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Tactic Drone Review 2024: Does It Really Have 4K Camera?


People love making videos and taking pictures with the help of drones, and it is the biggest trend these days.

There are a hundred brands of Drones present in the market, and all of them have their own specs, but there are certain things that definitely matter.

Often Drone cameras don’t have a good battery life, are tough to access, and in the end, we get a compromised outcome.

But with the Tactic Drone, all things meet at the mark, Let’s review it.

Tactic Drone Review

But what if the drone’s quality isn’t that good? It feels really disappointing right?

The Tactic Drone has a surprisingly great quality outcome and great camera specs.

Also, the best part is, there’s no need to have a ‘remote’ to access it, one can do it with the help of its mobile app. Since the first drone came into the market, many things have changed from its shape to size. Surely this drone fulfills all the latest requirements and has many amazing things.

🔥 What Is Tactic Drone? Complete Review

Tactic Air Drone

The drone stands out from all the other ones present in the market, thank to its features such as the mobile app and battery life.

A product of the Hyper Sls Ltd., this is the latest model drone and a superior quality device. It is equipped with some special features that bring out great results in both pictures & videos and is very easy to use.

The drone can also be controlled with hand gestures and the drone is very easy to carry anywhere as it has a smart foldable design. The Tactic Drone is equipped with dual cameras that can be used together or one at a time.

Keeping note of the smart features, it is integrated with upper and lower 4K HD cameras which work with the ‘advanced photography’ mobile application.

Let’s take a look at the features now:

💥 Features of Tactic Drone

Tactic Drone Features

Here are a few amazing features of the Tactic Drone, check it out:

1. 4K UHD Resolution

The 4K HD Resolution allows a person to shoot videos and pictures at a very high quality. Also, it shoots in 30 frames per second, leaving no possibility of a disrupted quality or poor outcome.

All drones feature good cameras, but that doesn’t essentially mean that they’d be able to fulfill all criteria. With this camera, the quality of the outcome is really high and pretty amazing. Also, with 9 million pixels, the camera can click anything in HD quality.

2. Built-in Sensors

With the sensor, the camera stabilizes when the drone is in the air. This allows clear images and videos in any circumstance.

These sensors also prevent the drone from collisions, which can damage the drone. Even if the weather is windy, this drone provides a hundred percent accurate images and video recordings. Often drones don’t have the capability to tackle any weather, but this drone does it well.

3. Long Battery Life

The long battery life lets the drone stay in the air for at least 20 minutes during each flight. The battery is the second most concern after camera, and the Tactic Drone takes care of both, efficiently and effectively.

The average time for most drones is around 10-12 minutes in the air, but this drone promises better longevity and almost double time in the air. Also, if the battery is exhausted, it can be replaced with another one until the first one gets charged as the model comes with two sets of batteries.

4. Intelligent Drone Gesture Control

This feature allows the launch and control of the drone with proper ease and comfort and the gesture control also lets a person launch & operate it with the utmost ease.

For example, when the drone is in the air and a person shows the peace sign, then the drone will automatically click a picture. This is a really cool function that not many drones have.

5. Trajectory Flight

One of the most unique features of this drone, it enables a user to program a pre-determined flight path by simply making a drawing on the phone screen.

The Tactic Drone will follow the given path and will make an estimated video recording. This is something that is not present in any drone and this is what makes it different.

6. Dual Wide Angle Cameras

It lets a person use both together or one at a time and take a 360-degree view. With two 4K resolution cameras, there’s no way that the image quality cannot be good. Also, if one isn’t delivering the right output, then the second one together can control everything with the utmost ease.

7. ‘Follow Me’ Mode

A really creative feature, when a person activates the ‘Smart Follow Me Mode’, the drone follows the subject meant to be photographed. This groundbreaking feature allows a person to take video selfies and helps in pre-setting focus on any moving object.

If someone is going for cycling, hiking, or running, then this feature lets them take pictures and videos really well. It is the coolest feature of this drone camera.

💛 Review Of Tactic Drone Price

Earlier being sold at $198.00, this product is currently at 50 percent off. At 99 dollars, what a person gets is truly amazing and the pricing is absolutely amazing.

If someone wants to buy a few drones together, then there are even better prices for the same. Check out the price quotations below:

  • 1 Tactic Drone: $99.00
  • 2 Tactic Drones: $159.00
  • 3 Tactic Drones: $197.00
  • 4 Tactic Drones: $249.00
  • 5 Tactic Drones: $297.00

❣️ Specifications of Tactic Drone

Tactic Drone Specifications
  • Adjustable 4K Camera:

An Adjustable 4K Camera that lets a person make some amazing photos and videos from a wide-angle. These cameras can record from 720p, 1080p, or 4K resolution, it depends on the surroundings and quality.

  • Gesture Photograph Feature:

The gesture helps in automatically taking photos and videos if a person makes a Victory sign or Palm hand gesture in front of the aircraft. With these descriptions, one can take photographs with just a movement.

  • Charging time and Flight time:

The Drone can stay in the air for around 18-20 minutes and can cover a lot of things in that duration. A battery needs to be charged for around 150 minutes and can be run for a 20-minute cycle. A 3.7V 300mAh Lithium-Ion Battery, it lets the drone fly for a good amount of time.

  • MV Editing:

This function lets a person enhance and beautify videos or photos before sharing them with anyone or any work-related tasks. This function is present in the mobile application for the drone.

  • Mobile Application:

Apart from the remote control, this drone works with an application for the same. In addition to that, it can also help a person use the features or handle the camera without the need of having the remote handy all the time.

  • Image following and remote control distance:

The image following distance is around 1 to 5 meters, and the Drone can fly at a distance of 100 meters height with the help of the remote control. Also, the altitude level can be set before flying it with the help of the in-built barometer.

  • Dimensions:

The dimensions of the mini-aircraft when unfolded are 136 x 85 x 60 mm, and the dimensions of the drone unfolded are 270 x 260 x 60 mm. This makes it very easy to carry and comfortable at the same time.

  • Light-weight design:

The drone is made in a way that a person can easily carry it anytime and anywhere they want to. It is specifically lightweight for the ease and comfort of the users.

🤗 Pros and Cons Of Tactic Drone

Before buying the product, check out its Pros and Cons:


  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to carry and transport.
  • Great Aerial Photography.
  • Amazing Mobile Application.
  • Affordable Price.
  • Great flight time.
  • Free Delivery.
  • Long Battery Life.


  • It can only be bought from the website.

✌️ Pros

  • Easy to use:

The Tactic Drone is very easy to use. It puts Aerial Photography in anyone’s hands and makes it a worthwhile experience as well.

  • Easy to carry and transport:

With its lightweight design and foldable feature, it makes carrying it around very easy and comfortable for anyone. Not all drones are easy to carry, but this one is very compact and carryable.

  • Great Aerial Photography:

It promotes aerial photography as a very easy task to do and provides qualitative content with 4K resolution and wide-angle cameras.

  • Amazing mobile application:

With its mobile application, it is very easy to operate the drone and its features, without any hassle. Also, the application is not present in any other drone, which makes this one really special.Affordable Price:

Getting a drone for almost 100 bucks is great, and if the person wants to buy multiple drones together, then the prices can’t be better than this.

  • Great Flight Time:

Unlike other drones that can stay in the air for barely 10 to 12 minutes, this drone can stay in the air for around 2o minutes, double any other’s time.

  • Free delivery:

At times delivery prices cost very high and basically spoil the entire discount, but the Tactic Drone is delivered at the home without any extra costs.

  • Long battery life:

It charges for around 150 minutes and can help the drone stay in the air for around 20 minutes. This is something that no drone can ever facilitate.

🤞 Cons:

  • It can only be bought from the website:

The drone can only be bought from the website, no other e-commerce platform has it. Even if it is there anywhere else, chances are the product isn’t genuine and won’t be good to use.

Once ordered from the website, it generally takes time to deliver, and that’s the reason why this becomes a big disadvantage.

😇 Customer Reviews For Tactic Drone

Tactic Air Drone Testimonial Proof

Testimonials claim that in a market of ever-building drones, this one shines out like ap to. At this price, it is impossible to get such an amazing drone with jam-packed features and proper functioning. It makes it really easy for people to operate and provides great outcomes.

Certain testimonials also claim that this product has helped them perform aerial photography and is very easy to carry anywhere.

A tech reviewer claims after using that the drone has a cutting edge tech that can fulfill anyone’s expectations. Overall, this drone is very amazing based on the testimonials.

👊 Final Say On Tactic Drone Review

Tactic Drone

Various people require drones for aerial photography and videography but are often left unsatisfied with the short battery time.

But with this drone, the battery life helps it stay in the air for a long time. Also, the drone provides really high qualitative outcomes and guarantees smooth results.

If someone wants to invest in a drone, then spending a small amount of $99 on this one makes it money spent worthwhile.

It’ll stay by your side for a long time and will work really well, without any doubt. Overall, this product is a total worth and one but definitely go for it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

🤔 Is the Tactic Drone easy to use?

Yes, the tactic drone is really easy to use, and to make it even easier, it has a mobile application to help.

👍 Can a person take selfies with Tactic Drone?

Yes, with the Tactic Drone, a person can easily take selfies anytime with just a waving hand gesture and no buttons. There is also a follow-me mode which follows ap person to click pictures.”

😇 Is Tactic Drone easy to carry?

Yes, with its folding advantage, the drone can be carried anywhere and is very lightweight as well.

🔅 Is Tactic Drone Value for money?

Firstly, getting a drone at 99 dollars is a really great deal. Secondly, getting a drone with such amazing features is a bonanza! This drone is a total value for money and a great investment for anyone.

⚡️ Can the Tactic Drone be used for professional phtography?

Yes, the Tactic Drone has a 4K resolution and dual wide-angle cameras, bringing out really clear outcomes. Therefore, it can be easily used for professional photography.

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