5 Tips On How To Shop Online Safely In India

In today’s modern era, online shopping is the need of an hour. Almost every person who owns a smartphone or a computer love to shop online because it not only save their time but also enables them to get a variety of products at the best possible price that they might not get in retail shops.

In a developing country like India, the trend of online shopping is increasing day by day because people find it easier to get the product delivered at your doorstep and they are not required to go anywhere outside their home to look for a product that they want to purchase.

Online shopping in India

Currently, everyone considers online shopping is the best method to buy the products in a real time over the Internet without any sort of inconvenience and this is the reason why online show over the years. Not only this, e-shopping attracts people because it also offers several kind of discounts on special occasions, events etc.

In brief, it can be said that online shopping has completely revolutionized the business world by making everything available at the doorstep of the consumer and user get good deal and buy best product in cheap price as compare to city markets there are also promo codes or discount codes to get more discounts specially for new users like flipkart coupons code for new user or many companies uses these types of strategies to increase sales.

As online shopping is become a popular shopping method or trend, despite of having so many advantages of it, there are certain shortcomings also and while buying products online or over Internet, one should be very careful about it and make the best efforts to be completely safe and secure from these demerits.

Let us now take a look on some of the tips on how to shop online safely in India as it will help you a lot while you are purchasing any product online, so just put a glance:

1) Every time when you are about to buy any product or service online, you should pay due attention over the familiarity of the site concerned. You should use familiar websites which is trusted by millions of people as by doing so chances are less that you will be cheated because if the website is not safe and Secure, then no one can rely trust on it.

Sometimes it also happens that fraudulent companies use the name of top websites by using a different top level domain, you should also take care of that also because it is one of the oldest trick used by the fruedalent companies.

2) Try your best to use strong and uncrackable passwords. It is very handy and useful tips why you are shopping online because by doing so, you will get rid of those frauds who can crack your passwords by using your phone numbers, date of birth etc.

3) Never ever use public terminal to make purchases over internet as your accounts history and all private details will be shown here but if due to any issue, you need to use or log in the public terminal then make sure to log out after using it. However, this is quite common thing that you should know very well but still we discuss it because safety is very essential and these common things sometimes slip from our mind.

4) You should never give your personal details because the genuine company only require personal information that’s necessary to complete the purchase and the information includes your address, your name, phone number etc not more than that like password and other private data of your card number etc. So if anyone can ask for other information such as your pan card, bank account numbers and more then you should avoid giving all such details because it can cause harm to you.

5) Before purchasing any commodity Online, you should look for secure sockets layer ie.. SSL and if it is not installed then you should never ever buy anything online by using your credit card from that site because it might cause serious damage to you. In order to know if the site has SSL because the URL for the site will start with https instead of just http. Generally i the icon of a locked Padlock will appear in the status bar at the bottom of your web browser and if it is not located there then you will find it right next to the URL in the address bar. The location sometimes differ due to the browser you use.

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