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PPC Scope Review: Secret Behind 5-Fig Revenue [100% Working]


PPC Scope tool help in generating efficient profits via appropriate PPC advertisements. It is accumulated by a bunch of industry experts and all the strategies are inclusive of what they have experienced in their career.

PPC Scope works on several things such as PPC Marketing and keyword optimization so that these manual tasks can be eliminated from sellers advertising routine. PPC campaigns hold a lot of importance in every Amazon business, and such software is very crucial for both FBA and Merchant Fulfilled Sellers.

PPC Scope is jampacked with features and has some amazing features for Amazon sellers, their PPC Campaigns help in generating product rankings and also work very hard to optimize the keywords in the best possible manner. Right product research & best keyword research can generate a good number of sales

PPC Scope Review: Detailed Guide

PPC Scope Review

Anyone new to Amazon PPC will be confused about where to start as Amazon still lacks some tech support for advertisers, and tools like PPC Scope work really well in this case. The founder, Brian Johnson is himself an Industrial Expert and this platform includes every feature that he has experimented with in his career.

If someone wants to begin with Amazon PPC, then it is the best tool that helps to run amazon advertisement campaigns, boost product reviews, and improve the page conversion rate. The tool also has some tutorials that make it easy for a user to understand how the entire thing works. Once you would start using the product, then it’ll become very easy to track down everything.

PPC Scope gives a seller a way to look out the profit margins, and it is a great way to know the ad spend to sales ratio, alongside the Rate of Interest. It can increase the success of the sales funnels and using Amazon Ads efficiently.

Features of PPC Scope

PPC Scope Features1. Pinpoints The Best & Worst Keywords Present

The tool, first of all, works to find out the best and worst-performing keywords for the product without the right keywords, it is impossible to boost the product’s sales and rankings. It identifies each & every keyword on its own and then it shares the best keyword for user with the best possible options.

2. Finds Keywords Based on Sales Volume

PPC Scope review the best converting keywords based on the most searched ones and prefers that those are less competitive yet suffice. The tool finds out the terms that buyers usually use those words to find such products. This gives a user market intelligence that is required to optimize the listings for the target audience.

3.  Holistic Overview

It gives an instant and holistic overview of how the campaigns are performing on the selling platform. PPC Scope sees where the ads are helping the user make money and the best part is that it also analyses where they’re losing the money.

4. Saves a Lot of Time

The tool requires just a few minutes for the work throughout the week. When a person goes on to manually optimizing the campaigns, it usually takes hours every day and as a result, the user can’t focus on anything else.

5. Brian Johnson’s guide

Brian Johnson himself provides the best guidance for optimizing the PPC Campaigns for a product. If a seller just focusses on Brian’s guide, then there’s nothing they need to do apart from that. Brian provides his pre-recorded strategies alongside live Q&A Webinars.

6. Increases bids on the Low Impression

Whenever the platform witnesses a low impression & high CTR of keywords, then it automatically increases the bids for those advertisements. It takes care of every such thing on its own and gives its level best to provide the best to the users.

PPC Scope Optimizing Ads7. Lowers ACoS for every advertiser

For every advertiser, one thing that matters the most is the Advertisement cost. No one wants it to be high and always give their best to stay in the budget. PPC Scope lowers the cost from 80 above percentile to as low as 20 percent.

8. Focusses more on Negative Exact Matching

The tool gives all it has to find out the best alternative for a negative keyword which are zero converting. After scraping out the worst keywords, it automatically finds the updated and top-class keywords for its users.

9. Eight Steps to Profits

The tool tells the user how to make profit with the help of simple 8 steps. If a user follows these steps, there is no way they’ll incur losses from these Amazon PPC Campaigns. This is a great thing since it provides everything in advance already.

10. Tutorials

If there’s any doubt about how to use then you can review the tutorials present on the platform that help in understanding how the PPC Scope works. These tutorials are divided on the basis of Getting Started, PPC Basic Concepts, Optimization Steps, Tools that’ll help in improving, and Frequently Asked Questions.

PPC Scope Pricing Packages

The platform has four packages that range from new sellers to huge sellers present on the platform. The tool is super affordable to witness. Check out its pricing packages below:

PPC Scope Pricing Packages

1. Mini (For New Sellers) – $19.99/Month:

  • 1 Amazon Marketplace.
  • 3 Products (SKU’s)
  • 500 Keywords.
  • PPC Tips from Brian Johnson.
  • Friendly email support team.

2. Small (For Growing Sellers) – $44.99/Month:

  • 3 Amazon Marketplaces.
  • 10 Products (SKU’s).
  • 8,000 Keywords.
  • PPC Tips from Brian Johnson.
  • Friendly email support team.

3. Medium (For International Sellers) – $64.99/Month:

  • 7 Amazon Marketplaces.
  • 100 Products (SKU’s).
  • 12,000 Keywords.
  • PPC Tips from Brian Johnson.
  • Friendly email support team.

4. Large (For Big Sellers) – $84.99/Month:

  • 7 Amazon Marketplaces.
  • 1,000 Products (SKU’s).
  • 20,000 Keywords.
  • PPC Tips from Brian Johnson.
  • Friendly email support team.

Pros & Cons Of PPC Scope

Check out the pros and cons before you finally go for buying it:

The Good

  • Easy to use.
  • Great pricing packages.
  • Works well on bidding and optimizing.
  • Keyword research present.
  • 8 steps towards profitable ads.
  • Free 21-day trial.

The Bad

  • Mainly ideal for beginners and growth stage sellers.

8 Best Things About PPC Scope

PPC Scope Free Tips by Brian

  • Easy to use:

The tool is very easy to use and has simple features to find the best keywords. Anyone from beginners to advanced can operate it without any issue.

  • Great Pricing Packages:

The tool is divided into four packages based on the scale of the seller. The packages range from mini plan to large plan.

  • Works well on Bidding & Optimizing:

PPC Scope tool review & optimizes the campaign and set the bid on its own whenever there is any requirement. A user doesn’t need to worry about anything.

  • Keyword Research Present:

The tool searches the best keywords for the user and it also finds out the best alternatives for those keywords that are of no use or zero converting.

  • 8 Steps Towards Profitable Ads:

The tool just requires a person to follow 8 steps for success in Amazon PPC Campaigns. Once a person follows it there’s no turning back and the ads will bring a good conversion rate.

  • Free 21-day Trial:

There is a free 21 day trial for those who are unsure about how the tool works. Once satisfied, they can choose the pack of their choice.

  • Mainly ideal for Beginners & Growth Stage Sellers:

The tool yet lacks some features for big sized sellers, hence it’s beneficial for mainly beginners and growth stage people since its adequate for them.

PPC Scope Testimonials

PPC Scope Testimonials

There are various testimonials present on the platform, and some of them claim that tool is really helpful. Owen Franklin says it has helped him a lot in saving time while he was doing campaign improvements. It also digs out the worst performing keywords for his campaigns. He highly recommends it to every user and claims it’ll provide the results in the first try itself.

PPC Scope Clients

Next, there is a review from Rusty Hubbard, who says the PPC Scope is by far the best in the market. He says the prices are amazing and way better than other software in the market. It gets far more information for managing the campaigns. Rusty says that in his opinion, Brian is by far the best person he has come across in the field.

PPC Scope Final Verdict- Pretty Great!

The PPC Scope Software is pretty cool and works really well for the people who need it. It has various features and basically everything that is needed in a Campaign tool is present over here. However, what felt missing was a few advanced features, but as long as one doesn’t need it, it doesn’t matter.

The tool also has some best pricing packages and is pretty affordable as well. There is a free 21-day trial for those who are not sure about it so that they can make their final decision. Brian’s personal support also works as a cherry on the cake for all those people who do not know much about it.

It is a great tool, but it works best for growth stage sellers. We’d totally recommend it to you and it’s a total yes from our side. A great tool with every penny of worthiness. Go for it!


Is PPC Scope value for money?

Yes, it might seem a bit more diverted towards beginners, but it is actually a great PPC keyword research tool to go for it.

Is there any free trial for PPC Scope?

Yes, there is a 21 days free trial for those who want to try before purchasing it.

Is PPC Scope Affordable?

At first, seeing a PPC Software beginning at 19 dollars seems impossible, but yes it is there. PPC Scope is very affordable.

What is PPC Scope exactly for?

PPC Scope helps in effiiciently promoting and scaling an Amazon Business through PPC Advertisements.

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