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uDroppy Review 2023: Is It Worthy? + (50% Off Discount Code)


Dropshipping is a great way of doing business, that too without any worries, but it has a wider aspect to it.

Not only dropshipping works for people working through Shopify and Woocommerce, but it also works for buyers, brand owners, and advertisers.

Here we’re going to review, One of the best platform that support all of these businesses and it is known as uDroppy, a shipping and fulfilling portal.

uDroppy Review Start Your E-Comm

uDroppy is an eCommerce Portal that is present in the market for a while now and is surely one of the best in the field. They work for dropshippers, brand owners, advertisers, and buyers.

It works for sourcing & quoting the prices for sellers, and then move ahead to customize the orders. Regardless of the size of the business, they have a solution for everyone.

They clearly ask the users to just market the products, and leave the rest to them. There are some pretty amazing features of this portal, check out more about it in our uDroppy review.

What is uDroppy? Complete Review

An internationally widespread team, their main aim is to change the status of the eCommerce industry. They wish to make the field simpler & easier for anyone who wants to join it, and every day, they partner with new sellers & raise partnerships with them.

uDroppy Review

uDroppy wishes to deliver a single platform that automates everything for the seller. The portal is built around 5 beliefs; diversity, trust, simplicity, innovation, and co-motivation.

They wish to have a creative and engaging environment where everyone can learn, contribute, and grow. uDroppy has a separate dashboard that includes all things such as ordering in bulk, connecting to suppliers, and managing multiple stores together.

How Does uDroppy work?

uDroppy has some different things going on in order to make the user’s work better. It has a great working, check out what all it has in the same:

1. Dashboard:

The dashboard consists of store data and the order details, it also shows the top-up amount over here. Though, this data is present over here only if the stores are connected. If the stores won’t be, then the data wouldn’t be displayed.

2. Store Management:

uDroppy Store Management

Manage multiple stores together with the help of the store management feature. Add up various Shopify and WooCommerce stores and check out the store data, without going on that platform. This makes this portal an all-in-one place to work and the users don’t even need to look anywhere else.

Enter the shop domain, shop name, shop label and connect it, that’s it! Further ahead, look at the data at ‘My shops’ so that to have a clear database of all the stores.

3. Products:

uDroppy Product Catalog

The product section has different things present under it, namely Product Catalog, Request a New Product, and Product Mapping.

Product Catalog

Find the products that are meant to be sold in the Product Catalog database. There are also some filters present over here such as searching the product name, product ID, product code, factory code, and smart search. One can also fix the pricing and budget with the help of the bar present over there.

uDroppy Product Catalog

There are no limitations in finding the products one is looking for, if someone wants to search adult products, then they can click on the right side box and the results will appear. There are also a lot of categories from which a person can choose from.

Request a New Product

If someone is not able to find a product, should they move somewhere outdoors searching for the right output? No, a person need not search the products somewhere outdoors because they are read to source the products for their clients.

uDroppy has a great way to source the products they do not have despite having a large database. They have connections directly with the Chinese suppliers who can source the products for them. This is a great thing since the users need not worry much about the products or anything else.

Product Mapping

Check the progress of the orders within the help of the product mapping feature. Know where they have reached and what is the status of the consignment with the help of the product mapping feature. Users can keep an idea of every small data with the help of this feature.


uDroppy Invoices

There are many people who work for one product and therefore never want to lose the database of their orders. Check out the database of all the products from before and there are even some filters in help to fasten up the entire research. Search the invoice, look at the date range, insert invoice number, shop name, etc.

uDroppy Funds:

Manage the funds over here with the help of the uDroppy funds. Manage the top-up, add the money, look at all the old transactions, and also look at the type i.e. was it any kind of charge or payment for any product. It helps in managing everything from old to new payments without any issues.

  • Virtual warehouses:
uDroppy Virtual Warehouses

Buy and stock the products in the virtual warehouses before finally sending it to any other buyer. This is a great thing for those who want to stock their inventory for a long-time and usually deal in the same products for a longer time. They have warehouses present in Italy, Romania, China, and Spain. Especially for people selling in Europe, this is very helpful for them.

  • Cash on Delivery:

There are several sellers who want to provide COD to their clients but unfortunately are not able to. For them, the Cash on Delivery option present in uDroppy works really well. One can check their leads over here and also figure out all of their COD consignments as well. However, this feature is limited to the Pro and Platinum package.

  • Bulk order request:

Want to order products in bulk ut don’t know where to order that? uDroppy helps the users in placing bulk orders all at once. Reduce unit costs with the help of bulk orders as the portal gives their level best in lowering the prices when a person wants to order a lot together. One has to contact their eCom manager for the same and their orders will be finalized in no longer time.

  • Resources:
uDroppy Resources

They have tie-ups with Instapage, Shopify, and Booster theme. Those are absolutely new in this field and want to work it out, can directly launch their Shopify stores from here and also work with Instapage in order to build advertorials, sales pages, etc.

One can use the Booster Theme in order to boost their eCommerce business and have the best converting theme for Shopify.

uDroppy for Dropshippers

Make the eCommerce business more convenient and also boost up the working for dropshipping. At times people feel that dropshipping is an easy task, but for those who work in the field, it isn’t that easy for them.

The dropshippers are the mediators between suppliers and buyers, therefore they don’t need any bad image in terms of product quality, shipping time, and also want better order management. With uDroppy, dropshippers can scale their business by finding great products, quality fulfillment, and hyper-fast shipping.

uDroppy Start E-Com Buisness

Check out the ways in which it helps the brand owners:

  • Find thousands of hot products to sell from:

Find out thousands of products from their huge database which is worth selling. These products have great quality and aren’t even expensive enough to be shipped. Also, another great thing is that with bulk products, the prices asr even cheaper. They have great products at fair dropshipping prices.

  • Request for new products to sell on the store:

If the brand owners have seen any product that they wish to implement in their stores, and it isn’t present in the huge database of uDroppy, then they can request them to find these products. They will find a factory for it and provide the quotations for the same products.

  • Single Click on the products:

Just click on the product once and import all the SKUs, as many as required, from the platform to the store that too with just a single click. Rather than going through several redirected pages, this tool works in the best manner in order to ease up the dropshipper’s tasks and save them a lot of time that goes into manually managing everything.

  • Order management and fulfillment:

One can manage the orders and fulfill them at just a single click. Not only it shows the data related to the products in just a single click, but they also let the users manage the products and fulfill them at just a single click, without any issues.

  • Automated invoices:

Get automated invoices with every single order placement. Every time the pending orders are fulfilled, they will send a detailed invoice in order to manage the accounts and keep a track of the entire order placement history.

  • Quick Refunds:

If anyone by chance faces any issues with thee products, then they can always ask for a refund from the portal. Once the products are returned, they make a quick refund for the same. At times things don’t go as expected, despite the excessive monitoring. In such a situation, they are always there for their users.

  • Assigned eCom Manager:

Get an assigned eCom manager with every package. The managers are there for any enquires, issues, and problems. These are highly trained people who are masters in the entire thing and can work in order to grow the business on a daily basis and leverage the same.

  • Fast shipping to 195+ countries:

Ship the products to more than 195+ countries with the help of the uDroppy feature, as fast shipping is extremely crucial nowadays. The dropshippers need not worry about lost packages or super late delivery and losing the clients. uDroppy manages everything according to the requirements.

  • Track the shipping:

Update the tracking codes and check where the order has reached in order to determine the shipping days. Though the process is really fast, it helps in updating the sellers about the time it will take.

uDroppy for Brand Owners

uDroppy Scale Up Dropshipping Store

The portal helps in increasing the brand to reach across the world and manage better sales worldwide. They also help in customization of products in order to increase brand credibility and reputation. Test, prototype, and scale the winning ideas without going through any financial risks. Also, scale the brand operations anytime and anywhere.

  • Use their team in order to source new products:

Find & review new products with the help of uDroppy portal and increase the brand image with a huge range. Expand the business and also upsell them in the name of the brand. Increase customer value with these products and provide various things at the same time.

  • Prototype new product ideas to launch:

If the brand owners dream it, then they fulfill it. Give them the data on the new product and they will give their level best in order to find out the factories manufacturing the products. Develop the idea, plan the reach, and begin marketing, they’ll take care of everything else, without any efforts from the users.

  • Cash on Delivery:

There are buyers from various countries who believe in buying products only on the COD basis, and uDroppy helps in fulfilling this as well. Sell products on the COD basis and they’ll manage the COD option as well. Just get the plan according to it, and they’ll start working on that too.

  • Leverage their wide logistics network:

Use their wide logistics network and worldwide fulfillment centers to increase the efficiency of operation whilst lowering costs. Lesser costs, more payments, what else is required more than this!

  • Assigned eCom Manager:

Apart from taking help from their team in sourcing the products, an eCom manager is also assigned for the help of the to grow the business and manage everything that can’t be done by the brand owners alone. The owners can work on anything else and let the eCom managers do the rest of the things.

  • Virtual warehouse:

Keep the stocks in different warehouses after purchasing them and ease up the entire task of reordering them again and again. Reduce the shipping time as well since they won’t arrive straight from the supplier, and meet the ends of the customers. Manage everything related to warehousing on the dashboard.

  • White label anything:

If the brand owners find any product they wish to brand under their name, no problem! The portal is ready to provide its services for the backend so that the sellers can use it and get 5the products customized by them under their own name.

uDroppy for Advertisers

uDroppy for Advertisers

Many might be wondering how can a dropshipping portal work for advertisers? But in reality, advertisers, be it direct or indirect are kind of entrepreneurs who buy in bulk, maintain stock, and then give them ahead to affiliates and affiliate networks.

This way, affiliate networks are also able to get high-quality traffic and good sales. Check out the advantages the advertisers get with the help of this amazing portal by their side:

  • Test different products:

Test different products over here in order to find out the winners and also get some great affiliate offers. Find the products that are going to work well, and then get them at a price so that when one upsells it, they might as well provide some offers on the same.

  • Outsource the operations:

Why do everything on your own even there is uDroppy by the side! outsource all the operations with relation to dropshipping and just focus on product scouting, marketing, and affiliate recruiting.

  • Be the first:

Be the first to launch any new product in other GEOs where other affiliate networks don’t work potentially. uDroppy has its reach to a whopping 195 GEOs so the targeting options are plenty.

  • Manage COD:

Manage COD across all these GEOs with the help of uDroppy as they let the advertisers sell products in all these GEOs and fulfill the affiliate requirements for the same.

  • Develop new product ideas:

Develop new product ideas with whatever is in the mind and contact the eCom manager assigned for the same. They will take the task ahead and sort it out, whilst making sure that the user is the first one to launch the product in the market.

uDroppy for Buyers

uDroppy Optimize E-Com Store

Have access to a huge number of reliable factories and also meet suppliers without having the need to manage hundreds of different interlocutors.

Buyers love working with uDroppy because they help them manage all the suppliers by leveraging their network and technology. The users are able to save both time and money with their help.

  • Source products from thousands of different factories:

Source products from thousands of factories at the best price in the market. The options are plenty and the users don’t even need to contact each supplier individually, the portal will do the needful.

  • Talk to just one interlocutor:

Why waste a lot of time talking to hundreds of interlocutors at the same time when uDroppy can benefit the users by talking to just one of them? A single one of them can manage the talks with thousands of factories, thank to their superb technology.

  • Get samples:

Want to try the final quality of the product before doing anything? Try their free samples available right at the doorstep and make your decision easily whilst sitting at the home.

  • Invest more time in proactive ideas:

Rather than banging heads in managing everything, trust them and let them do the need full ahead. Spend the saved time in developing ideas for the company or just spend it casually, whatever feels right!

  • Receive quotations quickly:

Receive the quotations from suppliers asap in order to save time and also make quicker decisions for faster initiations. They don’t take a lot of time and manage everything to do very quickly so that the buyers can take faster decisions.

  • Customization:

Customize the orders so that the business can stay ahead than that of the competitors. They can customize the products so that there will be a unique advantage and one can grow the CR as well.

Review Of uDroppy Pricing Packages

There is one free option, and rest there are three paid pricing packages. Check out the details below:

Free Plan:

  • 1 store connected.
  • 10 product imports a month.
  • Unlimited orders.
  • Automated invoicing.
  • Unlimited bulk quotations.
  • Fast Shipping.
  • Tracking numbers.
  • email support.
  • Self-service help desk.

Traction Plan-$49/Month:

  • 1 store connected.
  • Unlimited product imports.
  • Unlimited orders.
  • Automated Invoicing.
  • Unlimited bulk quotations.
  • Fast shipping.
  • Tracking numbers.
  • email support.
  • Self-service help desk.
  • Chat with the support team.
  • Affiliate program access.

Pro Plan-149/Month:

  • 5 stores connected.
  • Unlimited product imports.
  • Unlimited orders.
  • Automated invoicing.
  • Unlimited bulk quotations.
  • Fast shipping.
  • Tracking numbers.
  • email support.
  • Self-service help desk.
  • Live chat.
  • Dedicated eCom manager.
  • Support calls.
  • 20 product requests every month.
  • Virtual warehouse.
  • Private label the products.
  • Package customization.
  • COD Management system.
  • Fulfillment agreement for payment gateways.
  • Affiliate program access.

Platinum Plan-$249/Month:

  • 10 stores connected.
  • Unlimited product imports.
  • Unlimited orders.
  • Automated invoicing.
  • Unlimited bulk quotations.
  • Fast shipping.
  • Tracking numbers.
  • email support.
  • Self-service help desk.
  • Live chat.
  • Dedicated eCom manager.
  • Support calls.
  • 35 product requests every month.
  • Virtual warehouse.
  • Private label the products.
  • Package customization.
  • COD Management system.
  • Fulfillment agreement for payment gateways.
  • Affiliate program access.

Pros & Cons of uDroppy


  • Easy to use.
  • Different features for everyone.
  • Separate Pricing Packages.
  • Quicker Response.
  • Great working.
  • Dashboard jam-packed with options.


  • A little limited for advertisers.

Do We Recommend uDroppy eCommerce Platform?

Whilst seeing that there are so many things in the market, one thing is clear that there is a hell lot of competition in the market. It is important to stay ahead of them, for which uDroppy helps.

They can customize the products, provide express delivery, let the users have private assistance, and many other things. The portal, if we see, has different kinds of things going on at the same time, and is pretty helpful as well. On top of that, it is very affordable and all these features don’t cost a fortune to the users.

They work across different GEOs and the best part is that they also let the eCommerce people ship products on COD. In many ways, it eases the tasks of them and works pretty well, providing the best services. Overall, we totally recommend this portal and one must go for it.

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