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Facebook Launches New Riff App: Make Collaborated Videos

Facebook has launched the new Riff App for its users. Now you can make collaborative videos with your friends in as much as 20 seconds! I believe it may in reply to Twitter Launching its video streaming app Periscope but none the less the cumulative profit is to the users.

Make videos with riff

The launch was announced by Josh Miller, the product manager at Facebook who also said that the riff app will allow friends to make short videos In just 20 seconds. You can then define the video by hash-tagging it to a single topic.

What’s cool is that your friends can view the video and add their own clips to it. The chain reaction starts, each of your friends can view and keep adding clips with the help of the riff app.


The speculation is that video collaborators will love this app and it can become an inventive project between a productive group of friends. There are added security features as well! If someone tries to destroy your chain by adding a not so good clip then you can report the clip( If you are the maker of the original clip). There is no option for commenting or liking the video. You cannot edit the video from your phones memory. The Riff app is available for both iOs and android platforms.

The riff app is a valuable addition to existing fun video apps like Vine, Periscope and Instagram Video. It can be a potent tool for companies and firms with already established user bases. The launch can be seen as a progressive attempt by Facebook in diversifying its Genre which has been which evident in recent times with the not-so-long-ago takeover of Whatsapp.

Here is video for you to know more:


Video Credits: CNET

What do you think about the app? Will you be using it? Do Comment.

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