Major Problems Faced by Professional Writers & Ways to Overcome

In this digital arena, there is a massive competition observed in every field. Similar is the case for the writing profession, which is flooded with a number of bloggers and content writers. Though it seems very easy to become a writer, the reality is entirely the opposite.

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Not only the beginners, but the professional writers also face too many difficulties while generating a compelling article. One of the misconceptions that many people have is that if they have a good hold on grammar, they can pursue writing as a career. However, in actual, you can’t become a writer if you don’t have a creative mind for producing original and high-quality content.

Hence, in this post, I’ll give you an insight into the major problems associated with the writing field and how you can overcome them.

Intense Competition

Due to the availability of the internet everywhere, facing intense competition has become common. The visitors will undoubtedly get the services from the ones selling at the lowest rates. Hence, it becomes quite hard for writers to become noticed by the users. But rather than a challenge, competition is more of a solution.

Creating unique content and not merely rehashing the ideas of the articles is the key to success. The high amount of competition is an opportunity for you to enhance your worth by offering more valuable content. Once you increase your worth, you will be able to earn more by charging more.


Plagiarism is a severe challenge that most of the writers usually deal with. As earlier cited, the internet is everywhere, and you can find thousands of contents on it.

So, the probability of getting your article matched with some other source is high.

If plagiarism is detected from your text, then you will need to edit it. You can use an article rewriter by to restructure your content in seconds until you see 100% originality, which may save you time.

Similarly, you can also drop an email to the person who has copied your content to remove the material or give you credits. In case they do not respond positively, then you can take legal action.

Lack of Time to Write

Some of the people are part-time writers and may not find enough time to create content due to studies or another job. Moreover, the ones having children, partner, or a full-time job may also not find enough time to create amazing stuff.

To overcome this problem, you can try to have an organized schedule and be disciplined. It will not help to get enough time to write, but you will be able to complete your all tasks quite quickly.

Writer’s Block

Writer’s block can occur to anyone anytime. This refers to the situation when you find it hard to write. During this phase, a writer may find it difficult to write on a specific topic, or he might be blanked entirely.

The best thing to do in this condition is to take rest for a few days and then restart. If you are still unable to write, then you can turn to a different track. Read different information and prevent over-stressing yourself.

Forgetting Splendid Ideas

Sometimes when you are out with your family/friends or are traveling to your college or job, a brilliant idea for writing might pop up in your mind. However, by the time you start writing, you may forget everything, and your mind can turn blank.

To solve this problem, I recommend that the moment you get the idea you must write it somewhere. You may keep a notebook and pen or insert it in the notes of your mobile phones.

Getting Distracted on the Internet

When you start writing on your laptop, you usually check your social media accounts and emails before starting work. Then you slowly start opening up the links, which lead to further wastage of time. To resolve this problem, instead of logging into your accounts, first complete your job. Do not touch your phone while writing as you can get distracted without even knowing.

Editing While Writing

This problem primarily occurs with the ones who write content in bulk. You might desire to go back to the content you wrote on the previous day and keep editing it until it gets perfect. However, do not forget that your content can never become perfect, as you can always think of new things to insert and delete.

For this, try to develop a habit of first completing the work of the new day and then move to check the old work. This will prevent you from wasting time while performing the assigned task for the day.


These are just a few problems that a writer might face in this competitive market. Honestly, the number of problems that can occur in a writer’s life are countless. Hence, in order to resolve such queries, you must try to keep your mind cool and look for a solution.

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