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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Will Feature 4K EDGE Display

2011 was the first year when Samsung started making its phablet series, the Galaxy Note. The popularity of the product was so high that it had to go through four more generations of the same device and the progress hasn’t seen a red light yet. However, 2015 is said to be one milestone for the Samsung Galaxy Note series with the release of the 5th generation note device. There might not be a significant change in look and feel, but there could be remarkable difference in performance and productivity – just like the way the Galaxy S series has changed.

Evolution over Time

Samsung Galaxy Note Series

Back in 2011, the Samsung Galaxy Note was 5.3 inches and was the first device to have a full-fledged digital pen, named the S pen. Over time the display got bigger, performance was better and the design took few facelifts. The Galaxy Note 5 is most likely to carry the trend forward with more powerful workhorse under the hood – everything would most likely get better without the look being changed.

The precision and function of the S pen has changed as well. Those who have used all the Samsung Galaxy Note devices over time certainly have noticed the difference. For advanced users, the battery life and memory space increase was two best evolutions that had taken place; so is the fast charging. The lesser one has to connect their smartphone to a charger, the more they can do over a day’s timespan.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Release Date

The Mobile World Congress events are known of showcasing the Samsung Galaxy S series, and MWC 2015 has already debuted the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. Now the next big tech conference is going to be held on September 2015, the IFA 2015 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 would take the stage by then like it had always done. By then the new iPhone should be out as well.

The IFA 2015 is scheduled to run between the timeline of 4th to 9th September of 2015.

Samasung Galaxy Note 5 2

Rumors Regarding the Specs

The display does surely attract many people toward the Samsung smartphones. No matter how much someone hates these flagships; even a hater would admit the display on every new Samsung flagship. A 4K display is what we are looking forward to, but thinking of practical advantages Samsung could also stick to its 2K/QHD displays for another year. Seriously, what good would a 4K display cause to a 5.7 inch smartphone display?

The processor would most probably be a Snapdragon 805 which is both quad core and capable of 64 bit processing. If there is a low priced Exynos variant, then the Exynos 7420 chip found in Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge could be the powerhouse for Galaxy Note 5 Exynos version.

The internal storage option would be around 128 GB or 256 GB, but sorry, no more external microSD card slot anymore. You can’t have both premium feel and practical features at the same time. Galaxy Note 5’s RAM would be 4 GB to support the increasing amount of hunger by the app processes.

Galaxy note 5

CTNtechnologynews has an interesting take on the device in this video


To reach into a conclusion regarding the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 5, we need some more time and few legit leaks from the authentic sources. With the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, you won’t ever run out of creative ideas and a medium to store, brainstorm and share them at ease – that we can say for sure.

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