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PPC Winner Review: Why it’s Worth To Buy For Amazon Ads?


PPC Winner

There are a thousand PPC tools in the market, but which one is good?

PPC Winner is an automated advertising tool that helps in creating new and potential campaigns.

It’s an all-in-one marketing tool that does almost everything at just a single click such as keyword research and bid Optimization. It’s a SaaS-based software that helps to create a high converting campaign by lowering the ACoS for Amazon advertisers.

PPC Winner Tool Review

It manages the entire ad process from creating a campaign to biding and it automates every task, which is required to be completed manually but this tool makes it automatic. PPC Winner tool has supported various sellers by creating sales-generating campaigns and has always been present for the users with 24*7 support.

All their strategies are very unique, and it smoothes up the entire PPC process in mere seconds. It truly helps in boosting an Amazon business to a greater extent. 

Let’s Check out more about the tool in this PPC Winner Review:

What is PPC Winner All About? 😕

PPC Winner is a machine learning tool that is built by Amazon Sellers, for Amazon Sellers for easy keyword research. They take care of every small thing and a user not need to worry about anything like manually deciding the bids PPC Winner will automatically review bid & it save our lot of time. They perform keyword research, build the PPC Campaigns, set up the bids accordingly, and do it all in a mere span of 24 hours.

PPC Winner Sales Proof

The platform is run by Industry-level experts with proven and technologically advanced tools. They have an award-winning team that is reliable and has a combined experience of years. It is an amalgamation of innovative technology & top experts along with proprietary machine learning sources. They provide accelerated growth and an all-in-one solution for all needs in Amazon advertisement.

Recommendation: If you’re a beginner then you must invest your time & money to learn how to sell on amazon, just check this amazing selling machine review, and after that when you are ready to become a seller you can buy this tool.

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PPC Winner tool has some great features and is also pretty affordable & it’s the first choice for many Amazon sellers who love having automatic working software by their side to increase the sales.

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PPC Winner

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It gives their best level to increase the conversion rate and lower the ACoS, which is the first choice for any advertiser on Amazon. The tool has some great features at a cheap price and provides the best results with dedicated working.

Features of PPC Winner ✨

PPC Winner Features

1. 60-Second Campaign Setup

There is a 60-second campaign setup that one needs to register on, and that’s it! It takes barely 60 seconds to set up the entire campaign with the appropriate bids and keywords. Just take out this amount of time from the schedule and set up multiple campaigns together. A person doesn’t even need to review the campaigns, the tool PPC Winner will manage everything on its own.

2. In-Depth Keyword Research

The tool provides an in-depth keyword research option, and it’ll also automatically scrape off the negative and low-working keywords. It fetches out the best search terms that have low competition and yet suffice the business requirements. Also, it updates with new and updated keywords in replacement of the low working and negative keywords.

3. Daily Optimization of Keywords & Bids

It optimizes the bids on a daily basis and automatically lower it or upgrades it whenever needed. It isn’t compulsory that a bid must be adjusted by the seller only, the tool can manage that on its own. Also, if there’s a need to change the keywords, it optimizes that too! This is a great thing since a seller not need to optimize anything on their own, saving a lot of time.

4. Budget Management

PPC Winner tool manages the budget and makes sure that it doesn’t increase bid too much no matter what happens. To maximize the campaign outcomes, it’ll manage campaign expenses and achieve the marketing goals based on the specific budget. It’ll achieve the target by reducing the budget on lesser profitable campaigns and increasing it on the top-performing campaigns.

5. Fully Automated Marketer

PPC Winner is designed in order to create, review & optimize the Amazon Advertising Campaigns. The full automated marketer works dedicatedly and makes sure that the user has to spend the least possible time. It automatically adjusts bids, campaigns & all other things and make sure that the campaigns are accurately optimized.

6. Machine Learning

They use a highly-advanced Machine Learning Algorithm that is designed especially for the users by the creative ad experts at PPC Winner. The algorithm works really well and provide quick and accurate outcome. This is a great thing since the user barely has to spend a single second on the tool.

7. Personalized Tips

Their interactive dashboard brings real-time meaning, with clarifications specifically tailored in order to make the PPC Campaigns even better. The tips are provided by their all-time experts and build up the best results out of the campaigns. They also intend to make the campaigns efficient and effective at affordable prices.

8. Multipurpose Platform

It reduces the ACoS, Increases the revenue, saves the ad money, time, and efforts in various ways. Lower ACoS and high conversion is every seller dream, and they make sure that they od it efficiently Also, they save a lot of time and effort that usually go in manually crafting the ad campaigns.

9. No Knowledge Needed

There’s absolutely no need for knowledge or some techy expertise, which is a great thing but any beginner can learn how PPC Winner works with the help of the online training that they provide. It won’t take much time to understand the concept or working and soon it’ll become the best thing for the business.

10. PPC Winner Method

PPC Winner Working

They just require three steps of working and everything will be tackled accordingly. These steps are:

Choose the product you want to promote.


Set your marketing goals and brand objectives.


They’ll make sure that the sellers sell more products and pay less on advertising.

11. ACoS Calculator

The tool has an ACoS calculator that works in order to identify the advertisement fee. It identifies everything that is required in the campaign’s cost and then identifies the total accurate cost. This is a great thing since it isn’t manageable to handle ACoS and calculate it manually.

PPC Winner Pricing Packages

ppcwinner pricing

1. Lite Package: $99/Month.

  • Up to 20 products per Month.

2. Premium Package: $249/Month.

  • Up to 100 products per Month.

Annual Package: Lite Annual: $899 for 12 Months

Pros & Cons

Here are some of the things we liked and some we didn’t.


  • Easy to use.
  • Customer Support present.
  • Works dedicatedly on everything.
  • Great features.
  • Affordable.
  • Free 14-day trial.


  • Very simple and basic.

Success Stories Of PPC Winner

PPC Winner Testimonials

There are several testimonials on the platform, and most of them claim how happy customers are with their software features. A testimonial from Vivian reads that as a beginner, it is very difficult to manage PPC Campaigns. He has earlier looked for various applications that would make his work easier and at the same time it’ll perform very well. He discovered PPC Winner and advertisement became very easy for him. The tool made new campaigns for his product that would perform way better than his own managed campaigns. He has succeeded through PPC Winer campaigns which reduced costs and increased sales of his product. He highly recommends this tool to every Amazon PPC advertiser.

PPC Winner Testimonial Proof

Another PPC Winner review from J. David, She writes that PPC Winner has beaten 3 Amazon Account Management Companies one by one. Results-wise, it helped her reach a lower-ACoS and made her more profitable. It also made her smarter in comparison to her competitors with constant SEO tips. They upgraded her entire organic performance and at the customer-care level, they kept her informed and helped her with a few questions that she had in an efficient and detailed manner. She loved the tool because it helped her achieve good conversions.

Why PPC Winner is a Best Tool?

Managing Amazon Pay Per Click advertisement is very tough, and getting fruitful results isn’t easy for all, For that PPC Winner proves out to be one of the best tool for PPC ads in the market. They do complete keyword optimization that provides good results from the competitive keywords. PPC Winner review the bid of competitor keywords & adjust it accordingly to rank higher & lower the cost, that’s how it help to get a higher ranking of our product on Amazon.

On the other hand, the PPC Winner also has a 14-day trial, so that if someone isn’t sure, it makes their mind opting for this trial. The best part is that it is super affordable so that if someone wants to spend a low amount on the membership, this SaaS-based product will help them to do so.

Final Verdict Of PPC Winner

Amidst so many products, all promising the same thing, it is tough to analyze which one is the best tool in the market. But if someone wants a basic solution for PPC Campaigns, then this might be the best tool for them. They have some great features and it is very easy to use, the tool also provides online training to learn about it.

Before trying any other tool, check out this tool and testimonials, they are working with several successful sellers who love every feature of it. In the end, what matters the most is the conversion rate, and it checks that you are getting a good conversion rate from a tool created ad campaign. It manages multiple campaigns in a single go & it’s a super worthy tool, you must buy it for running PPC ads on Amazon.


Is PPC Winner a good choice?

Yes, it is one of the best tools you'd come across in the market. The platform is super affordable and provides great results for each campaign.

How long does it take to setup the campaigns?

It takes as little as 60 seconds to adjust a campaign. Unlike other tools, they truly make sure that the user faces no issue and provides fast facilities.

Is the tool any good for beginners?

It is the best and the most ideal tool for beginners, on fact, they would find the best guide. They also provide online training for the beginners and guide them through each step.

How does PPC Winner work?

PPC Winner works on a specific Machine Learning Algorithm. This makes the outcomes genuine and accurate at the same time. It also makes the entire process quicker, which is even better.

What is the keyword quality of PPC Winner?

They perform detailed keyword research which brings out the best and the most feasible results. Those keywords are a hundred percent genuine and work really well.

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