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Top Sites to Convert YouTube to Mp3

We have all tried downloading our favourite songs directly from one of the several apps or websites that specialize in one or many languages. But it is not always a song that you long for; it could even be a tune from a freaking advertisement. So far you never really had a hack to resolve for these vibrant demands of yours.

YouTube, however, serves as a single platform for all kinds of videos and music, which could most probably be carrying the rhythm that you have been looking for. Instead of trying other audio downloading websites or falling for some other booby trap, you can try downloading Mp3 format of your favourites directly from YouTube and be done with it. Below are 5 top sites to convert youtube to Mp3.

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Based on a very simple layout, converts YouTube to mp3 in one step only. The website’s services are free of cost and require only 3 to 4 minutes in converting each video, depending on the Internet speed.

A column is provided on its homepage which is to be filled with the URL of the video to be converted. Then click on the ‘convert video’ button given below and wait for a few seconds. What you get is a freshly baked mp3 coming straight from YouTube. To make sure that you have posted the correct URL in the provided space, the title of the video is displayed above, along with a download button.

What makes this website number one in my opinion is its sole purpose of converting YouTube videos to Mp3. Without having to go through any advertisement, or pre-installing any software, you get to meet the goals directly.

Because of this simplistic architecture, the light website is available for use on almost all operating systems of laptops and smartphones. Irrespective of the platform of operation, performs consistently with a bitrate of at least 128 KBPS.

yotutubemp3 Top Sites to Convert Youtube to Mp3


The smartly arranged home page of will provoke you to test an online video URL and listen to its picture perfect quality. Functioning like the advanced version of, it operates entirely from a small window, with video sources welcomed from across YouTube, Google Video, Photobucket and Yahoo Video search results.

Although, its niche is that of a high-grade YouTube to Mp3 converter, but other projects that it deals with involves the Mp3 conversion of almost all Internet-based video or virtually any FLV file. This heavy functioning justifies its equalization with an ultra-light website layout, where you are only needed to paste the YouTube URL directly into the column and click on the convert button provided below.

makeitmp3 Top Sites to Convert Youtube to Mp3

You get hands on tons of features without having to apply for a membership or putting likes on its Facebook page, and the services are totally ‘on the house’. Its fast quality conversion will let you download those long ballads and album collection in a compressed amount of time. However, if you are not willing to wait on it, then simply put in your email id and the song will be emailed to you once it is through with the conversion.

Choose from the ‘Standard’ or ‘High’ audio quality options provided below the URL column and feel more ensured about your preferences. Even if MakeitMp3 promises to keep up with its pace, going for the higher quality will definitely affect the conversion speed. But if the source video itself is of a poor kind, then clicking on ‘High’ quality will not provide you with one. Find yourself the video that best suits your needs on audio quality and Makeitmp3.

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Why always buffer for video on YouTube when you can simply try It is another highly convenient YouTube to Mp3 converter that handles more than just these criteria. Instead, it is an all time Mp3 converter which is capable of extracting audio from versatile sources that include the transformation of the Mp3 file from YouTube, FLV and other online videos.

Its freemium services can be availed without spending a dime on membership accounts or bragging about it on social websites. only requires you to paste the URL directly in the provided box and click on ‘GO’. Depending on the Internet speed, the video is converted to Mp3 steadily within 2 to 3 minutes. Once the server has accomplished the process, a download link will appear on the screen. Just click on the button and you will have the audio stored right into the device.

listentoyoutube Top Sites to Convert Youtube to Mp3

Primarily it is a video converting software capable of converting videos into over 200 different formats, that range across AVI, MP4, MKV, iPAD, WMV, etc. As for streaming and downloading online videos, is a complete master of this skill.

Including YouTube, the website can record videos from Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion and other portals that count for over 50 sources, and convert them to mp3. This sophisticated application is a cross-platform performer and sustains operating systems like Apple and Windows (XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10). Luckily it also works for smartphones (both Android and iOS included), thus making itself an all-time reliable resource. supports major International languages, to make the step by step process even easier. You will be required to install the ‘YouTube to Mp3 Boom’ converter package, in order to extract the audio directly from YouTube. You can even transfer the mp3 from YouTube, directly to iTunes and have it fed instantly into your iPhone.

freemake Top Sites to Convert Youtube to Mp3

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aTube Catcher

Performing in the same fascinating way as its name, the software catches up with any video on YouTube and converts them rapidly into Mp3 format. Even if it is not an online video converter, or dedicated entirely to YouTube, but its pre-defined skills to convert any video makes aTube Catcher worth a shot.

Feed it with any video, whether it ranges from the most common formats like AVI, FLV, MOV, WMG, MPG, MP4, or unique ones like the PSP format for supporting Sony’s handheld gaming consoles; aTube Catcher  will always get things settled for you. Its installation process is as intuitive as downloading a document reader and meets every video conversion request once it begins to run.

You will find the user interface to be based on a simplistic Windows-8 like appearance and presents the available options in discrete grids. Drag and drop any video file that you wish to convert, right-click, and then push start to get going. It may not be the beauty pageant in a race with other YouTube to Mp3 converters, but aTube Catcher will serve you as a multidimensional kit for handling all video conversion queries through a single drop down menu.

It operates as a small web browser that enters the provided website, interprets the video content and downloads it in the previously followed location. This freeware application is dedicated to all individuals and students who wish to record screen for any private or commercial purpose and then export them in any other format. In case if you are about to convert numerous of these video formats, then you can even prioritize which ones are to be converted first, or the system will run along the queue from top to bottom.

atubecatcher Top Sites to Convert Youtube to Mp3

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