Toy Crush – Our Pick For The Best Blast Game In 2018

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This may be the best blast game on the block! If you like fast-moving, visually outstanding, and addictive puzzles, this one is for you.

Toy Crush is a fun match-three puzzle game for all ages that delights you for countless hours with colourful effects and varied puzzles of increasing difficulty.

Trains, rackets, cubes, treasure chests, beach balls, squeaky hammers, and a big variety of power-ups and puzzles will keep you playing into the wee hours.

Besides being totally addictive, it is both challenging and relaxing, as the best of this genre are.

Our resolution: The game is made for ultimate engagement and pure enjoyment.


In Toy Crush, your job is to keep matching adjacent cubes of the same color to complete missions in over 800 levels.

With a tap on two or more matching toy cubes, you will have a nice blast. Matching 5/6 cubes will get you a rocket. Matching 7/8 cubes will get you a bomb. Players who are lucky enough to match 9 cubes will earn the top reward, a color wheel.

At first, the game may seem overly simple. Don’t let this discourage you, though. As you advance to higher levels of the game, you find forming large combos more challenging. You will also have to solve increasingly complex puzzles as you advance to higher levels.

Once you have mastered it, the process will go much faster and even more fun.

The most successful players will see their name in high score tables.

Toy Crush excels in keeping the player engrossed. Thanks to great unlockable rewards and boosts, it is very satisfying to solve puzzles while you are blasting the cubes away and forming winning combos.

And, because there are no lives to lose, as in other games, the gameplay will last virtually endlessly.

Puzzle games are classic time killers and Toy Crush is on par with the best of the genre.


The game’s mechanics are smooth and quite complex.

And a great thing about this puzzle game: It is fast-loading and levels are transitioning smoothly. It is lightweight and won’t be eating your Android’s resources and it won’t lag.


Visually, the game is highly satisfying thanks to the great plenty of splashes of bright color, busting elements, and sparkling effects.

It features professionally designed, high quality artwork.

Game features

  • Over 800 levels – each one is unique and full of fun and amazing challenges
  • New missions each level and different items to collect
  • Vivid high quality artwork
  • Smooth animations
  • Awesome rewards, power-ups, and boosters
  • Your moves are limited so you better use them wisely
  • Classic gameplay
  • Score columns
  • Totally free to download and play

The game is free to play as it is. Of course, you will see ads. Ads help game’s developers keep improving and upgrading the game so that we have the best possible experience. But if you want add-free experience, you may spare a few bucks.

The game is quite popular on the Play Store with 1-5 million downloads and enjoys a score of 4.5 from some 6.600 users, which is pretty solid.

Download free and have a try!


The game gets active support from the developers. The last update was on February 2, 2018 with bug fixes ad stability improvements.

The devs are active in the discussion on the Play Store too. So if you run into any issue, you can easily report it, and the devs will work to improve the experience.

The developer

The game was developed by Ilyon and is available for your Android on Play Store.

Ilyon is part of the Israel’s growing gaming industry and is gaining worldwide momentum with a great portfolio of over 40 titles and tens of millions of downloads.

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Ryan Robinson

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