Streaming Showdown: What’s the Best Live Streaming Platform?

When it comes to live streaming content, there is a lot to consider. We’re not just talking about what you choose to stream, but also where you host it, how you promote it, and how you make certain that your target audience is seeing your videos.

This article is only going to focus on one of these points: the platform you use. The most effective and convenient examples on the market are multipurpose, offering not only live streaming services but also the ability to host live or on-demand video content.

The benefits of choosing the best of these are extensive, with easy embedding, automatic analysis, and monetization of your content amongst them, as well as total control over what you show.

Live streaming content is something modern audiences have a growing hunger for, and it comes in many forms. Some prefer to stream their games, such as League of Legends or when playing online slots at Mr Smith Casino, while you also often find music gig streams as well as companies who want audiences to see how something works behind the scenes at their business.

It’s important to acknowledge this and try to cater to the demand. If you’re not sure where to start, here’s what we suggest…


For live streaming rookies, Twitch is a platform that we would happily recommend. Popular, easy to use, and economical, it is both a live streaming service and an on-demand video archive.

Allowing users to watch its content directly from their PC or console, it ensures super-fast streaming and an amazing service in one. Basic accounts are entirely free and can be created straight from Facebook, while turbo options are also reasonably cheap at $4.99 a month.

YouTube Live

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YouTube is arguably the most famous video hosting site in the world, so it’s little surprise that its offerings include a live stream service that allows users to broadcast their content in real time from their channel.

Combining impressive analytics with a whole host of other features, it even allows members of the audience to share their thoughts through a clever live chat feature.


If you want something that’s specifically aimed at accommodating mid-sized business owners, Brightcove is worth checking out too. Offering an extensive array of video management tools alongside lots of video marketing options, it makes social media sharing nice and easy, and will allow you to create a huge yet easily maintained online library. Compatible with mobile web applications, it is one of the costlier options on this list, but still well worth the money.

Facebook Live

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It may be entirely free to use, but Facebook Live is nonetheless another impressive platform and one of our top picks. Accommodating real time communication between user and audience, it means that you can receive instant feedback on your content, so that you immediately know how best to improve it.

Its notification feature also means that your audience is highly likely to tune in thanks to the subtle prompt that sends them in your direction.

Modern businesses are becoming increasingly reliant on live streaming technology, with digital video viewers in the US alone expected to surpass 232 million within the space of the next two years.

An increasingly popular way to connect with customers for everyone from online casinos to clairvoyants to celebrities, it’s one of the very best ways to keep your clients entertained and your lines of communication open, so why not spend some time today thinking about which of these platforms would work best for you?

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