Women Who Are Made History in the Tech Industry

Modern times have allowed women to finally reach their full potential and some have exceeded beyond their own goals. Unlike the dark ages, where women were required to mind the children and look after their husbands, the twentieth century offers so much more for the female race.

As with the evolution of modern times, technology too has evolved and along with it so have these inspirational women. These are the women who have and currently are making an impact in the realm of technology.

Mary Kenneth Keller

Going back to before 1985, Mary Kenneth Keller was the first woman ever to earn a PhD in Computer Science. This iconic legend was not only a master in her field but she was also a Roman Catholic nun who developed a computer program known as ‘BASIC’.

She changed the way women thought by breaking through a man only field and proving to women it is possible to follow all of your dreams. 

Annie Easley 

This incredible woman is responsible for creating the hybrid car battery. She was a computer programmer who worked at an agency which eventually developed into NASA.

Susan Kare 

Susan was a graphic designer who created some of the most signature graphics of Apple. She worked for Steve Jobs and effortlessly created what is the Apple brand today. She was the one to inspire graphic symbols which we use every day on our computers. This includes the trash can, the Apple clock and the point finger. 

Megan Smith 

The former Vice President of Google worked at the White House as a chief technology officer who held the title of CTO under the American president, Barack Obama. Megan brought ancient tech in the white house to modern times, transferring data into accessible information. She is one of the spokespersons for women in tech and is a force to be reckoned with. 

Padmasree Warrior

This incredible woman has lived up to her surname and has been a leader in technology for the past several years and counting. The tech savvy woman has been Chief Technology and Strategy Officer of Cisco Systems, a company in Silicon Valley which manufactures networking hardware. She has been said to be the reason the company is ahead of its time in fields of its success. 

Anita Borg 

Anita was a Computer Scientist who developed operating systems and computing operations. Borg had an incredible mind which was driven by promoting women in tech.

She founded numerous tech corporations and still remains one of the most iconic and influential women in her field even after her passing. She is one of the reasons so many women have succeeded in the corporate industry of technology. 

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