Benefits Of Becoming a PMI Member Before Giving a PMP Exam

According to a report prepared by Job Growth and Talent Gap 2016-2017, around 2.2 million jobs will be open for new hiring each year starting ten years from now, and a large portion of these jobs are expected to require PMP certification.

This means that acquiring a PMP certification will become more important than it is already now.

Benefits Of Becoming a PMI Member Before Giving a PMP Exam

While there’s no restriction to prepare for a PMP exam as you can prepare on your own or from any institute, experts suggest that PMI institutes offers great benefits when it comes to preparing for PMP exam and also lowers the cost of the exam. You find PMP certification courses in san diego here to find out about benefits in your area.

Apart from these, there are more benefits to become a PMI member. They are:

Top Notch Knowledge

Signing up with a PMI institute will let you get your hands on the PMBOK (Project management book of knowledge-5th Edition). The book plays a vital role in getting you familiar with all the standards use in the world of project management.

Other than the PMBOK, there are several other sources of knowledge too that you get being a PMI member. You get access to a library of webinars that provide knowledge on project management trends and also have how-to guides etc., for you to learn about PMP.

Being a PMI member connects you with many intelligent minds that have worked in the industry. You can learn a great deal of things from them.


Being a PMI member allows you to enjoy exclusive discounts. These are in the range of 20% and apply on everything from books to multimedia to even course fees.

The annual fee for PMI members is just $129 which is a lot cheaper considering the benefits they give. Also, when you’re a PMI member, you won’t have to pay the regular exam fee which is $555. Instead, you get a discount and need to pay only $405 to apply for an exam.

That’s not all, you also get to benefit from e-learning courses and a whole lot of exam preparing materials such as lectures, tips, books, mock papers etc. This is a nice approach to prepare for the exam

Free PDUs

PDUs are important if you wish to be eligible for PMP exams, and PMI institute lets you take free PDUs. You can earn A-category PDUs by watching free webinars hosted by PMI institute. These webinars are full of knowledge and will help you raise the bar of your knowledge, skill and decision making.

There are different types of PDUs to choose from. You can pick one that you excel in and then move ahead.


So you see, there are many benefits of becoming a PMI member. You get free resources, advices, discounts and an opportunity to be a part of a large network that helps you excel in your career by passing the PMP exam.

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