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Word to PDF Converters for Windows 7, 8.0 and 8.1


MS Office is a popular office suite for Windows. If you are not a Windows user, never mind. It is available for other platforms as well.

Word is widely used software among all. You can type any documents on it and save for future use. It is also possible to do formatting. If you prefer a hard copy, take a printout.

But the sad part is a word file (.docx) is not compatible with every office suits. You may experience a problem when you try to open it with another office suits.

The best way to preserve a word file is to convert it to PDF. Portable Document Format aka PDF can be opened in any computer irrespective of the OS it uses.

Not having a PDF reader is okay if you have a browser. Most computers have a web browser. So, you can open PDF files with it even in the absence of a PDF reader.

Word to PDF converting is not at all a tough task. Today, I am sharing some amazing Word to PDF converters for Windows 7, 8.0 and 8.1.

Don’t worry if you are not a Windows OS user. Just sit back and scroll to the end of this article.

Word to PDF Converters for Windows

word to pdf converters

Check the end of every section. You can find a link to the download page. Try and stick with what fits you the most.

1. Quick Word to PDF

word to pdf converters

As the name suggests, the conversion can be done quickly with this software. Quick Word to PDF has no confusing features. The tool is simple and powerful too.

According to the size of word file, the process takes seconds to minutes for the completion. A coolest feature in this software is batch file conversion. Making use of this feature, you can convert many files simply by a click.

The layout is not changed upon conversion. It will be conserved, and the positions of images will never be amended.

Free and premium versions are available. If you get satisfied with the free version, consider upgrading to premium. A remarkable advantage of this tool is its light- weight nature. It hardly takes almost 25 MB of your hard disk space. (Setup file is 33 MB in size).

You want an internet connection in case you wish to upgrade the software to premium.

Download Quick Word to PDF from here.

2. Free Word to PDF Converter by Weenysoft

This is another awesome software created by Weenysoft. You don’t have to be desperate by blankly looking at both the premium version ad and your wallet alternately. Why because this one is completely free.

The user interface is very clean and elegant. You can batch convert with this software too. The setup file is merely 8 MB. But the actions you can take with it is literally unlimited and amazing as well.

Free Word to PDF Converter by Weenysoft is not a mere word to PDF converter. It is possible to transform RTF, txt, and HTML files to beautifully looking Portable Document Format files.

If you want to protect the output file, there is an option to add passwords. So, don’t worry the next time when you give your flash drive to a friend. He can’t open your PDF if it has one.

Watermarks can also be inserted to free your file from copyright issues. I think this is the best free software you can get for this purpose.

Free Word to PDF is a standalone soft. That means you don’t want MS Word or Adobe Reader to act.

Download this Word to PDF converter now.

3. Doxillion Document Converter Software

word to pdf converters

This one is not a dedicated word to PDF converter. You can convert doc, docx, pdf, wps and other document file types.

If you are a non- commercial user, you can be able to get a free version. After installation, you will not have to open the software to do the conversion. A context menu item will be added. With that, you can right- click on a file and begin to convert right from the upcoming menu.

The free version is light- weight one with only 800 KB in size. The best part of Doxillion Document Converter Software is it supports the latest Windows 10 OS.

Don’t hesitate to download this cool tool even if you are a Mac OS user. Support is guaranteed.

With batch file support, it is possible to convert thousands of files within the matter of a few clicks.

Click here to visit the homepage this document converter software and download right away.

Bonus Tip1:-

word to pdf converters

If you don’t want to install a new software for this purpose, just follow the steps given below. The only thing you need apart from the computer is a working internet connection.

There are many websites available which allow you to convert Word to PDF. Here, I am sharing one of them with you.

Visit You will be provided with a button to select files on the home page itself. There are five conversion options. Choose one and browse your file. Select the output file (PDF here). Click on the blue Convert button to start the process.

That’s all. At last, the out PDF will be saved on your PC.

Bonus Tip 2:-

An MS Word add- in is available for saving the document you type in it as PDF. You can use it if you don’t want standalone software.

Visit the official Microsoft website for the add- in. After installing this, you will get a Save As PDF option.

Are You Ready to Convert Word to PDF?

Don’t you know how to convert word to PDF now? PDF is a versatile document type that can be opened irrespective of the OS and devices. That’s why most of the e- books are published in PDF format.

I have shared you three words to PDF converters and some quick methods to do the conversion. If you are a word fan, no need to switch to other software only for the sake of PDF support. Use one of the above methods to convert. It is as simple as that.

Do let me know in case of any confusions or queries. Share this with your friends, so that they too can know these awesome tools.

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