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10 Secret Facebook Tricks You May not Know


Facebook is the largest social network in the world. Everybody you know uses it to do a lot of things. You can share news and important updates with friends and family. You can upload pictures and videos and share what you want with people living across miles from you. Moreover, you can also engage in fun activities like liking pages and reading posts and links shared in your network.

secret facebook tricks

That is why it is huge source of engagement in the modern world. But there is always something more than what meets the eye. There are some more cool things which you can do with facebook which you might not know.

Here are 10 Secret Facebook Tricks you may not know

1. Update Facebook Status with SMS

update facebook status by SMS

Sometimes it may so happen that you want to update your status from your office or someplace which has jammed facebook. Don’t worry. Just do these things beforehand and you can update your status using your email account.

  • Login to facebook
  • Go to account settings
  • Click on the mobile tab from the left sidebar.
  • You will see a phone number that will be used to update Facebook status
  • Make sure the number is yours
  • Activate text updating

Now you can just send a text to Facebook.  subject as the status that you want to post. The post will be updated as a status on your facebook profile.

2.Hide online Status from select contacts

 hide online status

Facebook always segregates your chat list of friends so that you have the option of controlling your online privacy. You can show an online status to the friends you want. Using facebook chat settings you can set which contacts should not see that you are online. It is fairly simple and does not require detailed explanation.

3. Get Facebook chat on Desktop

 facebook messanger

Want instant access to facebook chat as soon as you start your system. Well you can do that. Just download facebook messenger for windows which is a startup app.

Now you can enjoy chatting with your favourite people from your desktop. You can also check notifications, recent friend activity, friend requests and messages etc. from your app too!

4. Post your blogs directly on facebook


Are you a blogger and take the pain of posting your posts on facebook individually one at a time. Well, you should download Wordbook. It is a WordPress plugin which will allow you to post your blogs to your wall automatically.

Your Facebook boxes tab on the blog will show all recent posts.

5. Sync Facebook and Outlook Contacts’ Photos


This can be very helpful as it allows you to remember your contacts uniformly and you don’t have to hassle your mind looking for different profiles on Facebook and outlook.

Just download OutSync which is a free Windows application that syncs photos of your Facebook friends with matching contacts in MS outlook.

You can select the contacts you want to update or update all at once.

6. Get automatic status updates from your favourite pages

automatic page likes

You do not have to visit your favourite pages to see their updates anymore. Move the mouse over the page like button. A menu will appear. In that choose get notifications.

It is as simple as that.

7. Move files as big as 1 GB through facebook

pipe app

It is one of the coolest secret facebook tricks. It allows you to send files directly through facebook. You need to check out the pipe app by searching it on facebook.

8. Schedule your facebook messages


You can easily download the Sendible app which allows you to schedule or send specific messages at a specified time in the future to friends, family, colleagues. Now never miss a birthday wish!

9. Download Facebook Albums


You can download entire facebook albums to your system by downloading and using the FacePAD app. It allows you to download photo albums of yourself and your friends. You can also download event albums and group albums at the click of a button.

10. Download Facebook Videos

FVD dowlnloader

There is a Google chrome extension called FVD Downloader. It allows you to download any video from facebook just by a single click as shown in the image.

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