What To Do if Your Mac is Slow? Make it Fast

If your Mac is sluggish or running slow then it’s time to fix its speed. You can easily restore the previous speed by following the tips mentioned below.

1. Update Your Mac

It is as simple as that if your Mac is of the latest version then it will run speedily. In order to check the updated version, click the apple icon at the top left corner of the screen and then click ‘About this Mac’. Make sure that you have the latest Mac OS installed. You can perform this by following the steps mentioned below.

1. Locate the updated version of Mac that you need.

2. It is important to take the back up of your data.

3. Click the app store icon in the dock and select the updates. In fact, you can also click the software update at the top left corner on the screen and click the Apple logo.

4. Search the latest Mac OS version and download it. There will be some prompts that you have to follow and then you have the updated version of Mac.

2. Clean up Everything

Cleaning up everything is the effective way to speed up Macbook. It doesn’t matter which browser you’re using chrome, safari or opera, you need to close the unnecessary tabs. The more tabs you are using, the more memory it consumes and can be a reason to slow down of the device. Check its status in the activity monitor. For checking it go through the path Macintosh HD> Application> Folder of Utilities> Activity Monitor to check it. In fact, you should also clean the browsing history and caches.

Unlike Windows, Mac has only one drive and you used to put everything on the same disk. There are no storage problems but it surely slows down the speed. Hence, you should keep the apps on the dock as items on the desktop also are the reason to slow down the speed of the Mac.  You should clean the desktop from time to time by removing the unused apps. Select the app> Right click this app> Select Options > Remove from the Dock. In fact, you should delete the unnecessary files and place the valuable files in the folder.

You might be cleaning your Trash every now and then. In case you aren’t then ctrl-click the trash in the dock and then select the option ‘empty trash’. It is a good practice to clean the unnecessary downloadable items and keep the only important ones in the safe place.

You should keep all the images in the respective folder instead of placing them here and there. It is important to clean up the mail attachments and login items.

The cleaning of a hard drive is one of the greatest ways to improve your slow Mac’s speed. Go to your hard drive and simply clean up everything that is slowing down your device. You should exactly know that what is slowing down your Mac and rectify the problems. It can be apps, logs, hidden trash, cache and larger and older files, etc. Thanks to the tools available for this for knowing all that is slowing down and fixing the problems boosting speed in quick time.

3. Add New or Upgrade RAM

If you’re thinking to purchase the New Mac due to very slow speed then it is worth adding new RAM or upgrading the old one. The reason for this the Mac is too expensive to buy again. Thus upgrading the RAM can immediately provide high speed to your Mac. You can also add another RAM with the existing one.

4. Adding an SSD to Mac

SSD means ‘’Solid State Drive’’ which resembles the traditional drive for having the same shape and size. But the main difference is it uses RAM chips for the storage which is helpful in providing the high speed to Mac. It is suggested to use SSD drive for the applications files and traditional drive for the user files. This refers to that your system files will be stored in the SSD drive but the iPhotos and iTunes will be stored in the traditional drive. This is helpful in boosting the speed of Mac, especially during the booting time.

5. Turn off Visual Effects

Turning off the visual effects is the greatest ways when your Mac is slow. It looks pretty good and definitely helpful. However, it occupies a lot of power and slows down the Mac. You can turn it off by following the path and clicking System Preferences>Dock.  You should uncheck the boxes below.

1. Automatic hide and show dock

2. Turn of Accessibility

3. Magnification

4. Animate opening applications

Lastly, you should minimize the window and change genie effect to scale effect.

In the end, you can have the superpower speed for your Mac device if you regularly follow the tips mentioned above for having the cool experience.

Written by

Ryan Robinson

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