7 Tips and Tricks for People Doing Social Media for their Business

You have heard about the significant power of social media in today’s marketing domain, and if you are not leveraging it, you are losing out a lot. Social media does among other things, improve your ranking, amplify your brand awareness, and foster customer loyalty among other perks.


The nagging question is how to make it work when the competition on these platforms is utterly head spinning. From one end, succeeding in social media campaign requires commitment, consistency and patience.

Today, social media users are in the billions. Majority of them will at one point search for your brand-products and service, but you better know how to lead them to your business in the face of stiff competition on and ever evolving social media platforms.

Tips to Fast-Track Your Social Media Success

  • Have A Solid Plan

Like your core business, any social media effort needs a plan. It helps to have a strategy and a set of objectives. Don’t revolve around mere likes, get Facebook like count by focusing on the volume of expected/captured leads, conversions and referrals. When planning a strategy, it’s wise to include measurable, practical, relevant and timely goals.

If you have a presence of sorts on the social platform, it’s advisable to do stock taking. Evaluate the traffic connecting with you, the most preferred social platform where your target audience is, and how your social media prowess stacks up against your competitors. Auditing social media presence helps you to improve and make tweaks that complement you long-term goals.

Businesses that have made huge leaps via social media will tell you that it pays to test and tweak any social media marketing plan or strategy. It’s wise to keep polishing the strategy based on the performance metric compiled inside a given time frame.

  • Identify The Platform(S)That Fit Your Business

Social media platforms can drive up your business success faster than any traditional option. However, not every channel or platform is ideal for your venture. Some businesses will reap big with Facebook while others will gain quick traction on Twitter. Others like Instagram and Snapchat will appeal to specific demographics and user clusters. Always assess the social media platform that works for your venture. The cardinal rule is to focus on two platforms and let them do the walking.

  • Know Your Audience

Determining the traits of your target demographics is one way of finding the best social media platform to pick to appeal to your audience. These platforms have a distinct following based on aspects such as income brackets, tastes and preferred age, and user objectives. Find out where your buyers spend most of their time and boost your revenue and awareness.

  • Incorporate Videos, And Snappy Graphics

Using plain texts on posts will not appeal to you audience in a huge way. Enter videos and flashy graphics and your endeavour will pay off significantly. Marketers are now using product and service videos, since they appeal to consumers perfectly. A huge percentage of modern buyers make a purchase after viewing a video about a given service or product. Remember, the cardinal rule is to ensure that the video adds value, offers solutions, and is relevant to your brands offering.

  • Post Quality Instead Of Quantity

Marketers will diversify their brands on different social media platforms in an attempt to lure heavy traffic. But if you spread your brand on too many social media platforms, the quality of the posts is likely to be below par. As such, try concentrating on two platforms; this will make you to come off as an authority for your existing and prospective clients. If your audience see value in your Facebook posts, you will be rewarded as long as the content is about them-not you.

  • Leverage Social Media Marketing Tools

Whereas social media sounds like the magic bullet, it’s advisable to leverage the potential of social media marketing tools. You don’t have to run things the manual way. Invest in tools that help you manage your presence within leading platforms. Tools that enhance social media monitoring and social listening will automate the process, and you don’t have to worry about switching browsers.

  • Craft Compelling Calls-To-Action

In the world of social media marketing, calls to action are everything. Always post with a purpose and include a leading call to action. Don’t leave potential customer directionless. Your competitor is always lurking near and with an ambiguous post; your customers will likely get jacked. Don’t forget it’s important to monitor everything around your social media activity. If your audience feels engaged and appreciated, they not only end up as repeat customers, but they end up refereeing more customers your way.

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