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Upgrade to Maxthon MX5 Web Browser

Maxthon, a top-notch web browsing tools developer, announced on August 8,that it has launched a beta version of its new Maxthon MX5 browser –the ultimate information assistant that serves as a platform to provide valuable services and content to its users.

Maxthon Browser

According to Jeff Chen, Maxthon CEO, “The traditional browser is dying. Web browsers have, for the most part, been defined as just simple presentation tools. But we’re saying, hey wait, a browser can be much more than that. It’s really a platform that can give people services and content to make lives better and more enjoyable. In other words, the browser will shift more from its minimalist form to a richer information center.”

Being on vision, the new Maxthon MX5 browser is embedded with various features like personal online information assistant, intelligent password keeping and email management system to give users a faster, safer and more private browsing experience than any product currently on the market.

As Maxthon’s vision is to deliver the best and secure browsing experience, the new MX5 is loaded with three unique features- Passkeeper, UUmail and Infobox – which are fully integrated in the browser helping users manage content, email, public profiles, and security by providing them a better ecosystem.

Why do we Need to Upgrade the Browser to Maxthon’s MX5?

We all rely on the browser to open web pages, emails, locations, our social media profiles, and more to have a complete online experience. So, our first priority should be to secure our browser and our passwords and emails. And thus Maxthon’s MX5 is an ultimate solution as it provides Passkeeper and UUmail as its features.

Also, the Marathon MX5 has a feature named Infobox, which solely helps in processing web content with ease to give a better user experience. Nowadays, it’s not enough for web browsers to simply present the web pages. And thus, it’s been added into MX5 features.

Infobox – A new Bookmarking System

Maxthon put a lots of thought into developing Infobox,” said Chen. “We saw a lot of pain points and wanted to do something—to reduce users’ difficulties in browsing the web, make note-taking more convenient and eliminate cross-platform sync-up issues. Infobox isn’t just a collection function, it’s a service for the whole platform.

Maxthon Infobox
Infobox, as a whole, is a personal online information center that helps in note-taking and management, and personal cloud storage by integrating bookmarks.

Complex web browsers only allow a user to save website addresses, but not the actual content. With Infobox, users can easily manage and save information from websites, including content, photos, screenshots and even user’ notes as a permanent bookmark “card,” with one click. The piece of information saved by a user in Infobox will not be changed or removed even if the content provider shuts it down.

TheEasy Note feature of Infobox makes user’s data synchronization much easier by allowing the user to take notes at anytime from anywhere online. Easy Note also includes many editing functions which makes notetaking quite handy and easy. Other features of Infobox include support for cross-platform data synchronization, offline visiting and free monthly uploads up to 1 GB.

Passkeeper – A Free Intelligent Password Management Solution

Maxthon Passkeeper

Remembering multiple passwords is a hassle and very confusing. That’s why most of the users,to make it easily recognisable, keeps the same password for different websites and products. But it’s totally precarious. Once others traces a user’s password, they can easily access every profile, mails or any private document of that user. While there are some password management products in the market to unify users’ multiple passwords, Passkeeper does more than simply that.

Passkeeper greatly improves the function of password keeping in the MX5 information assistant. It helps users by automatically generating, saving and filing password in the cloud for easier and more secure log-in. With Passkeeper, users can check each account login detail to avoid remote, unauthorised login.Also Passkeeper can sync up and function across all types of devices.

Passkeeper provides triple encryption and multi-channel security using the AES25 algorithm for the utmost security and privacy, which strengthens the local database encryption and provides safer transmission to the cloud via https.

UUMail – Protects Your Real Email Addresses and Get Rid of Spam

Today, most people have multiple email accounts,one for work, for private and family use, and others for certain websites or services. Having multiple email accounts has its own problems; they’re difficult to manage,generate lots of spam and are insecure and vulnerable to hackers.

UUMail was developed to get rid of these problems and help users manage their mailboxes efficiently and avoid receiving spam and other junk mail.

Maxthon UUmail

UUMail is not a real mailbox, it’s a virtual mailbox which itself is a management tool for multiple mailboxes. By UUMail, only one mailbox is required to control and manage all of the user’s mailboxes, helping users manage their emails in a safer and in a more personalised way.

By using UUMail, users can create numerous shadow email IDs that connect to their personal main email box. Without revealing one’s personal email ID, UUMail protects the privacy of the email IDs and keep users safe from spam and other unwanted junky information.

UUMail users have an option to personalise their email address. A complex UUMail address comes with a customised account name of the user’s choice.

So, this is how MX5 is a best browser by now, as it’s developed with a plenty of features to give a better user experience while being highly secured. You all should give it a try.

Download MX5 for free at:

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