase ad revenue. Moreover, those without websites utilize our Direct Link feature for immediate payouts.

This concise introduction to successful Adsterra ad forms for publishers teaches you how to improve passive revenue in every way conceivable.

Adsterra is a dynamic ad network that has been carefully calibrated to operate in tandem with the most recent affiliate offerings. Moreover, it is sleek, simple to use, and the ideal network to connect with rhe active audience that converts ferociously to all kinds of offers.

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