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How to Find Android Phone Even On Silent Mode

We are humans and not gods; it only implies that we are vulnerable and bound to make mistakes. As serious as this idea sounds, the related incidents are equally funny. I face this typical behaviour of forgetting things on a regular basis and in all funny ways. Ranging from forgetting my to do-list for the day to keys and even my phone. This tiny gadget called phone is another nerve of our era and it gets on our nerves when

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How to Download Pandora Cloud App for Windows 8/8.1/PC and MAC

The world has so much to offer that it takes more than just a lifetime to have everything. It’s a very true saying; one life, many passions. But we are here today to discuss that if the same saying applies to our smart phones and personal computers. What I simply mean is that can a system provide you with an infinite amount of data? In the same way how good is any phone in the world if it has a

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How to Download Pandora Internet Radio App for Windows 8/8.1/PC and MAC

The element of surprise and randomness always adds a fresh feeling to the mind, kind of like opens up the lid. It is this freshness which has preserved the taste of radio stations. But we have all faced this common situation where the running track may be a hit and yet it does not suit our taste or mood. What if there was a radio station that only plays what our heart desires? Well, Pandora is here to serve you

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How to Find the IMEI Number of your Lost Android Smartphone

Each one of us will agree to the point that mobile phones are the invention of the century. Motorola started it with some basic features and with other companies pouring into the idea; soon mobiles became the face of technology and luxury. It is indeed luxury because sometimes it’s painstaking to get the money to buy your dream phone. But what if you lose it, wouldn’t it break your heart? Don’t worry I am here to help you find the

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How to Download Dead Among Us Game for Windows 8/8.1/PC and MAC

The world today is a spectator to all sorts of entertainment and prefers variety and not just quality. Moreover the scientifically developing world is ready to put any kind of concept on paper and make it truly believable with their logical mind. As such people have also started to take keen interest into the world of the dead and the resurrected, courtesy of some great movies and TV series. Yes, graphic media is in and is growing with the new

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How to Download Dungeon Hunter 5 Game for Windows 8/8.1/PC and MAC

The evolving technology at the heart of mobile gaming industry has put it in a very able position. So far we have seen the best games like Halo and God of War series being best enjoyed on XBOX and PS. But now the best of gaming industry can also be enjoyed on your Smartphone as Gameloft brings to you another high graphic story: Dungeon Hunter 5. In this post I will tell you how to download Dungeon Hunter 5 Game

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How to Block Unwanted Calls On an Android Phone

Attending a phone call can be a very powerful event. It has the ability to bring news, give update or even make a fool out of you. But if it is not your loved ones or people who mean business, then why address it at all. Moreover, with drastic number of events occurring around us it can be painstaking to receive stupid calls. At times when you are presenting your skills or even enjoying a deep sleep, an unexpected call

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Ayboll Native Ads for Monetizing Your Blog

Blog monetizing is one of the most important things for a blogger. But monetizing a blog is not an easy task. There is a difference between monetizing your blog and making it irritating for readers. I am sure you must have come across blogs and websites which have way too many advertisements. You closed it in seconds, didn’t you? This can happen to your blog too.  But what if I told you that you can post ads on your blog

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How to Download Shadowgun: DeadZone Game for Windows 8/8.1/PC and MAC

On TV the best shooting games we have ever played must be shooting ducks and Texas badass cowboys who appear out of Salons. But the advancements that we have achieved in last two decades have pushed this simple shooting game into a tactical warfare. And with tons of features like gyroscope and gravity sensors that are available in the phones nowadays, the mobile gaming industry has taken a whole new face. In this post I will tell you how to

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How to Download Bingo Pop game for Windows 8/8.1/PC and Mac

The fox of the 20th century have created tons of things to change our ways of living. The entrepreneurs have tried to cash out on any field they can lay their hands on, including the board game industry. The indoor interactive games have brought families closer than they could be on dining table. We, the children of 90s have enjoyed games all the way from Ludo and Monopoly to Battle Ship. But bingo was yet another kick. In this post

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