Why the Razer Blade Gaming Laptop is Better than its Competitors

If you are someone who spends hours crouched on a sofa, playing your favourite game, buying the perfect gaming laptop probably tops all your dreams.

Unfortunately, choosing a gaming laptop is a tricky business. One must carefully analyse various machines and their capabilities with respect to one’s needs. One must also make sure that the final selection matches the money in one’s bank account.

However, even those whose coin purses disallow them from buying it agree that the Razer Blade is currently the best gaming laptop available. It’s not the lightest, and many machines match its graphics hardware.

So, what makes the Razer blade such a rage? This article aims to answer an important question: why the Razer Blade gaming laptop is better than its competitors.

Let’s Discuss the Hardware First

The jet-black, anodized finish, aluminium case makes the Razer blade stand out in the sea of gaming laptops. For a gaming laptop, it looks quite understated. However, if black isn’t your colour, Razer has finally started offering the machine in new colours. The latest model of Razer blade features a 15.6-inch screen, a 20% increase in screen size as compared to the older model.

Unlike its competitors, which feature the web camera right under the display, Razer features a 720p camera on the top bezel. It may seem cumbersome, but at 4.5 pounds, the Razer Blade is much lighter than many of its competitors. Moreover, since it’s 17mm in thickness, it nicely sits inside most laptop bags.

The latest edition of Razer Blade features an 8th-gen six-core intel i7-8750H CPU in addition to the latest NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 2070 max-Q. It means you can now enjoy games at 95 frames per second. Moreover, the newest addition also supports 100% of the SRGB colour profile. All of these specifications make the Razer blade one of the most powerful gaming laptops currently available.

It Offers a Smooth Gaming Experience

The Blade features a 144Hz display, which makes gaming quite smooth. Moreover, the 144Hz screen is ideal for binge-watching your favourite shows and getting all your essential work done when not playing games. The 144Hz display adds polish to the gameplay, making the whole experience even more enjoyable.

Other than a thin vapor cooling chamber, the new Razer blade also features two fans to cool off the laptop. In comparison to its competitors, the Razer blade fans are relevantly quieter. The Razer blade also stands out in terms of its keyboard. The keyboard makes it easy to use the Razer blade for professional work when needed. The machine also features a trackpad that is far better than that found on any of its competitors.

In terms of battery life, Razer Blade again stands out solidly in comparison to its competitors. Once fully charged, the Razer blade easily lasts up to 5 hours and 30 minutes. Most gaming laptops have a battery life of 3 hours and 30 minutes when fully charged. The Blade also offers a fantastic sound system that makes gaming all the more fun.

If you choose to go with the Advanced Model, the company allows you to add powerful specifications and customize every key on the keyboard, a feature that no other gaming laptop currently offers. The company is able to do so through the use of the latest cloud-based Synapse 3.0 software. Other than the Windows 10 bloatware and some basic third-party editions, the Razer Blade mostly comes uncluttered.

If you are looking for a gaming laptop with its style aesthetics as strong as the MacBook, the Razer Blade is the right choice for you. You can check out their site here: https://www.razer.com/gaming-laptops.

The Final Word

The Razer Blade is far superior to its competitors not only because it’s the smallest gaming laptop currently available but also because it packs power and portability. You can carry your Razer Blade in your laptop bag wherever you go. This gaming laptop offers a fantastic gaming experience. Its unique design and matte finish make it look far superior to most of the other gaming laptops currently available in the market.

The chroma-lit keypad and touchpad further add to the beauty of this machine. With a 144 Hz display, this laptop allows users to do more than only play games. The company also offers a one-year limited warranty. All in all, there is no denying that the Razer Blade packs several features that make it the best gaming laptop currently available.

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