Are Private Plates Overrated?


We also know them as vanity plates, but are they really worth all the hype?

Well, there are supporters on both sides of the debate, so we decided to compare pros and cons and draw our own conclusion.

Why do People Buy Personalised plates?

For the comparison to be fair, we first must learn why people like to buy them, even though some are quite expensive. It seems that the main reason behind each purchase is not vanity, but a desire to stand out from the crowd.

If you take a look at our daily traffic landscape, things are quite boring. We are used to super-cars and nothing can take us by surprise, regardless how elegant or futuristic. However, a cleverly designed plate can inspire admiration and has the possibility to put a smile on people’s faces.

Another reason that stands behind this decision is advertising. Because private plates are easy to spot in the crowd, you can use them to promote a personal brand or a business. Cool plates like JU5T WED or MAG1C will create a strong impression in people’s minds and they will remember you.

A cool plate also stands for a great gift, something you know the owner will appreciate and wouldn’t get it from anyone else. In this situation, the most sought-after plates are the ones that spell names or personal preferences.

Finally, we get to the vanity – yes, it’s one of the reasons people like to buy these plates. After all, if you’re rich but not so famous wouldn’t you like everyone to know who you are? Celebrities like Alan Sugar (AMS 1) and Vinnie Jones (100 VJ) made it into legend by purchasing some of the most expensive private plates on the market, and they are proud about this.

The Pros of Personalised Plates

Now that you know why, let’s see what good can come out of this behaviour.

First, the DVLA decided to allow people the freedom to buy vanity plates in order to raise more money for their budget. And boy, they did! With the personalised plates trend reaching new heights, the amount of funds that go to the DVLA each year has increased considerably.

They are fun to see in traffic and the owner gets a bit more attention from the world. So we can say that a personalised plate colours the life of both bystanders and the owner – it’s a nice exchange, overall.

Finally, this is a product that doesn’t spoil and maintains its market value. Of course, chances are that the market value will increase over time and you can make a nice profit from selling the plates you no longer want.

The Cons

In this category we have to include the naysayers, who don’t like seeing these plates in traffic. After all, the owner is paying more for a bit of recognition and half of the plates aren’t that funny. Well, to them, we just want to say that owning vanity plates doesn’t make you a bad person. It just shows you are funny and open to communication.

Some plates can be eye-watering expensive, yes, but you don’t have to go over your budget limit if you don’t want to. The expensive plates are usually auctioned by the DVLA and the highest bidder will get them, but this is a common thing in our world. Still, there are plenty of combinations left for the common folks that everyone can afford.

We already established that vanity plates are just an ego booster, but some seem to take offense in that. However, this is not the only ego booster out there, after all no one buys expensive sports cars for the generous seating! We all do it and if some people choose to share their ego with the world, we don’t see any harm in that.

A Few Final Words

Yes, they are more expensive than regular plates and we use them to show off (sometimes), but no, personalised plates are not overrated! They are actually a fun way to bring diversity into the boring morning or afternoon traffic and bring a world of opportunities to anyone crazy enough to give it a shot.   


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