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Nektony VPN Client Review: Best VPN Provider 2018


The best VPN has a lot of things to be carried out perfectly. It should not have a perfect speed but should promise you the best security and without doubt reliability. Having a good VPN connection can’t overweight the positive points of having a secured VPN connection.

Nektony VPN Client helps you to keep your information secure and safe from the external threats and the intruders. Nektony not only deals as the epitome of security but also helps you to get the fastest network provider with you.

VPN Client Review

VPN Client offer good range in the subscription plans as well. That will depend upon surely your choice. Nektony VPN ensures the connection with users privacy at the priority. So, it is irrefutable to call it perfect blend of smoothest speed and highly secured network coupled with the pocket friendly amount.

The provision of vast options in the locations. As customer oriented deal will make you mark this VPN as the number one in position. It comes with easy to establish techniques that will definitely impress you and will put up a mark on the field of VPN network provider. Have a look on some of the features and advantages of this.

To commence with, you can get the access to restricted internet content globally with the support of VPN tunnels.That will also encrypt your data from end to end for the proper security of your data and information.

You can get online freedom, security and anonymity with Mac VPN client. While there is no threat to your personal data as it will help your personal and private data to be protected. With this you can even unlock geolocated resources. In case, you are thinking to use the same account on a number of computers, here you have an advantage as you can use it on up to 5 Mac computers. It also lets you avoid I’d thieves.

Many times we use the public WiFi and threat towards data increases, so in that case, it secures your internet connection. It also puts your privacy at its priority, as during browsing the hide IP address it will keep your identity anonymous. You can view it that how websites appear at the different locations.

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No need to do a lot of work or technical work, as the VPN connection is established with one click only. Really a time-saving way. Now if we talk about the speed so there are several VPN provider in the market, but this is one of the fastest service provider. Furthermore, there is no storing of logs and optimal and streaming servers are there.

As mentioned earlier it focuses on the security, keeping it as the first priority, so your VPN account is secured without any carelessness and as Nektony believes to keep our customer not bound between fewer options, so for this VPN Client have no boundaries for the VPN access, as it provides you unlimited VPN access.


VPN Client is across the 60+ countries including Austria, Australia, USA, India, Germany, Poland, Canada, France, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Belgium, Japan, and many more. Nektony VPN provides the unlimited bandwidth and is the fastest VPN as well. It is the most trustworthy when it comes to security.

Vpn Locations

You are allowed here to select any of the 90+ VPN servers and the good news is that number of the available servers is growing steadily. So you will have numbers of options to deal with . This customers oriented VPN will surely put a mark in the field of experience you will have.



You can also access additional benefits with Personal VPN server. That includes a static IP address, no traffic sharing, so as a result, you have an ultra-fast speed. As when it comes to the dependency in trust, so it is the most reliable VPN connection you will ever get. It also supports you with many features such as you can get your own Personal VPN for ultimate security, as no one wants to compromise with the stuff like security and even no concurrent traffic usage is there within the VPN.

As you are having good options if we talk about locations, 32 locations are available today. With this just to give you smooth working experience a dedicated IP address is also provided to you.

At last, as time is and will always be the most precious thing to waste, so it is available to get setup in one day only. So you can get the connection within 24 hours you placed the order.


You have many options for the subscription that differs from days to days and will offer you the jaw dropping deals too.

These are mentioned as below:

First one is VACATION and it is the subscription for 7 days and will cost you only 3.99$. As the subscription is the least one, so sorry here you can’t save anything i.e Save 0%. Next one is the ECONOMY, this one is for the time period of 1 month and it will cost you $8.99 and as this is the one month plan so it will help you to save 47% of your money.

It is really a perfect blend of a trial pack with the pocket friendly deal. The next subscription is called STANDARD and this one offer you with 3-month subscription and will cost only $16.99. As the plan is bigger hence the amount saved is directly proportional to, that is 67% of saving. So you can also go for this.

If you are thinking of the yearly plan then you can go for PROFESSIONAL which one is of 1 year of time span and is worth $39.99. This is the plan with good saving amount of 81%. It is a perfect blend of smart subscription with good saving. And the last one is PREMIUM that makes a long term bond with us and gives you a long term subscription of 3 years and hence a smart saving of $89.99.

VPN Client Price

The last our PREMIUM pack that gives you a long term subscription. It is a very long time of subscription that provides you such a prolific output and handsome amount saved.

The VPN Client app provides the VPN service that will meet each end of your expectations. Nektony takes pride of your trust and the expected reliability and they have given all the efforts to make the customers feel the quality with the least amount to be paid.

As it also gives you personal VPN and the dedicated IP address for the betterment of the speed. They know that security coupled with privacy are two most prominent factors that help customers to get marvelous experience.

As a result, the Nektony VPN Client application has security without any flaws in the system and they have precisely mapped every aspect. As when you will be using it, you will feel like it all has been designed only for a single customer that is you. A great deal that not only fulfills your requirements but on the other hand is so user-friendly that you will stay with us the app forever.

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