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Top Sites to Send and Receive Anonymous Emails


Internet-based marketing has somewhat turned into an urging need for almost every company that desires to grow big. Other than going for hot programs like Google AdSense that make you more visible on search results and YouTube, one can also try email marketing. But how are you supposed to communicate with everyone without disclosing your email address to the mass? Great hacks to these privacy problems are websites that allow you to exchange emails with an anonymous name. Here are top sites to send and receive anonymous emails.


At this point in the timeline, where privacy is more of a question than a policy, your likes and posts are actually creating an algorithm for networking websites. Although emails like Gmail and Yahoo are free, but this calculated display of advertisement is the actual business that they are running. Why not become an ad than watching one?

Bring new horizons to your business with this cross-platform anonymous email website; TorGuard. Whether you wish to secure your identity from the mass receivers, dodge from the prying eyes of ISP or safeguarding your personal data, this software will always stand by your side.

Download the VPN app, locate it in the Downloads file section and click on run to install the program. A shortcut key will also be created alongside on the desktop or in the application folder, for a one-click access. Be sure to have your username and password ready before you run the app.

torguard Top 5 Sites To Send and Receive Anonymous Emails

The anonymity of TorGuard inbox is ensured by using SSL encryption for connection along with G/PGP encryption to keep the messages secured. No one has so far managed to break the openPGP coding, so feel absolutely free about everything you send or receive with the ultimate TorGuard.

In order to start operating you will have to load the VPN app first and then select the desired server from the menu. The service of this multinational firm is available in more than 42 nations, which make it a single platform for free access from across the globe. Create a login account with this service provider and get going with the newly found power.

Other than being fully operational across several operating systems like Windows and iOS, it is also compatible with smart mobile phones for an enhanced portability. A usage of up to 10MB of offshore email storage can be employed for free. However, you can even buy its services for a monthly, quarterly or yearly plan that gives you an access to unlimited amount of offshore storage data with a 24*7 assistance.

tor Top 5 Sites To Send and Receive Anonymous Emails

Using this anonymous mail sender was like a walk in the park. There is no other thing on the homepage, besides a clean slate for you to type the message. With all the details provided in the box, the form like layout makes a very intuitive tool. It takes only a receiver’s address, subject and the email content, to deliver information in a snap.

You can even add attachments with the mail to present your idea in any format. If you wish to make this a two-way channel, then you are only needed to opt for a ‘reply-to email address’ and the application will randomly generate an email id on your behalf, with domain. Use the advanced mode with matching SMTP credentials to forward emails on Yahoo, Outlook, and Hotmail.

anonymous Top 5 Sites To Send and Receive Anonymous Emails

Guerrilla mail

The website proves its authenticity in this business by rigidly following the rule number one, i.e. no names. has completely deprived itself of using any username or password and manages email exchange in very clever terms.

The email address provided in the sender’s column is always a scrambled meaningless word that exists for only an hour, and can be tagged along a domain name of your choice. The random name makes it hard to guess for the reader while the expunged id makes the source completely traceless. Hence, it is always better to opt for the name that has been randomly generated by the system.

However, if you wish to own an account for receiving emails, then you are only needed to create one. Once the account has been created, it stays forever and can be accessed by simply typing in the unique email id. But relieves itself off all the contents in the inbox by deleting them every hour, irrespective of whether you have checked it or not.

The functionality of inbox has not been compromised with, as it can still be used for purposes like confirming links, opening attachments, viewing source file, replying to mail and even receiving spam mail. The junk mail which would have otherwise spammed your mail with all kinds of a nuisance can now be safely contained here.

guerilla Top 5 Sites To Send and Receive Anonymous Emails

With an objective to restrain from secret surveillance programs like PRISM, makes itself completely unreadable with its 4096-bit key encryption. It is a high-quality service that the website provides for an end-to-end handling of security norms, against a login account. But do not worry, as no personal detail is required to be fetched for your personal account.

Once you have your free email address, you can start communicating on a more secure line with However, if your field of application requires you to utilize its trickery on a larger scale, then you can always opt for one of its VIP packages. Depending on the data that is to be handled, subscriptions can be made from 500MB to 5GB data of email communication.

These paid versions are free of any ad and come at a yearly rate of 50 Euros to a 100 Euros. Since also facilitates you with sending SMS in an incognito mode, each text message will be charged at 0.50 Euros. Payments are accepted here via PayPal or a wire transfer to EU. So enjoy spoofing your friends or doing something even more responsible, without the fear of being tracked.

secure mail Top 5 Sites To Send and Receive Anonymous Emails

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Hide My Ass

If the advertising agencies have turned your email dashboard into an untidy platter, then it is probably time to think about Hide My Ass lets you communicate across the globe without having to reveal your IP or email address.

The free anonymous services make it a less tensed affair for you to get things done under a blank name. But the key idea behind this website is limited to receiving emails only. Redirect every channel to this newly formed id and link its notification with your personal/business email address for a more controlled handling of junks and noteworthy messages. You can even pre-set the lifetime of the inbox messages and get them automatically cleared at a regular interval.

An unlimited amount of service will require you to buy its one-month subscription called kick-ass, available for $11.52 per month. A half year plan goes by the name of ‘Half-Ass’ against $8.33 per month while full year plan can be purchased at $6.56 per month and is called as ‘Smart-Ass’.

hidemyass Top 5 Sites To Send and Receive Anonymous Emails

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