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Role of Digital Parental Controls in Tracking Stolen Phones & Securing Teens’ Sensitive Data


Phone theft has become an issue which no longer can be brushed aside. It’s become a global problem and in Asia,US and pretty much everywhere; it’s getting too common. It’s quite probable that you or one of you friend has had a smartphone stolen.

If your teen complaints that his/her phone slipped off from the pocket on his way back home, there may be little you could do but worry and fret for the lost phone and sensitive data. But thanks to these digital parental controls,you can easily track lost phone and secure your teen’s personal info saved in it.

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An increasing problem in the US

Today the smartphones are the part and parcel of our everyday life and these devices are quite expensive with teens valuing these as their most-prized possession. The state-of-the-art iPhones, tablets, iPods, and the very cool Android smartphones; all are very attractive to teens but it can easily turn into a nightmare as they lose them. Criminals and robbers are targeting teens and pre teens because they are more careless in protecting their gadgets.

Let’s have a look at some stats regarding the smartphone theft in the US:

  • According to the Consumer reports, 1.6 Million smartphones were stolen in 2012.
  • Today’s smartphones are 30 times more valuable per ounce then a solid silver block.
  • 113 phones are stolen or lost every minute in US.

The smartphone loss and theft is becoming more and more of a serious issue. And our teens that are more reckless in dealing with their gadgets could experience any of such incidents and suffer financial loss and loss of their private information.

How can you defend?

Stop teens from leaving it lying around

Teens like to have their smartphones handy all the time. They hardly keep it in their pockets and purses. Holding the gadgets in the hands all the time is the biggest cause of forgetting it on a coffee table. Counsel and share how common this problem isand how loss of their devices could harm.

Download a GPS tracking app


Today, there are a lot of the apps which you could use to track the location of smartphones. It can keep you away from suffering any financial losses. Or if you are worried about their pictures, passwords and other personal stuff then go for some advanced parental controls like FamilyTime.

It can not only let you track the location of smartphone, in fact, you can remotely lock the phones with just a tap! From your FamilyTime dashboard, you can check the location and instantly put a screen lock to avoid any breach of info. You can download this app from Google play and iTunes or from here any time.

Possible remedies in the case of phone theft:

  • If in any case, your teen’s phone is stolen from the car or home, insurance may cover the theft but you still need to protect the info saved in it.
  • Lock the phone instantly to avoid the abuse of teen’s personal data.
  • Locate the phone with the FamilyTime virtual map and check where it has been over a period of time.

Avert the risk with a parental tracking app!


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It’s getting so usual to hear cases of phone theft and loss in US. As teens are getting careless with their protecting their smartphones, make sure if in any case they loss, you could instantly locate and secure their info. FamilyTime and other advanced GPS tracking apps are the handiest option to avoid this nightmare. You could give your best to protect them, do give these digital apps a try!






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