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In any street, town or country you visit, whether it’s in the developed northern hemisphere or the so-called ‘dark continent’, there is a trend which has engulfed all of these places’ inhabitants and that is the use of mobile devices, smartphones, and tablets. The rise in penetration and accessibility of internet on mobile devices has greatly impacted casinos. Studies have shown that more people than ever play on mobile devices, where casino games are the hot favourite.

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The 2016 annual report from the App, Annie, a company which tracks the activity of online casino games, indicated how mobile casinos have changed the gambling landscape. The report firstly states that statistics show that “mobile casino games increase the loyalty shown by players to the casino operator.” Players who have tasted mobile casino games tend to demonstrate great affection towards their preferred mode of play. The report highlighted that “nearly 96% of players’ openly preferred mobile platform to playing on the desktop.”

In essence, the mobile gaming platform has been able to attract a huge player base and it manages to provide them with the incentives to remain mobile fans.  The report also concluded that “the major reason why mobile play is riding high among gamblers is that many casinos operating on mobile devices are holding generous promotions including some free sign up bonuses which attract a huge clientele base among the younger folk.”

The report further states that, “on a mobile device, it is much easier for players to move up the ranks of progression from an amateur to a professional in no time, due to the fact that they are constantly glued to their phones and in any free time, they resort to engaging in a session or two thus they quickly develop their gaming skills.” Players who first try out their luck on free mobile platforms tend to upgrade to paid gaming for real money quicker than those who start out on web platforms. Another statistic which can be obvious to many, is that mobile player’s indulge in casino games more often than those who prefer the web platform.

The Juniper report of 2016 however exposed one aspect where mobile online casinos lag behind standard web play and that is in regards to payments. Players exhibit a tendency of playing casino games for real money when they play via a desktop as compared to a mobile device.

The reason largely being that it is much easier (probably due to the interface of the desktop) to conduct payment transactions on the desktop than on mobile devices. However, transacting on mobile devices is on its way up as most operating systems in mobile devices begin to develop advanced security features to safeguard money leakages and fraud.

According to App Annie, “the number of players who play casino games for real money on their mobile devices rose from 2015 to November 2016. This has led spending to increase to $55 billion. This trend is however quickly changing as many countries are gradually and cautiously opening up the gambling market to accommodate real-currency gambling.

If the current trends continue in this direction, then the online casino business will continue to boom in the near future and it may surpass the projected $100 billion revenue set for Q4 2017.

Mobile casino play indeed has increased and it is to increase only in one direction if statistics are anything to go by and that is upwards. More people are playing on the go and the muted introduction of casino games on smartwatches and in virtual reality will only take this trend further upwards.

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