How To Create the Perfect Gaming Room

So you’ve bought the best games console and you’ve found some great games to play – the next step is to decide where to play them. Most of us have our games console set up in the front room or a bedroom.

But what if you had your own dedicated games room, designed solely with gaming in mind? There would be no need for your console to be a secondary consideration – it could take centre stage! Read on for our tips on designing the perfect games room.

The Gaming Chair

The first thing to consider in your gaming room is the furniture, specifically the chair. Your gaming chair needs to be beautifully comfortable as you might be spending a long time sitting in it. Consider the seat and whether you might want an extra cushion adding to the chair, or even some memory foam to make it super cosy.

Whether you are playing video games or a range of online casino and online bingo games, you might be in for a long session, so a comfy seat is essential. The chair should also have a supportive back for long gaming sessions.

Another important consideration is whether you want the chair to have arms or not and this will depend on the type of games you want to play. Your perfect gaming chair should ideally be adjustable so you can push back as needed and raise and lower the height of the seat. It should swivel so you can twist and turn however you like while playing.

The Monitor Arrangement

When considering your monitor, think again about your gaming style. Different games will benefit from a different set up. The ideal layout is probably a triple monitor arrangement, so you can see every angle and enjoy the best view of all the action.

You might even consider using a home cinema projector display for your games room. If you want to try this, you will need a proper projector screen for the best effect.

Alternatively, if you want to use your games screen for other purposes too, such as work or watching TV then you will need a regular TV screen, so this means choosing a size big enough to give you the best gaming experience when you do switch it to your games console. The desk you put the monitor on also matters and ideally this will be strong and large enough for any gaming equipment with plenty of extra space. One great idea is to buy a table with adjustable height legs, so you can lower and raise the table as you like.

Décor and Lighting

Once you have decided on your chair and your monitor arrangement you need to think about the decor of your games room. This room can be your den, your private space to relax, so the decor should reflect the nature of the room.

Think about your favourite colours and the environment you most enjoy being in and recreate the perfect space that reflects how you want to feel. If you prefer deep colours, such as dark blue and purple, you can add more light with your lighting choices. If you find dark colours too depressing, go for lighter hues for your relaxing space.

Once you have painted the walls, you can choose artwork, so think about your favourite designs and get creative. Large posters can work well in games rooms. Lighting choices can also make all the difference to the atmosphere. One funky option is to use LED UV lighting to add a great ambience and add shine to your walls. This glowing look is ultra-modern and looks great in games rooms. You might also want to add some lamps for spot light effects.

More Details 

After you have arranged your games console, monitors and desk, and you have decided on your décor and artwork, now it’s time for those extra details. Think about what you want to have in your room while you are gaming. It is likely your friends will want to spend time in your sanctuary too, so consider extra chairs and maybe a sofa or even bean bags. It is also a great idea to have a mini fridge in your games room so you can have all your snacks and drinks close at hand.

With all these considerations, you are well on your way to creating the perfect gaming room. Although it might sound expensive, take it steady while creating the space and add one design piece at a time. Soon enough you’ll have the perfect games room, from the monitor and chair to the décor and lighting!

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