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Review of Poptm – Pop-Under Advertising Ad Network


It is the Time to know about another kind of Ad Network and what kind of bloggers can benefit from it.

Here, I am talking about Poptm, a popular pop-under advertising ad network that is based in India. This ad-network helps both advertisers and publishers. Publishers can easily increase their revenue by 100%. Also, you get better output, as Poptm works only with the elite advertisers and places only optimum quality advertisements.

Poptm Increase your revenue by 30 with Poptm

Poptm works well with all kinds of websites as long as their content is legal and clean traffic is coming on their website. Thus, even an adult website can get the approval readily provided the above two conditions are met.

Advertisers also get to reach their targeted clients as the media provided by Poptm is highly advanced. This ad network is loaded with myriad features and characteristics, thus, it will not be wrong for me to say that it is a potentially powerful platform for both publishers and advertisers.

Poptm is a kind of network that guarantees to bypass of 90% adblocker extensions. Yes, I am not kidding. It is Correct!  Poptm is one of the best Pop-Under Ad Network that works perfectly for Publishers and Advertisers both simultaneously.

Let’s discuss the fantastic features this ad network possesses: 

Ad blockers Bypass

Usually, an Adblock blocks an ad with the domain of the ad network. With this, it creates a large database of the domains that are blacklisted. Thus, whenever a pop-up of the ad comes, the Ad Network can bypass it automatically. And the ad becomes an addition to the massive database of the Adblock plugin.

features of Poptm

Another popular way is to forbid the auto-play of the image load and flash animation on the windows.

This job is done by Poptm by utilizing the highly advanced technique of Rotating Code. In this, the ad code gets attached to the dummy sub-domains which are generated by the server of Poptm. Afterward, they are linked automatically to a file that is already encrypted and lies in their server. This enables the website to open with your domain name.

Poptm guarantees a profit of 99.9% by bypassing all sorts of Ad-Block plug-ins. The rotating script that is used is nothing but a PHP script which is encrypted and is included in the script that is used to interchange the dummy sub-domains. The server of Poptm generates these dummy subdomains so that your Ad Codes never get blocked by any Adblock.  You are free to work and maximize your profits.

Bid Minimum

The best feature of Poptm is that you decide how much you want to bid and with this you get the advantage to select the minimal bid.

All thanks to this kind of bidding system, you get the maximum rates that are possible for your investor, and you can share around 95% of your revenue with your publishers. If your visitors already have OS and Alexa toolbar on their browsers, then they get 10% extra.

Also, it is extremely easy to check the real time and zone based stats of the advertisement campaigns that you have initiated. Depending on the niche audience, you can even select the country where you want to publish your advertisements first to see the response of your niche clients. All the statistics that you see are updated in the real-time, thus enabling you to monitor your ad campaigns well.

Hassle free Refund and Payment

Ad Campaigns

The minimum amount of payout is only 10$ through PayPal. You can even opt for daily, weekly or monthly basis payment. Currently, only PayPal is the only medium of payment available, but very soon Wire Transfer and Paxum will be added too to benefit the customers.

Also, if at any time, you feel that your ads campaigns are not working the way you visualized, then you are welcomed to ask for a refund, and your unspent amount shall be refunded back to you in no time. They have a dedicated support service that is available 24* 7, so the refund is processed smoothly.

Also, with Poptm offering low cost for advertising, the traffic rates are also cheaper as compared to its counterparts. .001$ is the minimum cost per visitor, isn’t alluring? Apart from all these things, the minimum deposit asked for is only 10$, can anything else beat this? Thus, sign up now and reap the benefits.

Sharing of Revenue

Campaigns - Advertiser

By only adding Popups to your site, you can increase your income. You can share 95% of your revenue with Poptm.

You are only required to fill an easy form to complete the sign-up process. Also, the ad campaigns get approved within an hour or so. Also, this ad network offers the highest referral commission of 10% that is highest in the world.

To survive in this highly tech oriented world, you need this user-friendly ad network to maximize your earnings. Poptm is loaded with superior features as we have discussed above. Do experience this new ad-network to believe all of what is written here.

Summing up the Advantages toAdvertisers:

advertiser features

  • Get the number of your App Downloads Increased.
  • Only a minimum deposit 10$ is required
  • Ad Campaigns get approved quickly
  • Many advanced features to detect auto generated and fake traffic are used by the ad network
  • You can request for autopilot mode a dedicated account manager
  • You can opt for various targeting options to reach your niche like category, country, Alexa Toolbar and OS.

Summing up the advantages for Publishers:

  • Faster approval of domain
  • There is no requirement of minimum traffic
  • To increase the revenue by 50% and to bypass the Adblock Rotating Ad Codes are used
  • Statistics are updated in real time
  • Can increase the revenue share by 95%
  • Poptm WordPress Plugin to place your rotating ad code on all pages easily


Do not wait any longer! If you are a newbie or have an already established business or app, take it one step further by joining Poptm and promote it there. Even if as a publisher you wish to maximize your earnings, Poptm will help you in that too!

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