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Have you ever lost your sleep over a train ticket that is wait listed (not confirmed)? Have you ever found yourself checking the PNR Status of your IRCTC train ticket multiple times a day? For passengers of Indian Railways, it has become a second nature. The availability of train tickets available is always scarce and hence, almost 20 to 30% of the Indian Railway passengers end up booking an unconfirmed or wait listed ticket. A Super Intelligent App to check PNR Status

The wait list phenomenon is very peculiar to the Indian Railways and not seen anywhere else in the world with big or small railway network. It can be looked at in two ways. Sometimes, this proves to be a great convenience to be able to book your tickets for a tentative travel plan and be able to cancel them for a relatively small deduction or fee.

On the other hand, people who have a wait listed ticket but have an important journey to take, are left at the mercy of other passengers cancelling their tickets. This is often a wait and watch game which tries your patience and may leave you frustrated. People often count on their luck for getting the tickets confirmed but only get to know it at the last moment when the final chart is prepared.

Charting or chart preparation is the process of final allotments of seats taking into accounts cancellation of reserved tickets, tatkal booking allotments and any class upgrades. This often leads to frustration, spending more for alternate travel arrangement such as flights or cancelling the travel altogether. has identified this issue and attempted to somewhat solve the problem for the passengers.’s Android app has got some features particularly targeted towards addressing the PNR Status woes.

1) If you have a PNR with a waitlist status, you can check the confirmation probability of your PNR . In other words, what are the chances of you getting confirmed seats as of the final PNR status (after chart preparation). does this super intelligent analysis and predictions by looking at the similar records from the past and how they have performed.

Reading from the app reviews and other mentions about this features, it seems that they have been doing a very good job at predictions and many people have found them to be correct. The company claims to be making continuous improvements to their prediction algorithm but warns the passengers to only treat it as a ‘probability’ and not ‘guarantee’

2) The same information is also available when you check the seat availability. This really helps you to decide what train to place your bet on since you can instantly compare which has a better chance of having a confirmed ticket in the end.

3) The app also spares you of continuously checking your PNR status. Rather, the app monitors the PNR status for you and alerts you every time it detects a chance in the PNR status. This is a small but important convenience.

Our day to day decisions such as investing in a stock or a mutual fund is after all based on such statistical data. It’s not a crystal ball but this is a brilliant use of historical data that gives you very meaningful insight and some much needed peace of mind.

About RailYatri 

RailYatri android app is by far the most feature rich app for managing your train travel. Here you really find everything about your train travel under one roof, except for ticketing which we all know can only be done through IRCTC due to licensing reasons.

The app embraces some of the latest and greatest design fundamentals laid out of Android in it’s recent Lollipop version such as material design and card layout. This gives the app a new and modern look and also allows the user to get additional and related information than what he just asked for such as near by stations, alerts, directions, maps etc.

First look at the app and you can tell that is is not the run of the mill train app with a bunch of menu icons. While the menu is nicely tucked in the slide in left panel, the home screen has a set of cards that are related to your upcoming trips and your location which means that the home screen has different custom cards for every user which is pretty neat.

The other impressive thing about the app is the way it integrates and supplements additional helpful information with basic queries that the user may not have asked for specifically but is sure helpful. You’ll get a sense of this as I describe the features below.

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