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KraigContent Review: Is This Ad Network Good For You?

Every online business wants to get more traffic and today there are many resources to get traffic and grow the sales, click rates, and conversions. If you’re looking for such type of resources means to give a try to KraigContent that can manage all the business activities. 

Creating an ad campaign is not enough, it must reach the audiences and KraigContent is one of the ad networks that bring quality traffic by offering various ad formats. For more, review KraigContent and examine whether it is perfect & meets your business requirements or not. 

👍 What is KraigContent?


KraigContent is one of the self-service advertising networks as it allows you to create different ads and also can manage them as you want. It offers PopUnders, Native Advertising services, Web push notifications, in-page push, etc. 

Just create an ad campaign at KraigContent, next it looks into everything as its Machine Learning based algorithm helps to reach the goals easily. If still in doubt how the ad campaigns perform at KraigContent, then proceed to review and get to know more with detailed information. 

😛 What are the Advantages of KraigContent?

KraigContent Advantages

KraigContent offers various advantages and here is the review on each of the advantages below.

User Interface 

It offers a friendly user interface, even beginners can use this network effortlessly. One can manage everything from the creation process of the advertisement to examining the reports & statistics to optimize them. 

Types of Ad Formats 

KraigContent is a good network because we can find various ad formats and it never compromises in providing a high-quality performance for the ad campaigns.

Prevents from Frauds 

In order to filter the poor quality, and to give the best performance of the ads, it works on Machine Learning and AI-based algorithm. Yes, it helps to prevent all types of frauds or bots, to deliver high-quality traffic.  

Different Payment Options 

KraigContent offers different methods of payment options, and it is never late to provide your top-up balance mostly it prefers five or more different payment methods. 

Worldwide Reach 

KraigContent is the new traffic source and it allows you to create any ad content type, whereas one can drive or monetize the traffic across the world. It can manage over 200 countries globally. 

Technical Support Team

KraigContent has a dedicated support team and can maintain a long-term relationship with its users because it cares about your success throughout the journey as a publisher or advertiser. 

✔️ KraigContent For Advertisers 

KraigContent for Advertisers

For Advertisers, KraigContent is the best choice to pick among all the resources because no matter pick any type of ad format, it just performs & reaches more audiences. Create any type of ad campaign at KraigContent, as it approves the ad as fast as possible. 

There are many advantages for an advertiser when he picks KraigContent, they are 

  • It helps to reach the ad to the right & targeted audiences, and never fails in getting quality traffic to the ads.  
  • In no time, one can create an ad campaign with KraigContent, and within minutes your ad will be noticed by people across the world. Fast campaign approval is the major advantage of this network.
  • It offers a wide range of targeting options before launching the ad campaign, they are browser, country, a particular time, device, site IDs, type of connection, etc.
  • It gives a complete insight from the launching of the ad like how many clicks, signups, conversions, and others. Overall you can track every activity.
  • After looking into the performance of the ad and if you’re not satisfied, then immediately do changes in real-time and also do some necessary optimizations.
  • You can create use engagement ad formats at KriagContent including direct or smart links, in-page ads, native banners, etc.
  • KraigContent has a team of experts, and they are always concerned about your success at any time they can respond to your queries.

👉 KraigContent For Publishers

KraigContent for Publishers

For publishers, KarigContent is a great ad network that provides various services to earn more revenue. If you’re a publisher means, just start monetizing with KraigContent, as it offers a fast payment structure with a 100% fill rate. Before starting the monetizing process, let’s see the review on the advantages of what KarigContent offers for publishers. 

  • It offers a wide range of opportunities along with various advertisement formats.
  • KraigContent always supports displaying safe and relevant ads to web audiences and this is because of optimization as well as pre-campaign moderations.
  • No doubt, KraigContent provides API support, and moreover, the reports are said to be delivered in real-time. If you’re looking for more information on real-time reports and API support, then it is better to contact the manager and get quality information.
  • A publisher’s major aim is to earn more payments and at KraigContent, one can get payment on time. It offers fast payments with different options like Bank Wire, PayPal, Payoneer, and many more.
  • It provides a 100% fill rate and it is nearly over 200 GEOs.
  • The revenue optimization team at KraigContent always provides the best services and cares about the publisher’s success.

😇 KraigContent Ad Formats

KriagContent Ad Formats

KraigContent provides a wide variety of ad formats with high performance to get new audiences to your website, now check out the review on ads that it offers to create an ad campaign. 

Native Ads

Native ads are types of advertisements that are shown below the blog content or inside content, for example, we can observe such types of ads on news websites. At KarigContent, it is super easy to create native ad campaigns and it performs well to bring more traffic.

Push Notifications 

Push Notifications are nothing but clickable ads or pop-up notification messages displayed on the screen of various electronic devices. At KraigContent, you can create and deliver those ads when you provide any offers, discounts. So, when you send these push notifications to the right audiences there are huge chances to get immediate purchases or lead generation to happen. 


The popunders are displayed automatically when the user is on the web page. These ads are more suitable for unique users, so select the ad format according to the business requirement and then proceed to launch the ad campaign. 

🤔 What Type of Solutions KraigContent Offers to Us?

KraigContent provides different types of solutions and services for advertisers and publishers to run ad campaigns successfully. 

Native Advertisements 

With the help of Native ad formats, KraigContent helps the advertisers to reach their ads to reach globally. Whereas web publishers can monetize their content and other inventories.  

A Server Software for an Advertisement 

AD server Software - KraigContent

An ad server supports the native ads and also displays the real-time performances and statistics of the ad. KraigContent has an in-built ad server, so the advertisers easily create different ad campaigns and publishers are allowed to create zones and many more. 

Effective Targeting Methods 

The retargeting feature of KraigContent is to run the campaign especially for the audiences who visited the website before. This retargeting option helps to get any action from those audiences and at the same time, you can target new audiences too. There are different methods to target the audiences based on location, device, browser, etc.

Optimization of an AD

Ad Optimization & Real-time bidding - KraigContent

For every online business, the goal is to get more leads, sales, awareness of the products/services, and many more. At KraigContent, you can optimize the ad in order to get leads, sales, according to your business. 

Real-Time Bidding Options

It gives great support to programmatic integrations i.e. open RTB V3.0, and also it supports XML, JSON. Looking for software/Technology then contact the team.

⭐ Pros and Cons of KraigContent


  •  Has an easy user interface
  • Fast campaign approvals
  • Different ad formats
  • Different services to reach the goals
  • Optimize your ads
  • Ads can reach across the world
  • Excellent & dedicated support team
  • Various payment methods
  • Real-time statistics
  • Success guaranteed network


  •  No cons

💥 KraigContent – The Final Review

KraigContent is one of the best self-serve advertising networks which help to create different ad campaigns and manage them. Its ad formats are Native ads, push ads, in-page push, popunders, etc.  

It never encourages providing fraud traffic and the ad campaigns work with high quality to reach the global audiences of over 200 countries. Creating the ad campaign and the process of launching the ad everything is simple and easy.  

 It offers the minimum deposit to be low and accepts the different commission types are CPM, CPC, CPV, and CPA. 

🤗 Frequently Asked Questions

👊 What is the minimum threshold for a publisher at KarigContent?

KraigContent’s minimum threshold for a publisher account is lesser than $100 and the payments are made every month of the 27th day.

✌️ How KraigCampiagn helps to achieve the campaign goals?

Due to a Machine learning-based algorithm, KraigContent helps the advertisers to reach the ad campaign goals easily.

🤞 How KraigCampaign helps to get quality traffic to their campaigns?

From the world’s best web publishers, you can reach the target audiences across the world, whereas KraigContent has the capacity to reach ads in over 200 countries.

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