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Top 10 Stock Market websites To help You Invest

Investing in the stock market is no child’s play; as it requires a lot of understanding of the market and a good preparation about where and how much you are willing to invest. It is always a best choice to rely on tools, which can help you vividly on the matters of stock market investment.

There are numerous tools/websites available today to help you know the correct timing and place for investment, so you do not lose your hard earned money while investing in stocks. These tools help you to compare and analyze different stocks; which makes it even easier for you to choose the ‘right’ stock to invest in.

For amateurs, who don’t want to risk any actual money without knowing the tricks of the trade, there are several virtual stock market games with real time data, which let you play with dummy money and hone your stock market instincts in the process.

Stock Market website Yahoo finance

Let us have a look at 10 popular websites that can help you to invest in the stock market:

  1. Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance is a website that offers multiple services for those interested in stock trading. Besides being a destination news updates and changes in the stock market and different sectors, it also provides stock tracking and portfolio management tools. It has a section for personal finance management as well.

  1. Investopedia

This website is more appropriate for people who are new to the world of investment. Investopedia, as the name suggests, is the encyclopedia of investment world and give users a detailed insight about terminology & tips related to investing in stock market. You can search for terms, have a go at their stock simulator, compare different stocks etc. There is also a section called as “Financial Edge” in which a user can have a look at the fundamental principles of finance and marketing.

  1. NSE India

Operated by the National Stock Exchange of India, this website is best used for observing the NSE stock charts. It provides multiple tools for live monitoring and live analysis of the market. It is a simple website with limited functionality, but solving the basic need of tracking the market.

  1. Google Finance

This offers features like Market tracking, news, portfolio management, stock screeners and also sector specific domestic trends. Additionally it offers tools for creating and analysing charts.

  1. TradersCockpit

Besides providing the stock monitoring tools like screeners, charts, mobile alerts etc. this website also allows the traders to create and backtest new strategies. The traders can save their strategies, or even select those already created by experts. For advance level experienced traders it provides a number of tools for technical analysis, and for the beginners it has a training module.

  1. Moneycontrol Terminal

It has live TV feeds, key market info, news updates, a stock snapshot and allows the user to create a personalised dashboard for market tracking. The dashboard further lets the user add more widgets around Technical stats, commodity stats, research reports (across stocks, mutual funds, commodity, currencies, sectors), options statistics etc.

  1. MoneyBhai

It is also a free sign up website and that helps users to learn the tricks of the trade with zero risk involved. Using fake money beginners can play the stock market game and learn the best way to increase your returns. Also, to keep things interesting, a scoreboard of sorts is always visible on this website, which keeps a track of the leaders in this game. Visit this website to enhance your investment skills.

  1. Investor Guide

This tool helps users decide an optimal strategy and style for investment and also provides a list of companies for the users to do their research on. The website collects all the investment information of almost all companies and stores them under proper headers to make it easy for the users to go about with their research. The information and links to all the other investment websites is under one hood at Investor Guide.

  1. eToro

eToro is a social trading website that allows its users to watch the financial trading activity of other users and learn from them. The advance users upload their trades and strategies on the website and the other users can then set their accounts to follow these traders, which leads to the duplication of each trade made by the people they are following. It is a social network for the trading community.

  1. Seeking Alpha

Seeking Alpha is an informational website for traders. One can find anything and everything here, which is related to stocks and market and investment. The content on this site is crowd sourced, it is written by industry experts and experienced investors. Anyone looking for relevant content about trading and the market from those who have been in the field for long, this could be a good choice.

So from charts, simulations, comparisons & research data, you can almost everything pretty easily using above tools, which will allow you to have the best optimal return on your investment. Though no historical data can predict future trends but these platforms will surely help you to make the correct and informed decision for your money making objectives.

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