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Yotaphone 2 Review: Why you should buy it

The YotaPhone is definitely one of the futuristic smartphones to be launched in the market, especially for its twin display units. The combination of e-ink and LCD was definitely an achievement in terms of manufacturing. However, the second screen could not be used much which meant its potential was lost somewhere. Yota Devices came up with an improved version of it- the Yotaphone 2. The design is a fresh one while the specs are high end. The most important update

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Top 5 Best Android Wear Smartwatch to buy 2015

Smart watches have taken the market by storm for their innovative concept, easy usability and affordable price tags. The revolution was started by Samsung with its Gear watches at the Mobile World Congress in 2013. Soon enough, a lot of other companies have entered this segment. The year 2015 is set to see some tech giants launch their own brand of smartphone watches, including Apple. Here are the top 5 the best Android Wear smart watch that you can wear

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Vouchercloud: Want Tempting Shopping Offers Visit Now

Ecommerce is a big animal. With hundreds of billions of dollars being generated as ecommerce revenue each passing year, it is no surprise that more and more people are coming up with new and niche ideas to lure the customer in and make stupendous sales. Many succeed while many fail. Amid the various categories of ecommerce genres, coupons and deals offer very exciting avenues for online shoppers. That is why they are hugely popular., is one such site. It

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Top 10 Stock Market websites To help You Invest

Investing in the stock market is no child’s play; as it requires a lot of understanding of the market and a good preparation about where and how much you are willing to invest. It is always a best choice to rely on tools, which can help you vividly on the matters of stock market investment. There are numerous tools/websites available today to help you know the correct timing and place for investment, so you do not lose your hard earned

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Top 5 Best Tablets Available to Buy in 2015

Tablets have become a mainstay for youngsters for the larger screens that they offer which make watching movies, playing games and reading books a better experience. Despite numerous ones being sold in the market, there are a few which make the cut to become popular. Below is a list of the 5 best tablets in 2015 that you can buy today in the category above 7 inches. Most of these tablets are operated on Android or iOS and are available

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20 Best Android Apps for 2015

Mobile phones are longer merely used for communication,. With the advent of latest and state-of-the-art technology, new and advanced features have been added and today, your mobile phone has much more to offer than just communication. Android is a very common operating system to be used in mobile devices. This is an incredible operating system which comes with different kinds of utilities and features. Most importantly, it allows you to add more useful applications. Android is constantly coming up with

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Xolo Tegra Note Review – A Perfect Delight for Gamers

To clear up the air at first, it must be mentioned that the Xolo Tegra Note is not a product from the Chinese tech company entirely. The firm had no contributions to its configurations or designing. The Tegra Note had been designed by NVIDIA as a referencing platform for showing off the 4 ARM Tegra processor’s power. Even though it is a fourth generation chip from NVIDIA, the manufacturer did not announce plans of using it in future or current

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Lenovo Vibe Band VB10 – Should You Buy it ?

Introduction Smart watches have been around for a good 2 years now and they have been upgraded to fitness equipment as well. The Samsung Gear 2 and Gear Neo smart watches range were launched in the previous year’s World Mobile Congress in Barcelona. Soon enough, every company worth its salt started producing smart watches which had health gear such as pulse rate and heart beat measurer, pedometer and other features. In fact, in 2015, tech giant Apple is going to

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11 Best Free Voice Calling Apps For Android Devices

Information technology is a boon for our society. Communication is required to be connected and for progress. And Phone plays a vital role in communication. It keeps us connected with our loved one. There was a time when the phone was alien to many people. And then there was a time of mobile phone, it was used as a luxury device can only be possessed by rich people. In those days we used to pay thousands of paise for just

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