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MacKeeper Review: Nice but Questionable App

Many Mac users install many different applications on their Macs. It can be cleaning applications, optimization applications, protection applications, etc. All these apps are used for different maintenance tasks on a Mac. But what if all these apps can be installed as one app? There is such an app called MacKeeper. This is like all in one bundle for your Mac which can do all of those maintenance tasks.

Mackeeper Review

Overview of MacKeeper

MacKeeper was created in 2010 and it also was at the App Store under the name of 911 Bundle for Mac. In 2010 and maybe a year or two later, it was known as “911 for Mac” because it had a set of first aid tools for Mac. Then the developers also added an antivirus and some more useful tools.

Now MacKeeper version 3.x contains 16 tools in one little application. The interface looks very good.

They have a very nice and useful Human Inside (Human Assistance) service, where you can talk to a real Apple Certified expert who can give you some advice on how to make your Mac perform better. You just scan your Mac and send this scan to an expert and then get this advice. There is also a Geek on Demand feature, where you can leave a question about your Mac and wait for the expert to answer.

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Of course the MacKeeper app has more tools, for example, the antivirus tool, as viruses can be found on a Mac, too. And a real gift is the Anti-Theft service, which can help you to find your Mac if it is stolen. There are also cleaning tools, optimization tools and data encryption tools. Cleaning tools you can use to delete files which are called junk files and which come from caches, logs, app parts or languages. You can also use them to find duplicates, to find big files and to uninstall applications. Optimization tools control the login items on your Mac and look for updates of applications on your Mac. Data encryption tools allow the user to control his files, recover deleted files, perform backup and hide some personal information from other users.

MacKeeper’s Reputation

One thing Mac users know about MacKeeper is its doubtful reputation. On one side, this is a very serious product, with a lot of positive and real reviews. On the other side, people say that MacKeeper is a virus. We made some research and found this website: This article tells us the story of MacKeeper and sounds very neutral, so we believe it. “MacKeeper is a legit piece of software run by a company whose sales and marketing tactics rub many in the Mac community the wrong way,” says the author. We can add that MacKeeper is not a virus, even though its name sounds as MacDefender. Yes, MacKeeper has an antivirus, but you do not need to install it if you do not want or if you already have another antivirus.

Memory Keeper

What else can we say about MacKeeper? We can say that one of the MacKeeper bundle features can be downloaded from the App Store. It is called Memory Keeper: Apple iTunes This is a small and beautiful app which helps the user to free up memory on his Mac. It can work silently in the background mode and never bother you after you install it.

Track My Mac

MacKeeper also has a Track My Mac app which works on the iPhone. It is connected with MacKeeper’s Anti-Theft plugin and then the user can follow his Mac’s location right from his iPhone, which is very helpful if the Mac is stolen.

Final Words

You may be wondering what we think about MacKeeper. We can say that this application seems to be very nice and not bad. It allows you to save your time on Mac maintenance in case if you are a beginner, not an advanced Mac user. However, MacKeeper’s marketing is a very controversial thing. MacKeeper representatives say that affiliates are responsible for that and that they violated the advertising conditions, so MacKeeper ads started to sound very aggressive. MacKeeper even offers its users to block those ads. On the other hand, Memory Keeper, which is also part of MacKeeper, has high ratings on the App Store. So, it is up to you to decide if you want to install MacKeeper and use it.

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