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Trend Micro Antivirus Review 2016: Download Free Trend Micro


It is not a memorable computing experience to operate a malware affected machine. You will get bored and annoyed on seeing its snail- like as well as disobeying behavior.

Antivirus business has been improved a lot. As long as new viruses are born, you can’t avoid using an anti- malware. Or else, just forget all your files and data. I know it will be painful for you. So better install one security tool that can keep your computer free of threats.Now, many names are started popping out from your mind, right? That’s the first problem you face when thinking about an antivirus. There are many to choose from.

Today, I am giving you a perfect choice thereby increasing the confusion to select an antivirus.

Trend Micro Internet Security Software


  • A light app with essential and extra features
  • Affordable
  • Regularly Updates


  • It really doesn’t care about social media.
  • Not Easily Available apart from online


Introducing Trend Micro Titanium


It needs no introduction. Watch this interesting ad by Trend Micro Official

Trend Micro has a history of about 27 years starting from 1988 in Los Angeles. Though the company was founded there, the global headquarters is situated at Tokyo, Japan.

Trend Micro is not just an antivirus company. It gives protection to data centers and cloud servers as well. Trend Micro Titanium is their antivirus tool for PC as well as mobile. It has everything needed for an anti-malware. You can’t use it legally for free. A one computer version costs $40 whereas a three computer version costs about $60.


Now let’s sink directly into the features of Trend Micro Titanium.

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Features of Trend Micro Titanium

For every product, features fascinate us be it a gadget, software or even a home appliance. In this section, I am going to analyze some of the amazing features of the fantabulous antivirus.

You should check this out. Why because Trend Micro Titanium is a paid product. It’s your right to be sure that your money is spent in vain.

#1. Free Trial to Test the Software

Trend Micro Titanium Review: A Rare but Worthwhile Piece of Software

Thanks to the Trend Micro team to provide a trial period. You can’t just purchase a strange product right away. Online scams are common these days. So, how can you become sure about the fact that you are going to purchase a reliable product?

Free trial comes to your rescue here. Trend Micro has a bunch of security utilities like Antivirus+ Security, Internet Security, Total Security, etc. You can download the trial version for all of the items.

They provide all the full version options with this trial version also. So, you don’t have to rack your brain to find out what the full version features will be.

I couldn’t find out how long one can use the trial version. But their website lacks such information. Most probably, you will get 30 days of the trial version. Nothing is limited in the trial version.

#2. Clean User Interface

Trend Micro Titanium Review A Rare but Worthwhile Piece of Software

If you have used Trend Micro Titanium at least once, you will get surprised to see a sudden change in their user interface. The presence of black has been swept out thereby giving a new appearance.

The home of the software features four options and the security status of your computer. If your machine’s status is okay, it will display a tick mark in a circle and a Protected message.

Above that, you can see Device, Privacy, Data and Family options. On top of that, the title bar is placed with two links to Feedback and Get help.

Most of the place at the bottom of the interface is empty. But you don’t feel any awkwardness as it is completely organized to create the best impression.

#3. Security and Tune Up Options

Trend Micro Titanium Review A Rare but Worthwhile Piece of Software

No antivirus software is here without a scanner. Scanning is the real purpose of an antivirus. Trend Micro Titanium also has an intelligent scanning option with which you can carry out a full scan or quick scan. It is also possible to perform a custom scan to search for malware in a specific folder or file.

If you are a person like me who constantly forget things, just set up a scheduled scan. It will automate the scanning process without bothering you at all.

Trend Micro Titanium Review A Rare but Worthwhile Piece of Software

What Trend Micro Titanium does is comparing files with a database having all the caught malware. The virus database or virus definition is being often updated.

Real- time scanning option is also available. Suppose, you double- clicked on a malware that you haven’t scanned manually. On a computer with Trend Micro, you will get a warning message notifying about the threat.

#4. Extra Tools to Improve Security

Trend Micro Titanium Review A Rare but Worthwhile Piece of Software

There are some extra tools available on Trend Micro Titanium, which will improve the security of your computer.

Malicious website scanner is something a man living on the internet can’t avoid. No matter what you accessed as many sites as you can or visited many legal and illegal websites. This website can keep an eye on you. The notifications will be given real- time.

Trend Micro Titanium Review A Rare but Worthwhile Piece of Software

Another useful tool is the URL rating stuff. We need to use this so that other users understand about the security of that particular website.

Trend Micro Titanium Review A Rare but Worthwhile Piece of Software

An anti- spam feature is available. It makes your inbox free of spam.

Another remarkable feature is the Social Networking Protection. Activating this feature will make you more secure on popular social media websites.

#5. Affordable Pricing Package

Trend Micro Security Software Solutions Comparison


Trend Micro Android backup software


Trend Micro Android backup software


Trend Micro Android Security for your Mobile smartphone or tablet

Trend Micro Android Security for your Mobile smartphone or tablet


Trend Micro Antivirus for Mac Security Software

Trend Micro Antivirus for Mac Security Software

Trend Micro Premium Security Software


Trend Micro Premium Security Software

I can’t say that Trend Micro Titanium is an expensive tool. You are paying exact amount for what you get.

As I already told, there are two packages available right now. One is for a single computer and another one is for three computers.

Sixty US dollar is the best bet you can ever get. Just Google for this tool. You may get some discount codes also. Using those codes can decrease the price of packages.

Trend Micro Testimonials

Rush University Medical Center Creates Safer Environment With Trend Micro

Are You Ready to Use Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus?

Titanium Antivirus plus has superb performance against malware and phishing, and deserves praise for providing technical support via live online chat.

Trend Micro Security Software Reviews and Awards

There are many other features present. I haven’t discussed everything. Check out the first point of features section, you can get a download link to free trial there. Visit it right away to get a personalized Trend Micro Titanium experience. Follow  Trend Micro  on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube & Linkedin.

The performance and system impact of this tool is very good. Trend Micro Titanium never uses much of the available resources to make the computer exhausted.


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