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Wondersahre MobileGo: Backup and Restore Android Phone Data


Our phone is filled with so much of data that it often turns into a confusing pile of stuff. To rid this growing problem among smartphone users Mobilego has turned up with WonderShare. It is a multi-file manager capable of providing assistance with downloads, import, export, de-duplication, switching devices, and much more.

In this post, we will focus on creating backup out of your smartphone using Mobilego’s WonderShare and how you can benefit the most out of it.

What kinds of backup does WonderShare provide?

Since our phones accommodate from the most memorable to other sophisticated data, it gets essential to have a backup on them. WonderShare empowers you to do the same with your Android and iOs smartphones, in minimal steps. So, even if you lose the original device, the entire data of music, contacts, SMS, images, videos, calendars, call logs, apps, and other file types, is secured.

I don’t see much that has not been covered under the MobileGo WonderShare app. So, let’s find out how you can execute its functions and create the backup for desired files.

Creating backup for Android/ iOs devices

Wondershare MobileGo Super Mobile Toolbox

Follow this link to download the MobileGo WonderShare app and go step by step with the below procedure.


  1. Download and run the WonderShare app on your Windows system and Android device.
  2. Connect your device to the system via USB cable or Wi-Fi.
  3. Under the Super toolkit tab, you will find distinct sections for backing up android and iOs devices. For iOs devices, go to iTunes backup up.
  4. Now, click on ‘one-click’ backup in the primary window that appears.
  5. By default, the backup window selects all the contents inside your phone. You can click to uncheck the files which are not meant for backup.
  6. Click on next and the app will ask for a save path i.e., the drive/ file inside the computer where you would like to save the data. The app prefers to save the data in C drive under its save path of C:/ Users/ Administrator/ My Documents/ WonderShare/ MobileGo/ Backup.
  7. To change the save path, click on browse and select the location for saving the backup.
  8. Click on ‘Backup’ to complete the process and the computer will begin saving the data.

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Restoring data in Android/ iOs device

android and ios WonderShare app for Data Backup and Restoration

To replicate the backup data into an android device follow the below steps.

connecting device WonderShare app for Data Backup and Restoration

  1. Connect the android device with the system on which you created the backup. It can be done with a USB cable or through Wi-Fi connectivity.
  2. Run MobileGo WonderShare app on the computer and it will follow with a popup window for restoring.
  3. Inside of the primary window, click on Super Toolkit tab. Here, you will find unique options for Android and iOs devices.
  4. Select the files you wish to restore from the computer to the device.
  5. A ‘Clear Data’ option is present at the lower right corner. It deletes all the existing data present inside the connected android phone. If you wish to keep your existing phone data, then uncheck it.
  6. Now, click on the restore button; you will find it under the Essential section.


Managing music, image, videos

music download WonderShare app for Data Backup and Restoration

Media files are the most demanded portions of a smartphone and account for a majority of internal/ SD memory space. So, in order to backup and restore media files, we need to get acquainted with managing SD cards and phone’s internal memory. Connect your smartphone to the computer and follow the below steps for getting it done quickly.


  1. Go to the My Device tab and you will find a Files option in the left corner. Click on it.
  2. The option for SD card is provided under the Device category.
  3. Internal SD cards are named as SD Card. If you operating on an external memory as well, then internal memory is present as SD Card (1) while the external memory is termed as SD Card (2).
  4. Under the same My Device tab, you will find an option for accessing phone’s memory. Click on the ‘File’ option and select your device instead of external memory.
  5. To add files, click on ‘Add’. The option works for music, videos, photos, and other document files. You can create a separate file at hand, for storing the data in places of your choice.
  6. For exporting data, select the desired folders that are to be moved, and click on ‘Export’. The app will prompt you for selecting the save path, which is alterable. Once you are through, click on ‘Save’.
  7. Permanent shredding of data can be done by using the WonderShare app. Just select the files and click on Delete. It will be followed by a popup for confirming the action. Click on Yes and it is done.

Try It Free For Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP

Managing contacts

Transferring and managing contacts is a brief process for WonderShare. Everything works in a similarly intuitive way and begins by running the MobileGo app on your system. Connect your iOs/ Android device with the computer and follow these steps for handling contacts.

functions WonderShare app for Data Backup and Restoration

Importing & exporting contact

connecting WonderShare app for Data Backup and Restoration

  1. A Contacts tab is present in the left column of the primary window. Click on it.
  2. This will follow you to Contacts Management Window, which is where you choose for importing and exporting contacts.
  3. Upon selecting the ‘Import’ button you will be prompted with five options i.e., you can import contact from one of the five sources namely vCard, Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, Windows Address Book or from Outlook 2003/07/10/13.
  4. For exporting contact, click on ‘Export’ option and select the contacts that you wish to move. On top of the above-mentioned five resources, WonderShare can export the data into CSV format as well.
  5. Select the resource through which the contacts are to be handled. A popup window for selecting the SIM card, phone, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter or another social account from which you wish to transfer the contacts follows it.


MobileGo is a jack-of-all-trades and it will not fail to amaze you with the multi-dimensional WonderShare. Import, export, create, share and do all sorts of backup with it. Follow this link to download the MobileGo Wondershare and see for yourself. I’d rather have it in my devices already, rather than waiting for them to be compromised.

Try It Free For Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP

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