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WowEssays Review: Best Writing Service Provider

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Let’s be honest, academic writing is a constant, yet least favorite component of a students’ life.  Occasionally, students cheat. Everyone has done it at least once to some extent.  However, employing a professional essayist is, in some sense, the last resort and carries a certain stigma.

Nonetheless, it worked wonders for me back in my college days. I write this post to share my side of the story together with the understanding of the specific circumstances and ramifications of using online writing services.

For me the deciding factor was lack. Lack of time, for once, but above all – lack of resources. I had to write a book report, yet I wasn’t able to access the books in question, to begin with. So, I employed an academic writer at and asked them to write a book report for me.

This article will show that the service surpasses its competition in terms of reliability and gathers overwhelmingly positive feedback from its clients.

WowEssays is safe to use

It’s understandable that the question of security is the first one that springs to mind. Your reputation and your bank account are both on the line, so you don’t want to take chances. Let me assure you that WowEssays is a service you can trust. For over two years, my friend that referred me to them worked with the service and he didn’t find a shred of evidence indicating the opposite. At first, he was worried that the organization might be some sort of scam, yet he gave it a try and never regretted it. His personal data remained secure, his grades improved dramatically, and he finally got the time for the internship he was so looking forward to. No wonder he wanted to share this marvelous solution with me!

This company writes decent essays

The name of the service is indeed self-explanatory. When you get your order, you are wowed. One shouldn’t wonder, it’s only natural since they employ professional writers with academic background. Still, it’s always a pleasant surprise to read a thoroughly researched, soundly argued, immaculately formatted, and well-written essay that is now yours to do whatever you please.

You can order a book report, a research paper, an argumentative essay, or even a thesis… The rundown of WowEssays goes on and on. Moreover, they offer very affordable proofreading services, which may interest ESL-students whose papers would benefit from some polishing up.

WowEssays is affordable

WowEssays is certainly on the moderate side of the spectrum when it comes to pricing. They start from as little as $10 for the simplest assignment written from scratch and go up toward $197 per page for work on short notice. Like, really short – we are talking about an order placed three hours before the deadline here (!)

The costs change depending on the academic level, volume, and deadline. For example, a 3-page high-school paper ordered 20 days before the deadline will cost you only $30. A similar piece composed at the college level would be a bit pricier – $36. However, should you be in a hurry, you’d need to pay extra for urgency.

Lucrative promo codes all year ‘round

Promo codes are very useful especially when it is your first time subscribing to their services.  For example, if it is your first-time order, you get a welcoming discount. Moreover, there are numerous coupons, promo codes and discounts for holidays and even without any special reason.

Even though offers affordable prices, you should not ignore the promo codes and coupons that they are giving from time to time because no student can say no to reducing their expenses, right?

9-out-of 10 rating by users and employees alike

Okay, you see how rating by users is reassuring. When college students like yourself approve of the service, you feel validated in your choice as well. However, why should you give a flying fig for how employees rate the service? Well, in a world where we all do our best to make ethical consumer decisions, being sure that you do not support some sort of writing sweatshop means much – to me at least.

Among the boons, writers cite the advantages of working remotely, innovative tools, learning and growth opportunities, ability to choose orders and regulate workload, and satisfactory compensation.

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