How To Improving English by Playing Scrabble Game

A very important means of communication is the language which consists of sentence formation that imparts a particular meaning. Meaningfulness originates from vocabulary and therefore, vocabulary is an integral part of a language.

To teach an appropriate vocabulary and enhancing the grammar of students, it is important to discover a technique that is more enjoyable and interesting so as to increase the efficiency of the teaching process and learning procedures.

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In accordance, games are considered to be one of the very effective methods in developing the vocabulary achievement of the students. Games are an interesting way through which new vocabulary can be taught and the already learned vocabulary can be revised.

Scrabble is one such word game that is played among two, three or four players. It is a board game where players try to construct novel words from the different letters printed on tiny blocks and form a connection with the already placed words on the board.

Scrabble game is fun to play and helps in the expansion of vocabulary and to get more familiar with the English Language.


Scrabble is an all-time fun game that helps students to enhance their English speaking and vocabulary skills. A criss-cross word arrangement has been set up to make it more interesting and engaging for the children. The player will get a letter without seeing it and the person who will get the letter closer to ‘A’ will have to initiate the game.  The white tile will decide the winner of the game. The game is extremely interesting for the student who wants to improve their English without feeling it like a burden or pressure on them.

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Some of the benefits of the game have been listed below:

  • Enhances the vocabulary skills

With the help of this super exciting game, players will get a chance to learn new words. They can memorize it in an exciting way. In order to be competitive, they might open the dictionary and finds whether the word made by the opponent actually exists or not. In this way, they can learn the meaning of a spelling of the new found every time.

  • Stimulate the analytical skills

Along with the vocabulary skills, the analytical skills of the player also develop. The game requires the player to be attentive and take the benefit at a particular moment.  There are special chances appear while playing the scrabble game when the players can earn the plus points when the letter ends or when no further word can be created. Additionally, a scrabble game also helps to enhance the creative skills as the player will create a strategy to secure the highest score in the game.

  • Improve mathematics

To scrabble the word, the game demands some fundamental mathematical skills. Rare the word tile you will get higher the points you can earn.


So, here, we have come up with certain tips that you must follow in order to get the maximum benefits of playing Scrabble game to make improvisations in your English which are mentioned below:

  1. Follow the rules of the game

Scrabble game can be very advantageous to you if you establish rules before playing the game. In Scrabble game, you can also modify the rules as per your convenience. For instance, you can make a rule that the use of abbreviations is prohibited. Also, you can add more reinforcement value if a player spells the word accurately for the first time by giving extra points to the player. But it does not mean that punishment will be given to the defaulters. You should simply correct their mistake and move ahead. After all, it is a courageous task to spell the word in a right way especially when the player is not sure about the same.

  1. Togetherness increases fun and knowledge

Even when the competitive feelings are put aside, the scrabble game can still be enjoyed. Each one of the players can reveal their letters and take help from their friends for the formation of the possible words. Also, all the players can enhance teamwork by playing with identical letters and frame the novel combinations for the different words by brainstorming together and hence, improve their vocabulary.

  1. You can do a recording of your words for practicing vocabulary later

You can always make a record of any new words that you learn while playing the game so that the next time before playing the game, you can memorize those words once again. Reading the words repeatedly can enhance your memory of the different words and reduces the spelling mistakes. Also, you should try to incorporate the learned words in your day to day conversations and repeat them more often so as to help individuals to learn the English language.

  1. Make sure to challenge yourself continuously

You should increase the difficulty level of the game as soon as you become better. You can always inculcate new rules in your game, like forming a word that should contain at least five letters. You can frame a rule that words should include minimum two vowels. Another rule which you can incorporate is that proper nouns and names are included.

  1. Self Analysis

Scrabble game is a perfect approach to improve your language especially the vocabulary. Make a habit to search the meaning of the new word that you have found in the game. It will not only improve your vocabulary but at the same time will develop your interest in learning the new words and language.


The bottom-line is that using games like Scrabble is a great technique for enhancing the vocabulary as well as learning English language. There are various versions of this game that are available on television shows as well.

Using such games offer a multitude of advantages and increases the connections in your brain thereby boosting the intelligence and creativity levels of your brain.

There have been various researches that shows that there is a significant improvement in the communication using English language among the students that played scrabble game during learning in the class.

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