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Review & Guide: Wondershare Fotophire Photo Editing Software


Wondershare Fotophire Photo Editing Software Review

Today we are living in an visionary world i.e a world of photos that may be real or imaginary. To keep it simple let me tell in a simple way, we belongs to a generation of social media, a new thing happen then we instantly post it on our social media platform. Actually, we love to express ourself through photos, pictures.

Basically, not we use the photo for sharing but we also draw our creativity through photo or we also present our vision.

In this article, I will tell you about wondershare fotophire photo editing software which let you to enhance your creative skill by allowing you to create a quality of art from photos. Not only you will create new photo but you can edit or modify your old photo, in short I can say that you can enhance the quality of photos.

Wondershare Fotophire Photo Editing Software

As, I mentioned the name pf software in the heading i.e. wondershare fotophire photo editing toolkit. It’s really a package of creativity because it contains many creative software in it and these are

  • Photo Editor
  • Photo Cutter
  • Photo Eraser

Firstly, Its System Requirements:

  • The operating system on which it will run are: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 7 32-bit, Windows 7 64-bit
  • Minimum processor: 1 GHz Intel® Pentium® processor or equivalent
  • Equivalent Ram: 1 GB RAM CD/DVD ROM drive
  • Hardware Space:100 mb space
  • Peripheral Devices: Mouse and keyboard
  • Internet Connection(For downloading effects)

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Details About Wondershare Fotophire Software Review:

Photo Editor:

Firstly, we start with the photo editor. The best part of photo editor is that you surely being getting confused in choosing the effects for your photo because all the effects are tremendously superb and now, I will telling you the amount of effect which is 200 in numbers. In present time all we need something extra and this editor will give you that extra factor for your photos.

This photo editor not only contains the photo effects but we can crop the photos , add many frames and we can also fix the brightness, saturation levels.

The another cool side of this editor is that it let you feel very comfortable with its interface,you can apply all these mentioned things in very few click. This editor allows you to apply blur effects on your photos to make them more effective.

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Some Other features of this wondershare photo editior:

  • Choose 100’s of frames with variety of styles.
  • Edit many photos in one time or simultaneously, so that you can save your time.
  • 20+ overlay effects that will allow you to create intense type of photos.
  • Allow a drag and drop interface.
  • It support  Jpeg, TIFF (8-bit or 16-bit), PNG, BMP, Jxr or Jiff type of photo formats.

Photo Cutter:

As the name tells cutter, it deals with the background change, cutting and mixing of pictures. This fotophire photo editing software allows you to change default background and this is not a long and difficult process but instantly you will see results of your editing. With three steps import , edit it of our choice and see the results.

You guys are thinking that how can this software remove the default background of photo without affecting the front part, so just shit back relax because, I will tell you the truth behind it.

This photo cutter contains the leading color detection technology means that Photo Cutter can deduce the edges of objects for itself. There’s no need for you to edit pixel-by-pixel.

How cool is this!

The main highlight of this fotophire photo editing software is removal of photo background.

To make it more clear to you people, here are the steps of applying this effects:

  • Open your photo in photo cutter.
  • Mark the background which you want to erase with few lines.
  • Its internal mechanism will automatically erase the background with proper edges.
  • Now replace the background with new background.

Some missing additional features:

  • You can choose from photo cutter also, it offers you 20+ background.
  • Smoothly overlay cu tout objects over whatever backgrounds you choose.
  • Resize your photos and also crop and drag also allowed in it.
  • It support  Jpeg, TIFF (8-bit or 16-bit), PNG, BMP, Jxr or Jiff type of photo formats.

Photo Eraser:

Many times we wants for the extra but sometime some things are really unwanted. Same in the case of photos, many of times some extra objects spoil the photo.

But just relax with the help of photo eraser you can erase these unwanted things with few clicks. The best part of this photo editing software is when you are erasing something this process will not affect your background. Again, how cool it is.

These best editing software are developed with such algorithms that they will fill many areas with its our understanding. What more you can do with this software, just check following given list:

  • Remove watermarks and datestamp: Not only watermarks but semi-transparented fonts can be eliminated.
  • Erase people from the photos.
  • Restore old photos: Eliminates the odd effects and scratches from photos.

Its main highlight is removal of unwanted objects, so here are the steps:

  • Open the photo in photo eraser.
  • Select the object you want to erase.
  • Click erase and just see the magic of photo eraser.
  • That’s it! Again again, how cool it is. See your background will not be affected.

Some additional features:

  • Offers you Clone Stamp.
  • You can visit its tutorials of erasing.
  • Also allows drag and drop interface.
  • It has align mode.


I am damm sure that now you will believing that it justify its name of toolkit. You can edit your photo with many of effects, crop it with different styles, erase unwanted objects, change its look with different background and in the end from my personal point of view this wondershare fotophire photo editing software is best for the beginners.

With a very easy interface, this software let you explore your creativity, So, if you are new just use this software and share it with your other known people.

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