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The Tools You Need to Create and Deliver Great Content

Tools You Need to Create and Deliver Great Content

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When it comes to reaching out to potential customers for your business, you can never go wrong with great content. After all, people need to consume information before they finally decide to buy something from you. Spending more time and resources in crafting great content makes it easier for you to attract and convert interested buyers.

However, not all businesses are successful when it comes to producing content. Often, their success is dictated by picking the right tools for their content marketing campaigns. You wouldn’t want to put the time and money you spend on your campaign to waste, so here’s a list of the tools you need to make your brand stand out online:

Content Research Tools

The main challenge of content marketing is knowing what to write about. Considering that you are in a highly competitive industry, there’s a good chance that the content you plan on writing has already been written by someone else. Then again, it’s still important to produce something original that adds value to your audience. For this, you can check out apps like Buffer or Feedly.

Content Curation Tools

If you are not familiar with content curation, it’s high-time you include it in your promotional campaigns. This is because content curation allows you to share relevant blogs from authority sites. Not only does this help you attract the right audience, but it also positions you as a thought leader in your industry. You just have to pick content that generates a great deal of interest. You can use tools like Instapaper, Pinterest, and Headslinger to gather blogs and other materials from across the web and share these with your audience. Just be sure to write headlines and social media captions that infuse some aspects of your brand. 

Content Optimization Tools

Of course, you can’t always rely on existing content to drive brand awareness. It’s also important to create high-quality content. Your content assets should be optimized in a way that keeps your prospects glued. Well-written articles and newsletters can make a great impression, so use apps like Grammarly and The Hemingway App proofreading and improving the style and tone of your content. For SEO purposes, look no further than apps such as SEMRush and Yoast for making sure your content is highly visible to your target audience. 

Marketing Automation Tools

Your content marketing arsenal wouldn’t be complete without an automation platform that does the job of keeping prospects engaged until they become ready to convert. Opt for a platform that lets you create a sales funnel for automating your email send outs. There are several types of software that assist with this, but it helps to choose a platform that’s seamless and has all the right features to help your brand thrive online.

If you are out looking for the right tools for your content marketing campaign, you already have a shopping list of the best platforms for helping your brand succeed.

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