How to Enjoy Learning Chemistry?

One of the most practical and fascinating subjects is chemistry. The subjects deal with the study of matter, their composition and reactions. Most of the concepts are very practical and thus, are very interesting.

Some of the students avoid studying chemistry and start dreading it. In this article, some very important tips are given that can help anyone to enjoy learning chemistry and excel in it.

  • Understand the Basics First

In chemistry, most of the concepts are interconnected. So, it is very important to understand the topics from the basics to be able to comprehend higher level concepts later. For example, basic topics like Dalton’s Atomic theory is not only important in the primary classes but the theory is used in several other topics.

  • Visualize the Topics

By visualizing, one can easily understand the fundamentals in a better way. Visualization also enhances the engagement and thus, the memory retention increases. It is suggested to visualize each topic in chemistry while learning as it will help to learn the concepts in a more interesting and engaging way.

  • Use Chemistry Mnemonics

In chemistry, several topics are included that need to be memorized like different principles, elements of periodic table, charges in cations and anions, etc. Memorizing these can be very easy if chemistry mnemonics are used. It is advised to check the different chemistry mnemonics and be able to retain the concepts for longer.

  • Never Skip Topics

It is always suggested to be well versed with all the topics taught in chemistry classes. By skipping a particular topic, students may find it difficult to grasp the concepts later. So, it is important for the students to avoid skipping any concept.

  • Understand the Practical Relevances

As chemistry is a very practical subject, its concepts can be easily related to the everyday things. By relating the concepts practically, one can easily get immersed in the subject and be more engaged. Different reactions like redox reactions, phenomena like eutrophication, etc. can be seen practically and understood better.

These were a few tips that can help the students to learn chemistry in a more engaging way and thus, they can enjoy learning its concepts.

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