The Smart Insights In Writing Case Studies Of 2018 The Smart Insights In Writing Case Studies Of 2018

The Smart Insights In Writing Case Studies Of 2018

What is a case study?

Case study is a testimony of any group, people, organisation, or state of affairs that has been analysed. A case study states the performance of a group as a whole, but not the conduct of a person in the group. Case studies can be prepared by trailing a proper investigation process. The case studies possibly turn up in recognised research sites such as periodicals and professional symposia, instead of known works. Case studies play a prominent role in most of the fields and businesses.

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In the modern era the case study structure has developed as a useful apparatus for reconnoitering latest trends and specific situations of many fields. It is based on an in-depth study of something instead of just numerical analysis. Even the profound case studies will not be able to provide you complete answer to your question but will definitely provide some suggestions, warnings, and agrees to extend the amplification and theory development on a matter.


Now we talk about these case studies in the world of digital marketing. Case studies create a valuable image of your product or a service. They reach far beyond simple recommendations as they show real-life instances of how the particular product or service was able to satisfy users requirement and achieve their aspirations. In marketing, case analysis assists you in gaining your potential customers by highlighting your accomplishments.

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Take your own example to understand the topic well. If ever you want to buy a products or service, you will take help of various sources to investigate it. The first thing you will do is to enquire from your close friends and relatives. The second thing you will do is to search online for that exact merchandise. The point here is that you will try to find the users as well as their recommendations for that product or service. It’s not only with you, but most of the people take their decision after getting an in-depth analysis of the thing to purchased.

Like you and me, others also don’t won’t to waste their money in a regretful investment. So, here comes the role of thoughtful and detailed case studies which influence the decision making process of buyers. It has become a constructive asset when it comes to confirming that what the merchant offering is of great value and of good quality.

As per the CMI (Content Marketing Institute), case studies are the fifth most important marketing strategy after e-newsletters, social media content, blogs, website editorials. More than 60% marketers find case studies to be the most effective way of influencing customer behaviour. In this post I will give tips on how to have smart insights in writing case studies. So let’s get started.

Smart insights in writing case studies

Before writing any case study you need to have full understanding of how it works. After comprehending the basics along with smart tactics you can create an impactful and imploring case study for your business.

  • Case studies must be prepared for ultimate clienteles

Cases studies are targeted posts which revolve around idle users. If your potential customers are related to education field, your case study will be prepared according to that. Your data put together in segmented case studies will help you in creating a positive aura. The definitive case studies provide a sensible learning of that target industry.

If you look at a broader perspective, all the how-to blog post precisely created for healthcare industry or tech industry, you have to do an in-depth research of the facts and figures to make your audience understand the purpose. The case studies also work in the same way and people reading them feel that the products or services will work in the same way as it did for others.

  • Must cover up the whole story

While preparing as case study, always put in lot of efforts to pull out each and every fact from starting till the end. You need to cover up the whole story form a reader’s point of view. For instance, you have to give details about the customer and his profession, his aims and prerequisites, and how your product assisted him to complete the objective.

Never leave a user after he gets his want fulfilled by your service or product. Follow up with all the latest updates to show that your ultimate goal is to have a healthy business surrounding where only selling and buying is not the last call.

  • Include coherent format of writing

We all would not like to read lengthy and onerous case studies. Proper formatting and linking of incidences will help in maintaining the interest of the reader. While developing the content of the case study, proper headings, bullets, live pictures, bolds, italics and highlighting colors must be used. Like blog and other articles, this formation of the writing will help the reader to understand what we are trying to explain.

When you give a high SEO value to the case study, the structuring components will assist the reader in finding the most essential part of the writing. The proper arrangement will give a positive impression about your prosperous business and the value it is going to add to their objects.

  • Take account of factual figures

The business case studies which show real evidence of their profits or customers, do well in the eyes of customers. Your potential customer will always be interested in the actual facts and figure of your organisation. Try to show your company’s progress in the form of graphs, for example increasing trend in sales, traffic, other customers’ response levels, etc.

Be precise in your approach as nowadays everyone is well aware of the technology and they can easily make out your manipulated results. Through statistical and tangible approach, the reader will come to know your firm’s advances. The picture perfect look will give an exact synopsis of your standing and potential customer will envision what you might do for them.

  • Inform about explicit approach

If your brand name has reached a certain level of popularity, every reader will be interested in knowing the obvious methodology adopted by you. So do create your case study in such a detailed way so that they get the exact idea of how you attained those heights. For example, you tell your readers that you increased your website traffic, the reader will be curious to know how and by what means. So you have to inform the readers about the tools and mechanism used to achieve that traffic.

So, while elaborating on this, you tell them the combinations of social media campaigns you used, and link building that resulted in brand exposure and rankings. You have to precisely mention the social platforms and plugins which helped you to get here.

  • Experiment with presentations

There are different types of readers all over the market, so everyone has different preferences and perceptions to what they read. Everyone doesn’t like to go for a same type of detailed story written on few pages. Some like to listen to the case study while few would like to hear it in the form of an interview. So our target market is very broad and we need to experiment with the formats used for writing case studies.

Mention your few customers name in the case study so as to increase your credibility in the eyes of readers. This will help them to relate to the real identities and build trust factor. You can also try question answer layout to keep the interest alive in every case study you mention.

  • Develop as per the needs of apprentices

As we have discussed earlier that every reader is unique in his own way, so is their way of following something. Few users may like to read such stories on the go, while other may like to hear it or watch it in the form of video or podcast or even in an infographic mage. So you can easily get on to solve various purposes of various readers in various forms. The plus point of videos and infographic images is that they are easy to share and rotate among copious social platforms.

  • Put them on desired platform where it is easy to locate

The platforms on which you are going to showcase your case studies are very important. You have to diligently share the stories where they are easily visible or accessible to the readers. Be certain about the place where you are going to place your case studies for the potential users.

You need to target those well-known platforms where you can find many readers of your story. Many websites allow the case studies to be showcased on their landing page, so that the viewers build a trust factor before purchasing the product or service.

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Methods to use case studies in you marketing

There are various ways through which you can use the case studies to incorporate in your marketing strategies. Let’s quickly take a look at those techniques which can help you to build your network.

  • Have a separate case study page on your website
  • Place it on your website homepage
  • Write blog post about your case study
  • Create videos
  • Place them on relevant landing pages
  • Make use of social platforms to share your case studies
  • Make use of email marketing to rotate your case studies
  • Combine them in the newsletters
  • Include the cases study link in your email signature
  • Make use of them in trainings and lead generation efforts

Final Verdict:

The above-mentioned guidelines are very useful to construct an insightful case study for your readers. By following these guidelines, you will have a profound knowledge about writing the perfect case studies for your products and services. The detailed and impeccably structured case studies are the best way to position your product in the eyes of anticipated customers. These studies not only build the trust factor but also foster long term relationships with the readers.

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