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How To Write A Perfect Resume For Your Job Interview


The very next step after completing the studies is securing a decent job. But it is not at all an easy task. Just ask anyone, who has a job. He/ she will tell you the difficulty of getting it. We are living in a revolutionized world. Every field is being undergone changes.

But for a job aspirant, one thing has never been changed. What’s that? Any guess??

Don’t rack your brain. It’s nothing but the Resume or CV (Curriculum Vitae). Companies wanted resumes in the past; they want it at present too. That means the significance of CVs is not changed.

Resume writing is an art. Do you know how much time a person or an organization spends on your CV? A few seconds!! Yeah, no matter how long you have written. They will just have a look. We need to grab their attention on the first look itself. Remember the saying, “ first impression is the best impression”.

Your resume should be written in a professional manner to make sure that it will not end in a waste bin.

Are you a job aspirant? Looking for a way to write a perfect resume? If your answer is yes, then don’t take your eyes off. This post is made for you.


Types of Resumes

Usually, there are two kinds of resumes, electronic and paper- copy. Electronic resumes are also called scannable resumes. It is submitted virtually with the job application where as the paper- copy resumes follow the method of traditional print.

Nowadays, most of the companies want the job- aspirants to apply online. So, we need to submit a scannable resume on that situation. It is highly recommended to carry a hard- copy with you when going for an interview. The majority of companies use an ATS (Applicant Tracking System). You must make sure that your CV is ATS friendly.

According to the organization of details, resumes can also be classified as chronological, functional and hybrid. Most of the people prepare the third one.

Contents of an Ideal Resume

1. Identification

Here we include the details such as Name, Email, Phone and address in an organized way. Keep it simple and easy to read.

2. Career Objective

Every time you make a resume, don’t forget to insert a career objective. Copying others’ objective will not help you. Think about the company and job you are applying for. Then, write career objective bearing that in mind.

3. Education

This is the place where you need to write the details about your educational qualification. Companies seek for a unique skill in you. So, always place your last course on top.

4. Work Experience

Details about your previous jobs should be added here. Don’t boast. You should submit experience certificate during the interview.
N.B. :- It will be convenient to add details in a table when writing #3 and #4.

5. Professional Skills

If you have any special skills, you can add here. (E.g.- Provided training for entrepreneurs). Try to project a skill related to the job you are applying for. You will have better chances.

6. Areas of Interest

Add your professional interests and hobbies here. Write truth. Lies will kick your chances away even if you are eligible.

7. Awards and Achievements

Don’t forget to mention the remarkable awards and achievements if you got any. Be honest, don’t mess up.

8. References

Here, you can add names of two people (one reputed person and another one from your faculty).

write a perfect resume

Tips to Write a Perfect Resume

  • Always write shorter sentences. No one becomes ready to read your CV throughout the day.
  • The details should be organized well. Clutter- free template grabs everyone’s attention.
  • According to what job you apply, project the skills and qualifications related to that particular job in your resume. It will create a unique value among others.
  • A big NO to fancy fonts and styles. You are not participating in a drawing competition while preparing a resume. So make it clean and elegant.
  • Using terminology is a nice tactic to grab attention. For every field, there must be some particular words. (For example, bug is a terminology in web development which indicates the error in programming).
  • Always use descriptive nouns and noun phrases (like a programmer, surveyor, six years experience, manager).
  • Make use of simple techniques (bold, italics, capitalization, etc.) to drive attention to the crucial parts.
  • If you apply for a job with the very same company you have applied earlier, take an effort to make your previous and current resumes identical. ATS is brutal enough to slight over your CV if it is found to be false.
  • Don’t make any grammatical errors, typos and mistakes in putting punctuation. Lesser the mistakes, better is your chance.
  • Pictures and graphics are incompatible with ATS technology. So, go with texts only.
  • Always write the truth. Don’t write your area of interest as reading if you can’t remember the last book you read. Show your real skill and stop pretending to be someone else.

write a perfect resume

Components of a Perfect Resume

·         Identification

·         Career Objective

·         Education

·         Work Experience

·         Professional Skills

·         Areas of Interest

·         Awards and Achievements

·         References

Ready to Write a Perfect Resume?

That’s all. Now you are aware of the main components of an ideal resume and some tricks to have a unique one for yourself.

Preparing a good resume or CV requires ingenuity, creativity, good imagination and consistent effort in making it updated, efficient and comprehensive. Always try to keep your CV computer friendly. You can’t get to know humans or ATS will be evaluating the resume.

Let me say you one thing, MS Word is the best software for CV preparation. There are some premade resume templates available. You can alter it according to your creativity and imagination. Don’t make it clumsy.

I think you have a clear idea of how a perfect resume can be written. Follow the tips given below. I am sure that you will be shortlisted.

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