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Why Smartphones Are Essential For Jobs


Technology has revolutionized the job market. Along with creating millions of jobs in social media, e-commerce, and development it has changed how we apply for, interview, and accept positions. Smartphones in particular have had a significant impact on the job search process, making it easier for people to find openings and apply with a click of a button. Here’s why a smartphone is an essential tool for today’s job seekers and how it can be used to land the career of your dreams.

Most Job Applications Are Submitted Digitally

Smartphones For Job

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Instead of mailing out resumes to companies, most people apply for jobs online. With just a few clicks, candidates can upload their resumes and create profiles on sites like LinkedIn or Indeed and then apply for jobs whenever they find them.

Considering dozens of people will apply to a job within a few hours, candidates don’t have time to wait until they’re home and comfortable to submit an application. This is where smartphone technology comes in. Today’s candidates can apply for jobs during their commute or on their lunch breaks with minimal effort, thus increasing their exposure and likelihood of getting a call.

Job Sites Send Alerts About New Positions

One of the main reasons why the job application process has become so immediate is because of text alerts and push notifications. Many job apps and websites will message potential candidates when a job related to their field is posted. This gives a heads up to anyone who has a smartphone; you can immediately log on to apply. Instead of spending hours each day looking for potential openings, let them come to you.

More Companies Are Conducting Video Interviews

Flying candidates across the country can be expensive and time-consuming, so more companies are utilizing video calls to move candidates through the first round of vetting. With a video call, a company can evaluate a candidate’s body language and manners in a way they might not be able to through a traditional phone call. If they pass this initial round of interviews, candidates should get a call to meet in person.

Interviewees need to make sure they exude professionalism throughout the call. They should set up their smartphones in a well-lit area that’s quiet and distraction-free. They might also want to invest in a stand to prop it up. By investing in a smartphone with a quality camera and strong audio system, the candidate ensures they will be heard and seen clearly by their future employer.

Social Media Helps the Research Process

Before going into an interview, smart job applicants will research the companies they’re applying to and the people who would be their future employers. Social media pages on LinkedIn, Facebook, and even Twitter provide insight into employers’ personal interests and professional background. This allows candidates to think of quality questions during the interview and play up the interests of the people they’re meeting with.

However, it’s important to remember that social media is a two-way street. What you can see about your future employer, they can see about you. This means candidates who clean up their social media presence and show respect and professionalism will have a higher chance of landing a position than someone with profanity-laced pages. Make sure you clean up your own social profiles before you judge others.

Smartphones Provide Visual Aids During Meetings

When a candidate gets invited to an interview, it’s becoming more common for them to bring their smartphones along to showcase their portfolios. They might have a chart queued up that highlights their experience, or show photos of a project they managed during their career. These visual aids provide proof that the candidate is qualified and telling the truth about what they know how to do.

Job seekers need to use all of the tools at their disposal to gain employment. The job market is more competitive than ever, which means the applicants who are most prepared digitally will have the greatest advantage when applying. With the right tools and know-how, you’re not likely to languish in the unemployment line for long.

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