Updated 2018 – Trafficbot Review Complete Guide

Trafficbot Review Complete Guide:

Today there are numerous companies in the market that claim to provide the quality traffic for your website, but to not much of avail. Their services are either falsely claimed or very expensive. After checking so many companies and testing their services, I came across one such traffic generating tool that is not only advanced but also automated.

The company guarantees to deliver genuine traffic from over 36 locations. Initially, I was little doubtful, but when I checked their services it came out to be true!

Surprisingly after testing this tool, I must say I was impressed! And the traffic generator tool I am talking about is TrafficBot.

trafficbot review

TrafficBot is the automated traffic generator tool that helps you bring massive traffic to your website on a daily basis. It is an awesome tool that promotes your site by generating the traffic from more than thirty-six countries worldwide, through real visitors.

Various Advanced Features of TrafficBot:

Help You Acquire Unlimited Traffic as per Your Requirement

TrafficBot offers superior quality visitors as per your requirement. They provide massive traffic per month, and the number of visitors delivered can go in millions. The company promises to provide the actual user visits in real time that arrive from the inbuilt browser along with a 100% guarantee from TrafficBot.

Geographical Location or Target Market Selection Facility

Once you associate with TrafficBot, as I did, you can select any target market or geographic area you want to receive the traffic from, through their Geo-Targeting Feature. They provide you the option to get traffic from Europe, Asia, South America, and North America.

More about Geo Targeting

For people, who are not aware, it is also known as Geo Marketing and is a terminology that is used to represent a particular location where the business is targeting for the potential users or customers for their website.

This helps in deciding the location to be selected for the maximum marketing activity.

Target Market (Countries Supported)

Since TrafficBot already provides the traffic from the so many countries around the world, it covers almost every primary geographical location. But, in case, you want to target any place other than the mentioned countries in their listing, then you can communicate with them easily through support@trafficbot.com, and they would make special arrangements for visitors from the required country. However, it might cost you more than their usual pricing. And trust me, it is worth it! I also contacted them for the same and their executives reverted promptly and readily assisted me regarding every doubt that I had.

Free Account Registration

You can register with TrafficBot to get a free account that will facilitate you with numerous advertising and revenue-generating activities. To avail this free facility, you just need to provide them with your email id and URL.

TrafficBot makes it convenient for you to work with them by incorporating the URLs that are added automatically to your campaigns.

Facility for Bloggers

For the blog owners, who already have RSS Feed URL, if they request for the URLs import, then this tool will deliver the URLs automatically in every hour.

Hence, with every new post in your blog, the visitors will come automatically, without any manual interference. So, it is a simplified and hassles free process that delivers massive traffics without any effort from you.

Nevertheless, for the bloggers, who do not have an RSS Feed, the sitemap can also be integrated into the system to deliver the traffic in the same way.


TrafficBot offers various plans so that it is easy for you to choose your required package. However, I feel that their best plan is the “Ultimate Package” that generates over one million users for your website in just a month. Their different plans and pricing details are provided below.

Free TrafficBot Trial

For the people who are interested in the traffic generating tool by TrafficBot, but still, have questions in their mind can go for their free trial. It is a simple process as you just need to register with them through your email id and URL and they will give you 2000 visitors for your website, for free!

Free Traffic for Marketing Blogs

If you write a blog or have a website that has marketing related content, then you are the chosen one; as TrafficBot has an amazing offer for you. If you add an article on your blog or website that mentions about TrafficBot and its services, then the company will provide you with free traffic in exchange.

And if you are interested, then as per the quality of the article along with your target audience; they will offer you the credits for the free traffic.

Conclusion for Traffic Bot Review: 

I found this tool very helpful, and I would like to recommend it to all the website owners or bloggers, who are looking for quality traffic with genuine visitors. It is a must have tool for the betterment of your website and hence, your business.

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