Make Your Home A Pleasing Pallette Of Pastels

Few people understand the essence of pastels, but they have always been my favorite among all. Soft hues like pastel give a very relaxed and soothing look. If you are a pastel lover like me, then go for pastel shades at home too.

I have made a few suggestions of how to incorporate beautiful pastel shades at your home. Urban Ladder has got some amazing pastel colored furniture pieces in their collection…do have a look at them if you are planning on buying a new one.

  • Tables with a splash of pastel: Tables with a chest of drawers are usually available in the usual wooden finish. But a few ones with pastel notes are available on Urban Ladder, you can check them out. Pastel pinks, pearl whites, apricot orange, cream colored furniture look really adorable and pleasant. Pair them up with rugs and carpets and voila!


  • Lounge chairs: Signature lounge chairs give a very aesthetic and luxurious look to your home and pastel ones are the best ones. A simple pair of peach colored Bardot chairs with a coffee table can add character to the room.


  • Plush pastel cushions: Sofa looking old? Throw in some pastel colored plush cushions in there. You can also try floral or polka dots printed cushions too. Cozy up your living room with pastel colored cushions.


  • Let the pastel curtains drape your walls: Pastel colored drapes and curtains are always preferable than dark hued ones as they allow more light into the room. The kind of lighting that we get in the room due to pastel colored curtains is magical. It makes your room appear bigger and brightens your room up. Soft hued tones with a dash of nature inspired prints can give your room a whole new look. That warm and cozy feeling you get because of pastel colored curtains can’t be expressed in words.


  • Pastel colored vases: Indoor plants keep the air inside your home clean and fresh. You can keep these indoor plants in pastel colored vases to add a bit of fresh look to your room. Hang small vases in the balcony to cheer up the space with greenery. You can also go for DIY prints on them to add your element of design into the décor.


  • Quilts and carpets: Bedroom is an interesting place to experiment with colors. If you prefer a warm and tender look in your bedroom, stick to pastel colored items in there. Pastel blues and greens are also considered as lucky for bedroom items. You can paint your walls with shades of pastel or you can also try out pastel colored quilts, bedsheets and carpets. Try contrasting pastel shades while choosing pillow covers and bed covers; they make your bed look ethereal.

Pastel tones of color may be described as washed out and faded out versions of the original, but their charm is nothing less than the original ones. The kind of innocence and tenderness they bring out cannot be matched with any other type of shade.

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